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  1. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    True, but Spectre I assume are in it for the a cut of the sell on Monday as well. If we sell a player for £15 mill how much will the club see? It all sounds very much like what was going on with Carlos Teves during his career.
  2. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    Were Charlton ever involved in Doyen?
  3. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    It doesn't sound too me like he's gone though. I recall Mr C allegedly making a comment at the time of the Embargo that there was no need to worry as we had "freinds" Maybe the Hector and Onomah deals are payback from Spectre? It worries me that clubs like Watford really have a vested interest in seeing clubs like Wednesday stay in the Championship. When all is said and done this side of the football competition doesn't end after ninety minutes, it continues 365 days a year.
  4. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    Let's say Mr C has finally woken up and the contract extensions are the reason for the freezer team. That would make sense? Although Paxo Chicken has been cited as being involved in the signing of Jos, which would contradict that view. The point is this is the real problem at Sheffield Wednesday, and the freezer team is the symptom of the problem.
  5. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    Is Paxo Chicken the head of Spectre or is he a minion?
  6. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    So is Paxo Chicken still involved with Mr C? I assume Spectre got involved with George Hirst? If Paxo Chicken is still involved, when do we see the benefit of joining Spectre, which I can only assume is a Ponzi Scheme? Can we hope Almen Abdi will be sold for £8 million to the latest member of Spectre in January, or has Paxo Chicken taken Mr C and the fans to the cleaners for the last time?
  7. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    I don't really know how these things work in football, but I assume the agents have no reason not to make contracts public knowledge, it's in their interest in many ways to make them public.
  8. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    You think it was corruption rather than ineptitude?
  9. Ozymandias Owl

    Who was dishing out the contracts?

    Redgate Carlos Mr C They must have all agreed the contracts were necessary to secure these second rate Premier League has beens. Ultimately two of them have lost their jobs, as Mr C would have trusted their advice. Carlos in particular was the man in charge of building the team required to secure promotion and if he knew what he was doing then the contract details would have been irrelevant. Can you imagine if we had been promoted? In all probability we'd have been in the same mess today with these players and contracts, back in the Championship.
  10. Ozymandias Owl

    Chris Wilder’s post match interview

    Man Utd played of the park this evening to the chorus of Ole's at the final whistle at the Etihad. Wilder must have been thinking about what could have been if he saw the game. I'm glad he's bitter, maybe he'll get to witness Ole's from Wednesday fans at Hillsborough in March.
  11. Firstly it's only a rumor. Secondly, Hector isn't a bad choice of a player. Thirdly, it's a rumor, not a fact. The other rumor is it's contracts. Who's to say he's upset them, and if he has they should grow some. Maybe he's not happy with how they conduct themselves, and what they failed to achieve? Finally, we could speculate forever and nothing will be solved. He has more information than we do, and there are some things we're not entitled to know. Medical conditions, family issues, contract issues etc. What I'm sure of, Jos thinks the players who are getting a start are going to dig us out of this financial mess, and they others aren't.
  12. Ozymandias Owl

    That 'Penalty'

    Spot on, but he didn't miss the penalty. It was poor and saved by our our club Derby legend of a Goal Keeper Dawson Justice
  13. But how many more 15 point punishments can we take?
  14. It's been and gone, and without being harsh on the Freezer squad, they were paid handsomely to get us promoted and they failed. I genuinely believe Jos and Mr C are building for the future, contracy wise.
  15. I think people need to remember it's one thing having an opinion on here, but taking it into the ground and vocalising it during games doesn't help the situation, certainly not during games in any case.