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  1. Time for revenge and another search for the missing tooth Lucas?
  2. Its the day after Brucemas Day, (Boxing Day?) and Steve Bruce is off to a winning start as we all expected, but lets remember all the stick Mr C took in November and December. The Octagon declaring a state of emergency and cancelling his booking before his fans forum. Rumours of him bowing to all three corners of Hillsborough after a Four Nil home defeat to Norwich and fans brawling with him outside the South Stand after the game. This week saw the local press continue with the "Clubs up for Sale" narrative during Steve Bruce's unveiling, and I believe Mr C has had the last laugh, drawing the local press into this none story. And as for Bruce's response "The Chairman told me there is no Budget". And the Stir and Grumble or Mumble can take that any which way they like!!
  3. Ozymandias Owl

    Mr C has the Last Laugh

    You are joking? This hasn't happened accidentally and must be a huge disappointment for the Stir
  4. Ozymandias Owl

    9 Points Off The Play Offs

    You mean three Wins off the Play Offs
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    On paper a 100% win record! Good Game, Good Game. Why can't we have a Bruce Forsythe emoticon?
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    Or after the Shambles at Wembley the season before? Just watch the second leg of the Brighton playoff game again, we were very lucky to get to Wembley in the first place. That Brighton game was very reminiscent of Jos's 7-3 defensive formations. With Bruce I can't see him setting us out to nullify the opposition against anyone in the Championship. Carlos and Jos both liked to make football difficult.
  7. Not all Artists have fragile temperaments I'm sure. Successful ones have self discipline, focus and the will to be the best. I don't blame Carbone for everything which went wrong, he was mismanaged. Obviously allowed to get away with murder until Danny Wilson turns up and starts asking him to behave reasonably. Clearly the club had created two monsters before things imploded under Agent Wilson. If you can see bitterness it's because the fans old enough to remember know that when Di Canio pushed that ref over it was the beginning of the end of our Premier League status, which we're still trying to recover now, twenty years later. Anyway, I'm glad Benito has been of help over his signing and I'm sure even Benito regrets how it all ended. And btw. BREXIT is BREXIT!
  8. Lazaar speaks highly of Carbone also Thanks for another Wednesday assist Benito
  9. And we made them do this. No surprise they ended up with egos bigger than the Kop. Luckily for us all this nonsense didn't go to their heads and effect their playing careers at Wednesday
  10. I woke up this morning and I've got this song on loop in my head. I'm not sure where I've heard it before? Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back Steve Bruce, he's MASSIVE, you know We're on our way back
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    The Magic of The Bruce

    But he is MASSIVE in many ways and he knows it. He is now one of the MASSIVE. I'll admit, I could never see him being Wednesday Manager, but seeing him in the press conference yesterday, it looked like he'd been Wednesday Manager for years. He's got a sense of humour and I'm sure he'll take it as a compliment in the way it's intended. After all he's not come from the Peruvian Third Division has he?
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    Bruce's 11?

    I'd wait and see what Brucie thinks. That's what DC is paying him for.
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    WATCH: Steve Bruce Press Conference

    Well its been clear the local press are more than happy to be a destructive influence since they drove Carlos out of his mind. Welcome to Sheffield, Steve Bruce! Doesn't surprise me our local press only wanted to know his opinion on Dem Trotters and FFP, and not how he plans to claw back an 11 point GAP. This IS happening
  14. All Hail King Bruce the Kebab Slayer
  15. An interesting listen below, could the stars be aligning to see us be the team who are facing a team about to implode? Seething Sarri, Liverpool win again and a slide-tackling fan – Football Weekly https://www.theguardian.com/football/audio/2019/jan/21/seething-sarri-liverpool-win-again-and-a-slide-tackling-fan-football-weekly-podcast? Or are we about to see Sari save his bacon as a World Class Striker rushes through his transfer so he can face his boyhood heros, Sheffield Wednesday in the FA Cup? https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/chelsea-fc-transfer-rumours-news/2019/1/22/18193563/here-we-go-higuain-to-chelsea-a-done-deal-report
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    All part of the Magic of the FA Cup
  17. Ozymandias Owl

    The Magic of the FA Cup

    Well, there's only one who could win it again as a second division club and that's Wednesday.
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    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    I think you need to include a picture of Danny Dyer or Ray Winston to clarify the dialect. The site censorship rules have been breached.
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    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Or for everyone else...... There are a lot of plates to keep spinning in this universe.
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    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    It is the original and 28 years old! Time flies when you're waiting for football to return to normal.
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    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    My only regret that year is I didn't buy the finest Sheffield Wednesday shirt the club ever had that season. I just thought those blue and white stripes of 91 were normal. I had no idea how the kit designers would be unable to reproduce that level of quality in the 28 years to come. It helpped by not having a sponsor that year. Just like Barcelona. Stripes without any nonsense subtracting from their class. Just Wednesday. Nothing more, nothing less, just like that away shirt, just like the passing and movement on and off the ball that season. If only Adam Reach could telepathically receive instruction from Trevor Francis or Chris Waddle this evening. And Morgan Fox could receive instruction from Nigel Worthington.
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    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Today is clearly a day to wear 28 year old replica kits.
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    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    He's destined to be England Manager isn't he, unless you unmask him? He's clearly the result of a Premier League research and development budget black op into the deployment of AI into the modern game.
  24. Ozymandias Owl

    Chelsea - V - Wednesday FA Cup OMDT

    Of that I'm certain. Even better than the Leeds goal. So good he'll be signed by Real Madrid by the end of the month.