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  1. Here's a couple of possible scenarios to make sense of it all - Perhaps Weswood hasn't cut it in training pre-season and both Wildsmith & Dawson have trained better than him. Or maybe it's long term planning. We're not going to be spending next season either, so either Wildsmith or Dawson will be number one next season regardless of what happens this year, as Westwood is out of contract. They're both currently good enough for a season of consolidation in the league, but the only way to have one of them actually good enough for a top 6 push is to get a full season of Championship football in a mid table side this year. I think it sends out a good message to the young players that filled in during the injury crisis last year and did well. Once you get the shirt, it's yours to lose. The senior pros have to be better than you on the training pitch to get their place in the team back. Baker seems to have overtaken Palmer at right back. Thorniley took Loovens' shirt last year. Their performances haven't suggested that they ought to lose them either. And for those pointing out that Bannan and Fletcher walked back into the team - Bannan took his place back from the likes of Jones and Butterfield, who weren't exactly doing much to keep the shirt. Fletcher has made a substitute appearance and then filled in for a suspension - he hasn't exactly walked back in and become first choice.
  2. CraigSGM

    So we've wrote this season off?

    I don't see any reason we can't have a go this year. We were one of the form teams in the final ten games last season. From those games, we've only really lost Venancio. Loovens wasn't playing. Hunt was injured half the time. Wallace was injured the whole time. Rhodes wasn't scoring. Before then, when these guys were in the team, we weren't doing well. From those ten games where we were the form team, we've added Fletcher, Hutchinson, Van Aken & Matias to the squad. We've also got Lee, Hooper and maybe even Abdi to come back.
  3. CraigSGM

    Nuhiu isn't the answer

    How is Atdhe's form from 4 years ago relevant to the fact that he's now scoring in pretty much every game he plays? I'll have a good guess that he's the lowest paid on that list as well.
  4. Swing and a miss from me there then haha. It's clearly not as straight forward as I thought. My overall thinking was that if we're projected to lose £20 million over the next year, and we're only allowed to lose £10 million to stay within the limit, then generating £10 million from the squad budget in transfer fees and reduced wages would balance it out. If only things were that simple...
  5. My understanding of it, in it's most simple form, is something like this: Over 3 years you're allowed a maximum loss of £39 million. Two years ago we lost around £9 million. Last year we lost around £20 million. That leaves us with a maximum of £10 million to lose this year to stay within FFP rules. Making no changes to the overall business and playing squad sets us up to lose exactly the same as last year. So we need to find a way of generating £10 million this year (Or, in real terms, only losing £10 million rather than £20 million). Releasing Loovens & Wallace will probably have reduced our wage bill by something in the region of £1 million. Rhodes and Hunt possibly by a further £2 million, plus Hunt's transfer fee. (I'm gonna say Venancio leaving and Winnall returning cancel eachother out, and Clare & Hirst were on pennies anyway, so not factoring them in) Having the shirts ready in summer would have generated a fair bit more than last season too, but I'd say we're still looking at needing to save another 4-5 million quid on last year to stay within the limits - and that's before we can start adding to the wage bill with players, even if they're free agents/loans. £4 million might seem like a lot of money to try and save, but that's only £75,000 per week in wages to cut down. If we can get £1 million for Westwood for example, and even low balling his wages and saying £25,000 per week, that leaves us only needing to save a further £32,000 per week before we're back within the limits of FFP. Shifting Jones and Abdi out on loan should fix this, although getting some fees in to reinvest would be nice. There's also a massive chance that I've completely misunderstood the information that I've read and am way off with this too, I'm sure someone will be quick to tell me if I've got it wrong.
  6. CraigSGM

    Nile Ranger new song

    Ranger! Ranger! High Voltage!
  7. CraigSGM

    Bywater to sign on a permanant deal

    Remember last time we signed a keeper that Derby didn't want? There must be something about Wednesday that brings out the best in Derby's third choice keepers!
  8. CraigSGM

    league 1 team of the week

    Reda seems to have taken to left back pretty well. With him claiming that he's still better at centre back, should we be looking to replace Batth when he goes back, or look to strengthen at left back and move Reda across?