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  1. Let's hope he's here just to keep us up. He'll do that. If Chasiri thinks Pulis will get us up - he's so far off the mark. Big Ron in his hay-day couldn't even do that with these players. The General
  2. Id take Pulis over Cook I'll tell thee now, we wouldn't be smashed 3-0 at toytown The General
  3. So chansiri can SPEND SPEND SPEND? The General
  4. I thought it was a good question....How will they monitor it? The General
  5. Genuine Question. FFP is based on turnover and a number of other things. With no fans getting through the gates and spending how is this going to be calculated? Could we say we were expecting 38'000 against QPR and budget accodingly? The General
  6. If I were Lees, Id be nutting into Monk this morning - Dawson has basically put him in a position where he's got A red. The General
  7. We need a keeper - Dawson costs us most games. The General
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