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  1. Just a quick bump in case anyone finds a working one.
  2. I’m not trying to excuse it at all but I wonder what caused him to behave like that apart from the obvious booze. Just seems for all his wind up antics a little out of character.
  3. I’ve had JC 04 OWL for about 5 years now my name is Jon Cutts so works lovely for me.
  4. Yep we are all currently lumping on. Get with it happy lumping.
  5. Sorry I’m no good at this is Craig Denton someone ITK
  6. Same I’ve said Smith since Carlos left think he would have came before villa to.
  7. Big Hecs Instagram has been quiet today and by the looks of Nat Chansiri Instagram he is in London. I’m not straw clutching.
  8. Dunno but I can confirm the programs are £2
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