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  1. His heart bleeds Sheffield Wednesday, that's why.
  2. Nuhiu, he's MASSIVE you know, You'll never stop Adthe Nuhiu...
  3. I've grown to dispise the 433 which Wednesday have played in recent years, but for this game I think needs must, but its nice to have a Manager who thinks we should be playing 442. With Winnall and Fletcher pressing it might just make up for their extra man in midfield. That's why The Monk got the Wednesday job, to make these decisions. Just because Fulham have started slowly, don't write them off. Leave that to Hutch...
  4. No chance, you may aswell ask the players to make sure they've earned the foul. Don't give them away without putting in a "reducer", as Big Ron would say.
  5. He's always played well against us, lets hope Monk has a plan to keep him quiet tomorrow.
  6. If we signed Mitrovic and Knockeart in January do you think they'd get in our team?
  7. I think we'll concede possession to them, but only let them have the ball in their own half, a repeat of Huddersfield. Which our team seem to be comfortable with at the moment.
  8. Maybe, he'll definitely be keeping an eye on proceedings
  9. We need to stop Knockeart from playing, and keep Mitrovic in Borners pocket.
  10. Generally I agree, but these two are / were the best two players in the Championship in recent years. Let's not get carried away that this will be an easy game if we play well, they may play better.
  11. Knockeart and Mitrovic.... We've seen them before in the Championship. They are dangerous players. Liam Palmer will be up against Knockeart, and he's going to have to play a blinder to keep him quiet. The same goes for Iorfa and Borner keeping Mitrovic quiet. I'd be happy with a draw against Fulham. No begging for 4-2-4 formation this weekend, but... Harris may terrorise them on the break. UTO
  12. Fletcher and Winnall, Nuhiu and Rhodes, Foresteri and Reach, 442 isn't it?
  13. "L"ook no arm... It's magic, you know, as Semedo would say so ...
  14. You have to believe Neo... For Westwood hopefully time will stand still as he stops shots, but not when he's distributing the ball... Come on Gary Monks Blue and White Wizards!!!
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