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  1. Reach - Undropable?

    In again. The General
  2. Reach - Undropable?

    What are your thoughts, Never give anything special I can see, we have players far more able in his position. Do we think the price tag means he MUST play? The General
  3. Blessing in disguise

    Very strange, Here's your players - not train them The General
  4. Blessing in disguise

    Carlos hasn't spent a penny, The players are bought for him. The General
  5. COME ON WEDNESDAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Lets get behind the boys, we have a chairman we would have sold ou souls for 6/7 years ago, we're in a tremendous position for promotion, we have the muscle to buy players. The transfer window is open for another 3 weeks. Home kit good, away not so much, £10m striker and numerous internationals. I for one, am happy and optimistic The General
  6. bet were not having a new kit

    Wear it for going to the match or washing the car, owt else is crass The General
  7. bet were not having a new kit

    Whoever wears football shirts on holiday is either at primary school or needs gelding The General
  8. Big Dave set to leave?

    If you had waddle on one wing, and giggs on the other. he'd score 40+ The General
  9. I thought the REF was outstanding. The General