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  1. Not really buddy, no one ever returns and just distribute them amongst mates/fellow Owls. Maybe if some more tickets are released? The General
  2. I think what he didn’t say about Hutchinson’s injury was the most striking - ‘I don’t want to leak any secrets’ has he been banished again? The General
  3. I hate the way he says 'SHEFF-HELD Wednesday' The General
  4. 2 games in - this is positively early. Club is going in the right direction all of a sudden. The General
  5. R8 signing if we get Wing The General
  6. i'll be bidding for one - innit The General
  7. Chansiri said 'fans pay for nothing' Also Chansiri 'Covid and attendance has affected our income' The General
  8. This Could be the way forward. The General
  9. We need him just to recreate this picture - So many questions The General
  10. No suprises there, I'd say. The General
  11. I think they should bring Reach and Pelupessy on at half time The General
  12. Just shows to me we're fecked with or without The General
  13. 'Paul Warne and his TEAMS?' He only ever had Rotherham The General
  14. I follow - deffo Red botton is cringing - call our players Tim Lees and stuff too The General
  15. 5+ pages of shyte?!!! Still - the title has not been addressed - Bet365 doesn't have a next SWFC manager market The General
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