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  1. Reach is 100% committed to picking up an SWFC pay cheque in February
  2. Let's be fair, you saw this defeat coming like we all did. We're on top of the world. Uncle Tony, no wins in five. He probably emptied his office on Friday, but .... He'd taught us a lesson last season so there was always a danger. The only thing which is surprising is the scoreline. The upcoming fixtures all look winnable, so dare I say it.... things are going to get a lot worse over the next couple of weeks. Please prove me wrong Wednesday, but I see amber threads everywhere.
  3. Problem is 28 years later 3rd gets you in the playoffs. Allthough today I'd happily take third.
  4. More likely the players couldn't be ar5ed full stop. 433 becomes 451 when your playing yourself into trouble and defending for 90 minutes. I can't believe Monk planned to leave Winnall isolated. More likely it's ineptitude / contempt for the opposition in midfield.
  5. A five nil home defeat to Uncle Tony's Blackburn does make you start clutching at straws as to what's happened off the field this week. Even if the players weren't paid this week you would not expect the performance level to drop off a cliff edge like it did After all the senior players have been paid very well for a long time. You would expect some level of loyalty especially after the win at Elland Road. Something clearly happened this week. My guess is. Our players have taken their foot off the gas and have forgotten the Leeds result was built firstly on hard work and they have treated our opposition and fans with contempt, again. They reverted back to type, which is playing our self into trouble in our own half at home. (Monks at least acknowledge this was the problem) Blackburn took us apart under Jos last season. The Blackburn players are going to have that belief they can turn us over the next time they see us on the fixture list too after yesterday. Other more outlandish explanations. - Maybe the players all have flu bug? - Maybe they had food poisoning? - Maybe its match fixing? - Maybe one of the Senior players has announced he's leaving during the transfer window? - Maybe one of the senior players knows he's been replaced during the transfer window? In reality the players are going to find it hard to come up with a credible explanation from going from beating Premier League opposition and Automatic promotion chasing opposition in the two previous games to playing like a pub team after a heavy night in said pub against Blackburn who couldn't win in their previous five attempts. It's not acceptable and unless they were all ill I can't accept any of their possible excuses
  6. Maybe scapegoat of the match might be more appropriate. Which player showed the most contempt for the 23k who paid this week's wages? Will they donate this week's salary to charity?
  7. Let's not turn this into a Monk fest. How long have the players he picked been on the SWFC gravy train?
  8. Just to remind us we're getting short changed by our players once again.
  9. Maybe SYPD and SAG took their eye of the ball with all the litigation thown at them after they tried to close Hillsborough for Pay on the Gate. Or maybe they fancied some overtime at Easter?
  10. No. The Monk is simply trying to keep an even keal to the good ship HMS P1ss the League. One match at a time. One match closer. Even Klopp does this. Have no F.E.A.R.
  11. The squad was far too big. We still have too many strikers. Have no fear
  12. Its AUTOMATION we are after always has been, always will be. The EFL don't know wether to stick or Twist as Mr C may burn down the whole F3cking charade... For Megson's sake, a pub team, with a pub league manager got promoted out of this charade of a League last year. Our players know if THEY were able to do it, so can we. This is happening...
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