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  1. bedfordowl

    King Kev

    Nope not as far as I know.
  2. bedfordowl

    King Kev

    My favourite player as a kid a true Wednesday legend and great servant to the club. Massive love for Pressman.
  3. bedfordowl


    Get that noise also just a message after saying technical difficulties
  4. bedfordowl


    Joke service it’s got worse since I follow I never had many problems before only the odd time it’s every game now
  5. bedfordowl

    Fantastic from Tango

    The bloke is a legend such commitment to Wednesday and the national team.
  6. bedfordowl

    Nice Words

    Thanks for leaving Bedford out
  7. bedfordowl

    Wednesday - V - Preston OMDT

    Return of the snoots. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!!
  8. He is a popular guy bit of a joker big mates with big dave. Seems very friendly with most the lads what I’ve seen on instagram anyways.
  9. bedfordowl

    Jos interview

    He didn’t did he love it
  10. bedfordowl

    I don’t care if I get hate for this

    This is the first I’ve seen and herd of this i stay off Facebook its a shame but there really is some scum in the world. you should never say that about someone’s daughter standard even if it where your worst enemy but over Football Christ. I love a fiery passionate Darby as much as the next man but come on guys.
  11. bedfordowl

    One of us

    Nice one
  12. bedfordowl


    I’d have him back. ( I am a cult member tho)
  13. bedfordowl

    Next manager odds

    That list is really quite poo to look at