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  1. I think we're being negative. We still have problems, but we're building a new team and still getting results.
  2. I cannot forecast to you the progress of Sheffield Wednesday. It is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma; but perhaps there is a key: Adhte Nuhiu. During the dark days of the summer, when everything was overcast, and the phantom menace of the embargo loomed, as is now traditional for a summer in S6. Before a quarrel between Rafa Benitez and Mike Ashley dealt a new mortal threat to Wednesday. Before the spectre of a few Local Quangos, Politicians and Police revealed their plans to destroy Sheffield Wednesday. I felt a malaise about our prospects this season. The new wingers had not arrived, and neither had Kaiser Bȍrner. I felt that come September and October the optimism which we had at the end of last season would start to evaporate under the pressure of the start of the new season, in which we would have to build a new team. A new season which would also see Leeds in poll position at the start of the season, as is also now traditionally the case. And then disaster struck, history repeated itself and Bruce leaves to go to Newcastle, because it’s the only club he would leave Wednesday for now he has managed Wednesday and United, Birmingham and Villa and Sunderland to complete the challenge of the “Judas Iscariot” Football Managerial Mercenaries Triathlon. And once again Lee Bullen stepped up to the plate in times of uncertainty and kept things ticking over as they were. What’s more he then signs two wingers with pace and a midfielder with an engine, strengthening areas of the squad, which were clearly lacking for years. He starts the season with two wins in the first two matches of the season. A feat which has been unheard of in recent seasons, and the wingers have an immediate impact and look unstoppable. And as is the Wednesday way, expectations start to rise. Rome was not built in a day. There are still problems, but we still have good players. Formations and Tactics should be moulded to fit the players we have available in our squad. We need to be dynamic and not predictable. Bullen knows that. Maybe the formations and tactics will change from week to week, to cater for the size of the squad.There will be more changes for the Rotherham game and the next game until the riddle is solved.
  3. That's because Plan B is far better than Plan A. Always has been for three seasons. We should be hammering teams with crosses in the first twenty minutes with two strikers up front, especially with our squad. Nuhiu and Fletcher should start the next game. Take a striker off when we've got the lead and make them chase the ball / game then, not from the start.
  4. Imagine, 352 Fox playing left CB and Two Strikers up front. With two strikers on the Bench to freshen things up in the second half... No full backs, no problem.
  5. Are we under an embargo not too use Nuhiu during the first hour of a game which we are not trailing by at least two goals? Is lauching the ball upto Nuhiu and Fletcher the football equivalent of using chemical weapons on the battlefield?
  6. Interesting point, because during Jos final two months our full backs didn't have a clue what they we doing or where they were supposed to be, but then neither did any of the other players.
  7. This link still works. I don't know if there were other reports by SAG. https://www.southyorks.police.uk/media/4337/crowd-risk-analysis-hillsborough-stadium-south-yorks-police.pdf
  8. Excellent news. They are already on the run. Hopefully someone has a copy or it can be found on this? https://archive.org/web/
  9. Yes, Nigel Worthington was better, but even he used to get stick in his day. This season we only have Fox or Palmer to choose from and strikers who are going to sit on the bench or not even make the 18 who are getting paid more than them. That's been the Wednesday way. Recent signings suggest that's changing. Palmer does look like a different player though since Bruce started him at LB. He will play a big part this season hopefully.
  10. I would start Palmer ahead of Fox if Palmer is fit though. I think they will both score for Wednesday this season, but Palmer is more of an attacking threat. Fox will score from a set piece at some point.
  11. Fox will play an important part this season, at times. Accept his limitations. Recognize he's dangerous from set pieces, good at crossing and if there's a challenge which needs to be made he'll go rattling in without hesitation. He's never taken the p1ss out of the club, so we shouldn't be taking it out of him.
  12. Let's not get sidetracked with party politics. You won't change my mind on this and I can see I won't change yours, but I'm sure we both agree the local councillors and MPs are supposed to represent there local constituents? In this case we have evidence published in the local media of problems with crushing outside Bramall Lane in November 2018 and a Quango media campaign which is trying to pretend the Taylor Report never happened and our ground was never improved / made safe to insure for crowd mismanagement. The result of the blame game on what happened in 1989 is quite clear it was the result of crowd mismanagement. It seems some vested interests think we need more crowd management to resolve a problem which had already been resolved, and maybe justify there own existence? Has the problem which occurred November at Bramall Lane been resolved? https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-mp-calls-for-safety-review-at-bramall-lane-after-crush-outside-steel-city-derby-217807?amp
  13. Vote for an independent next time, red, yellow and blue all look the same to me, you vote them in and someone else tells them what to do.
  14. As you can imagine the Blades made a big deal of it at the time. It's just Clive Betts etc etc etc
  15. Did anything come from this? https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-mp-calls-for-safety-review-at-bramall-lane-after-crush-outside-steel-city-derby-217807 Was anyone involved in this incident? Is the North Stand issue a t1t for tat response?
  16. Makes you wonder if what's going on is in retaliation for this: https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/sheffield-mp-calls-for-safety-review-at-bramall-lane-after-crush-outside-steel-city-derby-217807
  17. Allegedly it was the Midland Railway company which requisitioned the land.
  18. Wait for the responses first. Don't play into their hands and be painted as the problem.
  19. Maybe so, but I meant they are not untouchable.
  20. Unless they start listening that is and acting on behalf of the people who voted them in.
  21. Write / email too him and copy in your local councillor and MP. He may appear to be an unelected official, but he answers to the Councillors directly and your MP represents you whether he's Red, Yellow or Blue. https://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/your-city-council/management-teams This is the problem with the EU, the people making the decisions appear to be untouchable / unelected. Sheffield City council are not the EU.
  22. That's the trouble with modern politicians is they forget they are elected representatives. They no longer feel the need to represent, or consider the consequences of that with the electorate. If I lived in Hillsborough I'd write to your MP on this issue.
  23. It is I, LeClerc... The Geese fly by midnight...
  24. This has been the problem since we bought Rhodes and Winnall in the same transfer window. Its more of a problem if we're playing 433, but you've got to play them to get them in the Shop Window, as we did with Joao. An unbelievable transfer policy under Carlos.
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