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  1. The General

    Jos gone?

    I think he'll be here till the end of the season. Then it'll be a complete overhaul, majority the players out of contract and a new broom sweeps clean. The General
  2. piazon - r8 signing for us The General
  3. The General


    Shitstorm incoming The General
  4. The General

    Live blog from tonight's fans forum

    See link is perfect The General
  5. The General


    And who's Mr Ian Allen? The General
  6. The General


    Can we get back on Topic? Any truth in the OP's post? The General
  7. Just me? Bit think we'd have won that with westwood in the net. The General
  8. Don't worry - you can still get last years away shirt for £30 The General
  9. The General

    Going, going, gone.....

    This The General
  10. The General

    #SWFC VIP breakfast underway

    Whats Alex Turner doing there? The General
  11. I personally can't wait and it'll probably be my first kit purchase for A NUMBER OF SEASONS The General
  12. The General

    I'M The answer

    Fresh It's an absolute disgrace I don't mind losing - but this is shyte!!! The General
  13. The General

    I'M The answer

    Till the end of the seaon! Rally the troops - Do or die - Nuhiu up front on his own 5 round him.... Come on!!!! The General