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  1. Something needs to be done - Happens all the time, On sale at 10am - Proper fans cant get tickets - On viaggogo 2 minutes after for at least double. Wouldn't be suprised if the ticketsites aren't in on it. The General
  2. It's gonna be tough £150+ on resale sites already The General
  3. No wonder the pitch is fooooked Kids havig a kick about on it. The General
  4. Some good news for the ground and us fans. Asset of community value. The General
  5. I used to like the Celtic chant to Andy Goram of Rangers. There’s only two Andy Gorams! The General
  6. Hats off to you Pal, You should hear my local pub when they get on to the subject - It's like a Murdock and Duckenfield love in. I too believed it for over 20 years, they did a r8 job on us! The General
  7. Cheers Kirks Just a bit of Footie manager - that's about it. Cheers The General
  8. Hello CAn anyone recommend a laptop £300-400 15" minimum to use for browsing a bit of gaming and cinema etc. i'd even consider 2nd hand The General
  9. Not really buddy, no one ever returns and just distribute them amongst mates/fellow Owls. Maybe if some more tickets are released? The General
  10. I think what he didn’t say about Hutchinson’s injury was the most striking - ‘I don’t want to leak any secrets’ has he been banished again? The General
  11. I hate the way he says 'SHEFF-HELD Wednesday' The General
  12. 2 games in - this is positively early. Club is going in the right direction all of a sudden. The General
  13. R8 signing if we get Wing The General
  14. i'll be bidding for one - innit The General
  15. Chansiri said 'fans pay for nothing' Also Chansiri 'Covid and attendance has affected our income' The General
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