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  1. I think they should bring Reach and Pelupessy on at half time The General
  2. Just shows to me we're fecked with or without The General
  3. 'Paul Warne and his TEAMS?' He only ever had Rotherham The General
  4. I follow - deffo Red botton is cringing - call our players Tim Lees and stuff too The General
  5. 5+ pages of shyte?!!! Still - the title has not been addressed - Bet365 doesn't have a next SWFC manager market The General
  6. Especially Bannon. He we need grafters and workmen - that's the only way to stay in the Prem The General
  7. Was a fancy dan, no room in our team for them. Same as Carbone. The General
  8. Fully agree, he said they were 'leggy' after getting battered at Millwall. I'm expecting it, but thanks for the heads up. The General
  9. Typical DC Shot up the odds to be 2nd favorite - Nixon saying he's been offered the job. The General
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