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  1. For me we created enough chances to win on Saturday. If we play like that at home for the rest of the season then we'll win more than we lose or draw. I think the issue is our players are still learning to take the chances we are creating with that style of play. Given time, it will click.
  2. Generally counter attacking teams have the threat of pace. Doesn't make much sense to me that he's not playing either out wide or through the middle. We'll get more from Fletcher with players running beyond him. I would put FF in as competition for a role in the centre against Murphy, maybe one getting sixty minutes and the other getting the remaining thirty.
  3. Sounds like a Conspiracy Theory doesn't it? They say it evens itself out. We're giving away all those fouls and yellow cards. Preston are getting all the penalties. Some team somewhere are winning all their throw ins...
  4. Unfortunately, Wilder has now exposed the Emporers new clothes / sideways football in the Premier League. Wilders actually a Dinosaur, in many respects, but people forget Dinosaurs were very dangerous. Sad times, but I still think Monk is wise enough to see the problem.
  5. Time to shake things up and see which players react. The clocks have gone back, and our players have reverted back to type.... bang average. Its now time too see which players want it. I would hope Monk sees we need to mix it up and try something different. Maybe FF or Murpy's pace through the middle along side Fletcher. Mix it up Monk
  6. We were wide open in midfield and across the back four in this game last year, no wonder Dack looked a world beater. I'd be surprised if he gets the chance to run the game today. I think he'll spend the afternoon chatting with the referee rather than getting the chance to play football.
  7. This game last year was the absolute nadir of Jos's tactical shenanigans. I think we've travelled a long long long way since then. Let's hope for another result like Middlesbrough away to put the memories of last season behind us And welcome back Kaiser Borner
  8. Yes, they both know how to build an effective wall... By fair means or foul.
  9. I'd like to hear Dawson's side of events. You could even imagine Flint had something to say to him while he was turning around during his Star Jump routine. The irony is, the free kick was perfect and they didn't need to cheat, but cheat they did. And the linesman looked on, at what he thought was a well worked Warnock Free kick. Warnock claims post match its the type of thing other teams do to them. (Always the victim). The League need to look into Cardiff's poor treatment if this is what they've been reduced too. The question has to be asked, with both having a clear view, why did the lineman and ref not believe it was offside?
  10. To a certain extent I can see why the players don't react. It's futile. It never changes anything. The linesman refused to even look in the Direction of Dawson when he complained. You could even argue Dawson shouldn't have complained while it was happening, as he lost focus on the reality if the situation: The lineman and the ref didn't see it as a problem. They now have to answer why they didn't think it was a problem. Clearly offside, clearly interfering with play. That's why it's now for the Club to pursue this. It needs a response, even if it only highlights Cardiff's con tricks to other refs for the rest of the season.
  11. I know it's futile, and the points aren't coming back, and only the club can decide to pursue it, but the club deserve an answer. It was on national television and can't be swept under the carpet on the highlights edit on Saturday night.
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