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  1. bedfordowl

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    Mate Bedfordshire is not Greater London. Alltho they have called there airport that
  2. bedfordowl

    Wednesday -V- Luton (FA Cup) OMDT

    It certainly is
  3. Star breaking all the news recently
  4. Is this the same computer that had us going up in autos last season

  6. Recalled to Scotland squad.
  7. bedfordowl

    Joao's instagram story

    Dunno got to love João and his insta tho. Big Dave and nando also have there moments
  8. bedfordowl

    Venancio Back?

    League one player who has just been loaned out from the winners of the championship last year to the team that is at the top this year.
  9. bedfordowl

    Is the QPR game on Sky?

    You can get the sky sports app on tablet not sure about PS4 different app to sky go.
  10. There fans comments at the bottom of the article.
  11. bedfordowl

    Red Button Coverage

    Oh sorry I’ll wee wee off to me red button then
  12. bedfordowl

    Red Button Coverage

    Not the case you can download the sky sports app and watch it on there if your a sky sports customer
  13. bedfordowl

    Kirby Sub

    Hutch Why is he not on the bench injured?
  14. bedfordowl

    King Kev

    Nope not as far as I know.