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  1. Big ask that. 7 points from the next 4 is realistic, then the season starts. Anything from Brentford is a bonus. A point at Luton would be a decent result given how well they've started. We really should be beating Wycombe and Rotherham. That should see us off the bottom by the end of the month and ready to crack on.
  2. Do we know if there were multiple options on the table for these guys? I know Fox & Fletcher had offers for next year and beyond, but has anything been said about whether they were also offered the one month extension that Atdhe and Lee have signed? Unfortunately it's understandable why they turned us down though, if the suggestion that they were offered reduced terms is true. Fox & Fletcher have the best season of their career and they're offered a pay cut? Not sure I'd take it either.
  3. I can see Fulham running away with it this year. Knockheart supplying Mitrovic is going to be lethal.
  4. Has Bruce ever passed comment on Abdi? He said that everyone would get a chance. I think he's the only one that's not even made the bench? (Aside from Lee, of course)
  5. A mate of mine who is a big Villa fan said he's best as a number 10. He's either the complete midfielder who can do everything, or no one can figure out how to get the best out of him.
  6. I think it's because a full bottle of liquid with the lid on is quite a hefty missile.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if next to none run. I live in Selby, we're currently on 2 trains a day into York on Saturdays, whereas they're every hour usually.
  8. Yes. I too am annoyed that Westwood is being overlooked in favour of Joey Pelupessy. It doesn't make any sense!
  9. We seem to have done pretty well for goalkeepers for quite a few years now. Keiran Westwood Chris Kirkland Nicky Weaver Lee Grant Mark Crossley David Lucas It's interesting that only six first choice keepers take us all the way back to 2004. It's been a solid position. We've produced a few decent kids in that time too - Richard O'Donnell has ended up with a decent career in the football league, and Adam Davies has a decent career at Barnsley.
  10. A PL2 that isn't a closed shop at the bottom end could be catastrophic all round. The Football League would get a really poor deal from Sky, because the "top" teams would be the likes of Wigan, Bolton and Millwall. That's hardly an attractive deal. Because of the lack of money, the gulf in class would soon become massive, as the teams at the bottom end of PL2 would be able to spend as much as they like to try and avoid the drop into an incredibly poor league. Someone still has to drop though, so the teams that do would be in a right mess unless there was still some kin
  11. Billy Talent, Anti Flag & Zebrahead at Budapest Park in 2016 My top three live bands. Seen them all 20+ times. I found out about this gig two weeks before it was happening and spent a small fortune getting there. It's not every day you hear that your three faves are playing a one off show together, just a shame it was on the other side of the continent. Huge outdoor venue, 35 degrees, pints for £1.50. Was amazing. New Found Glory at Rescue Rooms, Nottingham in 2008 They were supposed to play Rock City with Paramore, but Paramore went back to the US mid tour to attend
  12. Always support the supports. I've discovered some of my favourite bands through support slots. 90% of the time they've been chosen because they fit the line-up well too, so they're more than likely what you're into. "Bands start at 8" is plenty of information. Perhaps posting the curfew too if people are needing public transport. If you're going to head down later and miss the supports, take an educated guess on the stage times. If you miss some of the headliner because of it, that's the risk you take. That said, O2 venues certainly don't make it easy to spend the ent
  13. Madjid Bougherra didn't do too badly after leaving us either. A season and a half at Championship level with Charlton and then three seasons at Rangers before heading over to Qatar for a last big payday.
  14. Probably nowhere near the level of the first team yet. Gibraltar Under 19s are hardly a comparable opposition to the teams in the Championship. That said, it's good to see him doing well. It'd be nice if, come the last few games of the season if we're safe mid table with nothing to play for, players like him get a shot to see how far off the first team they really are.
  15. I dunno. Bannan - £5m Reach - £8m Forestieri - £5m Lees - £3m Hutchinson - £1m Winnall - £2m Fletcher - £1m Joao - £2m That's £27m and I'd call some of those low offers. If Bannan, Reach, FF or Lees went for those prices in January there'd be a meltdown on here.
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