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  1. Only a Wednesdayite would make that challenge in 2020 and think it's reasonable...
  2. Not any more. Let's be fair we don't want to see anyone's leg snapped in two. Feel sorry for Shaw though. No one's going to get away with that challenge in the championship, especially if it's a televised game.
  3. "Yes, Sir about 90 yards forward hoping the lightning Rhodes can get on the end of a Bannan punt..." 3-0 Wednesday. (Rhodes hatrick) Rhodes is on fire, your defence is terrified Rhodes is on fire, your defence is terrified Rhodes is on fire, your defence is terrified Just off to check the odds on this dead cert... Rhodes has got to be as mad as hell after the public humiliation in the last game. Can he enflict the anger on Reading? (Hope they've brought a good book) Pre match warm up music: Alan Partridge Project. Sirius
  4. Maybe a Mullet might give Paterson the edge we need in front of goal, especially if he keeps that tache...
  5. I thought it was a thread about the last 48 games
  6. 3 - 1 Wednesday Reach, Paterson, Harris for Wednesday Fox for Stoke... Off to look at the odds of this certainty on William Hill...
  7. Fox wasn't a bad player in the end, when he was told to concentrate only on defending.
  8. That's him scoring a setpiece against us today then
  9. I think Pulis bringing JVA off after he got skinned by Ayew was a great sign. Pulis knew they would target him, and he'd lost his composure. Great call, and not afraid to make the difficult decision there.
  10. Piggings We'll win em... Imagine if we could? I wonder which Stoke players would get into our first team? (Probably Fletch, when he returns to fitness in February)
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