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  1. Elev8 tastes better when driving around in DTaxis.
  2. No other team are like the team you supported when you were a boy. For me that was Wednesday, always has been, always will be. I'll be supporting Arsenal, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea and Spurs for two games each next season though... I tried to show an interest in the very best the Premier League had to offer yesterday. I watched Liverpool in the first half and Man City in the second half. My observation were: Liverpool physically dissolved on the pitch when they realised Brighton had scored. As we all know that did not last long. From our perspective, Wolves appeared to be a lot more competitive than Brighton at Premier League Level, and I could not face watching Wednesday finishing 17th playing the type of football Brighton played in the second half against City. The shear size of the squad at Man City is unimaginable, and as they lifted the trophy, once again, it seemed to me the celebrations were forced, as they expect nothing less WAWAW
  3. 1700 season ticket holders who have paid his wages for the last couple of years? Truely a disgrace.
  4. He's got another month and a half on his contract. I think Bruce should get him working on digging up the training pitch.
  5. We have to reduce the wage bill, and we've got to accept some of the players who did well in the past, may now be past it. Keep Hector Iorfa and Palmer as they earned contracts at the end of the season. As for the rest, we have to see if they'll accept pay cuts or pay as you play or is time for them to move on. Arrons looks like a player worth giving a chance. We also need to acquire players who are fit enough to play a full season. The three above fit that bill. https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday/vertragsende/verein/1035
  6. Pearson and Shirliff. The game may have changed since then, but we always looked solid enough at the back with these two, and they were an attacking threat too. I don't remember a time since then other than when we had Reda and Llera in League One were we always liked safe at the back and a danger at set pieces going forward. Bruce will sort this out next season. Iorfa, Palmer and Hector need signing up again.
  7. I take it back, they played football against Notts County in 1865. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nottingham_Forest_F.C.
  8. Isn't the story about Forrest they were actually a hockey team first. That means we're the oldest. Why are we older than Steak Bake?
  9. Hector definitely the biggest impact a new signing has made in a number of years, but we forget just how good Bannan is and the work rate he's put in even during the bad times. Bruce has finally got him playing further up the field. I'm expecting a big season from Bannan next year. Goals and Assists are coming back into his game.
  10. We had the players, Bruce has proved it. Wilder simply doesn't stand for players not putting a shift in. I give him credit for that, but he's like a more bitter version of Warnock as far as Wednesday are concerned. As far as work rate is concerned, Bruce has already shown he feels the same way, just look at the change in the style of play.
  11. And I think he's ruined Dawsons career, much like McClaren ruined Carsons carreer. I've no idea what he was telling our full backs to do in the end. So defensive, and yet defensively inept. Bruce has proved this team could have won the Championship this season or last. Thanks Jos and Carlos for the memories.
  12. Maybe, let's hope they don't win again until after Christmas, just like under Dave Harry Houdini Bassett. I'm hoping for big changes at Wednesday over the summer and I don't think we'll know if we're on the right track until September. That's four to five months of FFP /FFS. I can't wait.
  13. I'd get rid of the lot of them who are out of contract. We've been paying Premier League ticket prices for sub standard football for most of the last two seasons. I'm really impressed with what Bruce and his team have achieved so far, but the players are only now showing what they were capable of all along, which makes it all the worse. We need players who can put a shift in for the full season and who are hungry for promotion.
  14. Thanks for the memories but it would have probably been the worst thing to happen to Wednesday to get promoted with the current squad. It has no future. It would still be nice to go out and beat Norwich just to show how poor the Championship is. UTO
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