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  1. The game has bigger problems than we have at Sheffield Wednesday. I am quite fond of League One anyway. Time to rebuild and and "go again". If we get to do it in the Championship it would be a miracle and a welcome surprise to all. (Assuming the EFL make an example of us) This season has turned into a farce accross the footballing world.
  2. I am sure Rhodes will get a chance in the second half (in more ways than one) Squad rotation is now in play during games in this crazy world.
  3. Unfortunately, for Reach.... He's now a left wing back He'll be OK though. Despite all this Reach tops the SWFC assists chart with Bannan
  4. Is this a sneak peek at the SWFC marketing departments rebrand of the Sheridan Suite for 20/21 season?
  5. Playing two games a week has never been a strength of SWFC in recent seasons. Player Rotation is even more important in Lockdown world
  6. I think Reach can definitely fit in as wing back in 3-5-2. When he first arrived at SWFC Carlos played him at full back in 4-4-2 which did not suit him, as he's light going into tackles. He's definitely a 3-5-2 wing back though due to his workrate and the fact we'll have a defender covering for him to make the final challenge if required.
  7. So... 206 pages. Can anyone summise if the EFL are hard of hearing?
  8. Phillipine betting syndicates buying clubs to win relation bets is a new low in terms of the EFL though. https://www.independent.co.uk/sport/football/football-league/wigan-athletic-relegation-administration-latest-efl-chairman-rick-parry-bet-gambling-philippines-a9599176.html
  9. Football is a multi dimentional game, both Physical and Mental. The young Hirst may well have required a drink to take the edge of the pressure of playing top flight football, but I'm not advocating that the older Hirst, should have needed to have continued this, once confidence, wealth and responsibilty had been earned from his past experience. This is where self indulgence curtailed the length of Hirst's carreer
  10. Flat feet eh? The extra weight definitely slowed Hirst down towards the end of his career. I don't disagree that in the end Hirst was a shadow of his former self. Once you can't train at 100% through injury you are on a downward spiral. Since then Wednesday seemed to have specialised in picking up players who are shadows of their past acheivements. The entire Paxo / Chansiri transfer policy seemed to be based on this philosophy. Even Wickham this season appeared to be a reinacrnation of the Mk II Michillenesque Hirst when he first arrived.
  11. So good he could even score with a broken ankle
  12. Shearer would have had to wait for his chance if Steve Bould had'nt crocked Hirst Not that I'm bitter...
  13. Possibly made him the player he was. In the days of Big Ron there were rumours Hirst would be allowed a drink before the game. Different times though. Arsenal beat us in two cup finals in 93 with a team full of alchoholics and gambling addicts.
  14. Thats done it then. I'll never watch BBC or ITV news again...
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