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  1. Megson, Mellon or Mourinho? The bookies are giving away free money
  2. Let HIM find the new Semedo Semedo as coach definitely
  3. Dominic Iforfa is the new Reda Nuihu is the new Goal Machine Let HIM find the new Semedo
  4. We await a photo shop of a festive SWFC Manger to complete the proceedings
  5. I've spelt Hughton correctly what more do people want?!?
  6. The Lord is a very popular choice. DC will be contacting OwlsTalk this evening as a mater of urgency
  7. I missed him off, as he's not in the Skybet top ten. He's not got a Championship promotion track record either.
  8. Phil has a greater purpose than ours. I'm not sure either of the chuckle brothers are cut out for the Championship either.
  9. Who do you think, realistically wants the Sheffield Wednesday Managers job, and who is capable of mounting a promotion Challenge this season at Sheffield Wednesday, by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen?
  10. HE knows how to win the Premier League, never mind the Championship
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