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  1. I accept he's Megson is devisive. Loved and hated by Wednesdayites in equal measure. Neither side of the divide seem to understand the others likes / dislikes of Megson. He clearly fell out with Mandaric, and this was the one and only reason why he was booted out after beating the dirty red and white ########s in his final game in charge of Wednesday. My opinion is if he was appointed next week: - He'd stop picking players out of position - He would offer a simple and effective style of play, which I would guess would be based on 4-4-2. - The playe
  2. Dave Jones and Milan Mandaric Worst Management combo at SWFC since Dave Richards and David Pleat....
  3. After today's game I'd bring in Nathan Jones. With our players against our players under Monk, he'd have won 5-0
  4. It's clearly not the players for me today, it's the tactics. It was clear getting crosses into their box today was the objective, and our success at that was poor. I don't even know what formation we played today and I watched all of it it on iFollow. I could see the plan may have worked, but our midfield can't even work the ball into a position to cross, and when they do cross, the delivery is always into the wrong area. No consistency of crossing our attacking movement. The most worrying thing about Monks current strategy is he's not bought a target man, a
  5. A worrying thought. Maybe Monk, Beattie et al and all our players are out of their minds
  6. How would you rate our crossing? It seems to me a major part of our game plan.
  7. Penalty claim denied. Bannan nearly does a Di Canio on ref. Wednesday poo out of luck
  8. Obebajejo. Great effort. Pressing their defenders from CB, when it seemed the majority of our team has thrown in the Towel. Rhodes has been brought on for public Crucifixion at 5pm
  9. He thought he was playing in the English second division. Clearly that kind of professional challenge is now unfashionable. Well played ref. MoM. Luton have taken the lead.
  10. JVA was one of our best players. Harsh decision from ref. Wednesday have run out of luck.
  11. Decent cross from Reach. Bannan close to scoring. Goal disallowed from corner. Flint shows his goal threat.
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