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  1. Thanks for the memories but it would have probably been the worst thing to happen to Wednesday to get promoted with the current squad. It has no future. It would still be nice to go out and beat Norwich just to show how poor the Championship is. UTO
  2. I'm backing Millwall today, and Wednesday, of course UTO!
  3. I'm inclined to agree, but you can't gloat when you've been hammered 9-0 by Man City. Nothing is gaurenteed for them or us.
  4. True, but there was a Scism in the Cult in 1889 They thought the Messiah would return in Red Stripes. They were deceived.
  5. I'm just looking forward to the game. They'll be sweating it out I'm sure.
  6. Ull. How did they get there? FFS I haven't looked at the table since September 2017 and now this.
  7. Don't sell your soul unless Warnock is offering promotion via the playoffs. Reaching the playoffs is a cruel trick, as you well know.
  8. And now, the end is near And so I face the final curtain My friend, I'll say it clear I'll state my case, of which I'm certain… For the first time since 1889 the whole city will be backing The Wednesday to win on Saturday evening. Enjoy it. It appears our own fate and theirs is in our hands. What could possibly go wrong? PS Bristol and Villa can't both win on Saturday as they are playing each other.
  9. Four Two is still a massacre..... Apparently for some. Maybe I was harsh on Blackburns attacking threat, you could say our defensive mistakes were well worked goals from them, they knew our defenders would attack the ball. I genuinely only thought they were going to score on the two occasions they did score. The second was classic Wednesday switching off after they thought it was all over. My point is I'm far happier with our style of play. And the fact we've got two goals from virtually the same Bannan free kick, in the same game. About bloody time.
  10. He definitely had a though game and the ref gave him nothing against there full back. I wouldn't mind if we signed there full back btw. Both very good players.
  11. If only his playing style was as mad as those eyes we wouldn't still be trying to get promotion all these years later.
  12. A quality player. Another great game today. Sign him up.
  13. Lies, damned lies and statistics: According to the BBC we only had 41% of the possession of the game. I think this stat says it all about the difference between Bruce and (Jos / Carlos season three). Blackburn were rarely an attacking threat, and in the traditional Wednesday way, their goals were our mistakes in a game which we always controlled. I can imagine if football matches were won on the number of passes then Blackburn clearly won the possession stats today. Clearly tapping the ball around in their own half for fun. Thank god the days of possession stats at Wednesday are gone...... , for now. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47505155
  14. It was a great team performance today. No one had a bad game. Great running up front from Fletcher and Winall, which was missed in the final few minutes at the end of the game. We need them both fit for the run in. Aarons was clearly earmarked by Blackburn as our dangerman. He took a kicking all afternoon. (Easy to forget we had another bad ref today) Aarons, Iorfa, Hector, Lees, Fletcher, Winnall, Palmer and Bannan all gave Man of the match performances. Good Times.
  15. Winall did a lot of running today alongside Fletcher. That defending from the front was missed when they both came off. We need Fletcher and Winall to remain fit on today's performance.
  16. Paolo Di Canio, Big Ron, Graham Hyde..... But who the feck is the guy in the back with the crazy eyes?
  17. They are on there way back, I'm sure. None of this sideways UEFA B licence nonsense back then. Every pass was thought out. Brucie holds the key.
  18. Revenge is a dish best served cold, and its cold enough today. 4-2 Wednesday
  19. Relegation, FFP, The Octagon, The Chairman being hounded out of the Club. The local media taking delight in Mr C announcing the club was up for sale for £200 million. And then along came Bruce. We still have a - 5 goal difference FFS
  20. We went toe to toe with Leeds under Jos earlier in the season. Nothing to fear under Bruce. I've always believed our players were good enough, now the tactics and management are promotion quality aswell. I see belief and hard work in the players. This is happening.
  21. Wilder and South Yorkshire police are having nightmares already
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