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  1. Quite beautifully if I do say so my self well done Wednesday very proud and off to the fire works with a villa supporting mate tonight. Thanks for making my evening enjoyable now. UTO WAWAW
  2. Think we can forget abdi now clearly cannot stay fit anymore shame but seems like he was finished when he signed
  3. Are they taking the p1$$
  4. Matias / Boyd

    Bubbles is ledge love trailer park boys DEECENTT!!
  5. Just a rumour...

    Hope not I’ve seen quite a bit of bully bashing on here why I don’t understand he’s not the one who makes the final decisions on teams formations etc. I see bully as a Wednesday man through and through and gets some undeserved stick on here
  6. Matt Penney : goals

    Looks like a bit of a set pece specialist the lad some cracking goals in there.
  7. Referees are killing us.

    They will still be at derby tho won’t they. Ive said it countless times but come Saturday will be there no pint kidding yourselves
  8. Referees are killing us.

    I don’t think it’s only one man killing TBF the players on the pitch are just as much if not more to blame you don’t coach individual errors and school boy defending along with a load of missed chances. Im not saying I’m happy with Carlos at the mo because I’m not but it’s not all Carlos fault and I’m sure he didn’t send the team out to make silly errors and miss chances. Some of our players need to have a word with themselves.
  9. Rhodes for Wallace also
  10. Wednesday or England

    Seriously wednesday all day long might get slated for this but the national team doesn't really bother me alltho if Wednesday had a few players in there I would be more interested
  11. Bannan

    Exactly he's not the only opposition manager who has singled him out as a threat. But According to some on here he's not good enough.
  12. Wildsmith

    His kicking is amazing well played today lad
  13. Steven Fletcher

    I thought he was great you know that right
  14. Just Visiting

    Yea as far as Leeds fans go he's ok