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  1. Personally, I would offer them the contract and give them a time scale to sign or discuss. once this time scale runs out, the contract is removed and we move on!! if they want to stay, they need to start negotiating!!
  2. no one buys into football these days to make a proffit. Its all about getting to club into the premiership and then the club is seen worldwide. if they have their companys names all over the shirts, stand, round the pitch etc. that type of coverage is priceless. thats what its all about these days!!
  3. Fair answers and I agree we don't have the Devine right to know certain things like his wealth but I guess I am concerned that he can do what he says he's going to do and that we don't just end up in a far worse situation than Leeds with their chairman etc! I don't think this is the case but in reality, our new owner in an unknown quantity that I'm sure many of us would like to know a little more about!!
  4. I know hes said he will spend what it takes but he can only spend what hes got!! what if hes only got £150m? I know its a lot but it will take a large chunk of that to get us back up!! I doubt he will spend much more than 10% of his wealth!!
  5. I am really excited about our new owners and already they appear to be putting their hand into their pockets but Is it a consortium? If so who else is in this consortium? How much is our new chairman worth and how much is he prepaired to spend on the club? Is this Him as an individual or are his familys business involved? Im not trying to stir anything up, Im genuanly interested in the stability of our club for the future and just how excited/cautious we should be feeling!
  6. the fibers are not real grass so the birds are not interested in them and they are injected into the pitch about a foot deep so they would take quite a bit of pulling out!!
  7. Just to put things into perspective, If you check on the Desso site, it explains that the actual building of the pitch including the sprinklers, under soil heating, drainage etc is done by pitch builders using local experts and using the knowlage of the grounds staff. once the pitch has been laid and the grass sewn, the Desso machines come in and inject 20million foot long strands of artificial grass into the new pitch with only 2 cm sticking out of the top. The new grass seeds then grow their roots attaching themselvs to the artificial strands making the grass roots longer and stronger. they also obsorb the water and drain it down their length where the grass roots benifit from the water. This final bit is the only bit that is DESSO!! its designed to strengthen the pitch, keep the grass thich and keep it looking rich. The bit where they sew the Desso strands takes only a couple of days so they can get a couple of pitches done in a week!! The actual building of the pitch etc is always done by contractors!!
  8. Both those players are mid table players at best, both are not wingers, nether get to the line and make crosses and both constantly cut inside and go for glory. If we are wanting to go for promotion next season, we need to be replacing these players and aiming for the next level of quality!
  9. Or whats the betting that they bring the Russell Crowe thing back up again and do a full 10 minute review of some of his films and how they relate to L**ds on the telly and trying to prove he is a Leeds fan?
  10. It's quite common to get a pull or a tear during warm up as you aren't warmed up yet!!
  11. Gray has had a poor budget and has got the best out of his players, we have had only two strikers for most of the season. Personally I think he needs another year to continue to develop this squad and to have a good summer to buy some better players. He is highley respected by all the players and is well known in the game, and once other players become aware that we may have money to spend, better players will come. We cant go through sacking managers every year. A manager needs to have a good run at it for a couple of years to be able to put his own stamp on the team. Gray hasnt become a rubbish manager all of a sudden, its a bad run of events! Im choosing to support our manager and give him the faith and support to make us in to a promotion chasing team over the next year or so. I do know that the new owners have already given him their mark of support and have disscussed his future plans for the ground and the squad. I dont think hes going anywhere any way.
  12. How often do you see the manager of the opposition team sending or reminding his players to go to their fans and acknowledge them? There are too many players at our club that when the final whistle blows, they run straight down the tunnel! Westwood after every match walked the length of the pitch and claps the fans in all stands and makes that effort! The fans love that and appreciate it! If some of our players were to show their appreciation on the final whistle, they might find the fans give them that little extra support!! Little things like this get the fans on their side!!
  13. Couple of things, first as has already been said, ratification hasn't happened yet so I'm sure once that happens it will be full steam ahead, secondly, the three players they funded on deadline day I bet added together came to above £700k, finally, in the Buś interview, he said he has been talking to Wednesday for about 4 weeks and had to wait patiently so I guessing they have been planning with Gray for a while too! I'm sure the new budget will be decided when they sit down with the manager and discuss what is needed tobe able to challenge for promotion next season!
  14. Theirs was an investement not a takeover, although I invest more in our club when I buy a half time drink!!!
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