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  1. Ozymandias Owl

    Michael Hector

    What's that song they used to sing at the Lane about he's a Blavde?
  2. Ozymandias Owl

    Sam Winnall

    Positive Mental Attitude
  3. Ozymandias Owl

    Sam Winnall

  4. Ozymandias Owl

    Sam Winnall

    Van Aken can still be a good player. My six year old son decided he wanted his autograph during owls in the park. My conclusion was when I met him that he needs to get down McDonald's and put some weight on, that's why Leon Clarke knocked him off the ball so easily this time last year.
  5. Ozymandias Owl

    Sam Winnall

    Yes Carlos never understood how many £20s he was screwing up
  6. Ozymandias Owl

    Sam Winnall

    I'm still of the opinion that Rhodes isn't a bad player, it's just he signed for the wrong Manager. You don't spend £8m on a striker and then go about training him to be a different player. Problem number two for Rhodes and Winnall: We only needed to sign one striker, if any, and could really have done with signing Hector or Pelupessy if the both back then. Striker wise in early 2017 Fletcher was our most prolific.
  7. Ozymandias Owl

    Sam Winnall

    He likes scoring goals. It will be good to see him get another chance. It was a bizzare time in the club's history when he signed, any other time and he'd have been the main striker. The last striker we signed from Barnsley didn't do that badly either.
  8. Ozymandias Owl

    1988-89 squad

    It shouldn't exist as he took over from Wilkinson on the 21st of October 88. Still time to organise the 30th Anniversary celebrations..... However, I'm sure I saw it in a program from back then, with him wearing a silver and blue umbro tracksuit. As it's been 30 years since then, maybe my memory has played a trick on me. https://www.worldfootball.net/teams/sheffield-wednesday/9/
  9. Ozymandias Owl

    EFL team of the week

    João is a proper football player. It's going to be big season for him. If Rhodes is worth £8million, imagine how much João is worth.... I hope João starts at Bramall Lane.
  10. Ozymandias Owl

    Total Football.....Jos Style.

    Carlos talked a better game than Jos Jos plays a better game than Carlos talked of
  11. Ozymandias Owl

    Total Football.....Jos Style.

    João is the new Cruff
  12. Ozymandias Owl

    While we were at Olive Grove or Bramall Lane

    Because it's named after where Robin of Loxley used to drink.
  13. The players are going to learn a hell of a lot more about football this way. We don't want a predictable team, and we don't want predictable players.
  14. That's been the same every game since he took charge.
  15. Three changes every game, keeps the squad on there toes, combined with formation changes, the opposition can spend all week learning about opponent's they may never face. Jos is very astute. You don't get a nick name in Germany for being the promotion king by pure luck. Well done Mr C for brining Jos to England. The amount of stick they both got off the local media for the appointment has now proven to be completely unjustified.