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  1. Do we really think tho if we sack Moore we are going to get Lowe in really?
  2. No but the bloke sat behind me kept shouting how useless he is and for him to do another spinny thing. Like you say MOM for me too.
  3. I think he will turn out to the best appointment for us in many many a year sounds like he's setting a standard from top to bottom cleaners to players a really nice environment for everyone. UTO In Moore we trust
  4. same nothing. was thinking it would be live somewhere on iptv all week but didn't check
  5. I was only born in 1991 mate so I missed the waddle era really was to young altho I have watched everything on YouTube etc and had my dad constantly reminding me of them days . Now I understand why of corse waddle was 8 so makes sense. uto
  6. he was a good player for us lacked final ball at times. we have had no one better there since. I know he's not getting any younger for a footballer but for where we are I think its a no brainer.
  7. Not having a pop at all but. How does he seemingly not want to be here Have I missed something? Or is this just about an emoji on Twitter?
  8. Yep just stopped jumping around like a numpty when I sorted myself out Cardiff had a penalty.
  9. Will be for a fraction of what he’s on here to. And will probably bang the goals.
  10. Best player on the pitch for us by a country mile again even if he wasn’t at his best tonight.
  11. How anyone can hate lee bullen. A real servant to Sheffield Wednesday over the years and really cares about the club.
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