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  1. I think he will turn out to the best appointment for us in many many a year sounds like he's setting a standard from top to bottom cleaners to players a really nice environment for everyone. UTO In Moore we trust
  2. same nothing. was thinking it would be live somewhere on iptv all week but didn't check
  3. I was only born in 1991 mate so I missed the waddle era really was to young altho I have watched everything on YouTube etc and had my dad constantly reminding me of them days . Now I understand why of corse waddle was 8 so makes sense. uto
  4. he was a good player for us lacked final ball at times. we have had no one better there since. I know he's not getting any younger for a footballer but for where we are I think its a no brainer.
  5. Not having a pop at all but. How does he seemingly not want to be here Have I missed something? Or is this just about an emoji on Twitter?
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