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  1. Leeds United dispatched 4-1 by Mane, Salah and Firmino
  2. Sheffield Wednesday progressed past Nottingham Forrest in the FIFA20 FUT Champions Weekend League this afternoon with goals from Mo Salah and Roberto Firmino. Get them signed up Mr C
  3. It was all there to see in the game against Villa at the end of last season. They don't have any fight. It's just another game as Carlos said before the September 2017 Derby. At least they have folded their hand before we get the heart ache of the play off chase this year. I am still blaming the Paxo Stuffing though, as none of the last three coaches chose these players, technically.
  4. Should be involved at some level. Transfer Committee or an Ambassador for the club. Looks like there is no chance of that happening now... He's Sheffield Wednesday's Franz Beckenbauer.
  5. I don't think it matters on hear... However, we are not getting paid to make up stories out of thin air... In fairness to him, he's two weeks into his new job, and I'm sure he's contracted to post an article, and the government have banned football. That could only happen to a Sheffield Wednesday reporter.
  6. I think when a journalist goes for a job there is a hierarchy of roles they might aspire to, or to be offered based on their ability. Local sports reporter is the role at the lowest rung of the ladder, which reduces the journalists impact on society to the bare minimum.
  7. DH has called it: Rhodes and Foresteri will be with us this time next year
  8. When I say I think DC can improve. I mean I hope he can improve really, because it's our only way out for the Chansiri/Paixiao plan to either change, or for Chansiri to come up with his own plan, without Paixiao / assisted by football people more closely aligned to the traditions of Sheffield Wednesday. I also hoped that the Paixiao plan was that maybe we had to swallow the medicine on some signings to get the good signings. Every which way now I see the transfer policy has only ever benefited Paixiao. Wickham was the final straw on that note for me.
  9. Problem number 42 is I can see us getting the 21 point deduction, DC and Paxo walking, and Wednesday are left paying a ridiculous rent for playing at Hillsborough, in League One, which would leave us in a position similar to Coventry. I just hope DC can see the light over the Paxo Stuffing.
  10. His poor execution is down to who he has associated himself with. I think he can improve. He's not a lost cause.
  11. I suspect our problem is DC can't afford to sell players due to how they were bought in the first place, as selling below the asking price would incur further losses. It's the only reasonable answer to why we seem unable to sell players. The fact most of our big signings were also over 30 at the end of their contracts also doesn't help...
  12. I think those of us with memories are simply saying all the signs and warnings were there from the off. I like most hoped it would be different for Wednesday. A club in denise for 25 years resurrected from the dead and restored too the top table of English football. We've been had, the only remaining questions are who benefited from this debacle and why? The irony is the blind watchgaurds at the EFL are trying to prosecute those responsible for the wrong crimes and the eventual punishments will be handed out to the victims of the crime. i.e. the fans... Football destroyed at Sheffield Wednesday for another generation.
  13. Wasn't he supposed to be going to Benfica in January. Maybe we've ended up in a position where we can't afford to sell players for FFP reasons? How could that have happened?
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