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  1. CraigSGM

    Matt Penney Contract

    Pretty sure players under 23 can't negotiate with anyone else until their contract expires, so January doesn't mean the same for young players as it does for the senior players.
  2. CraigSGM

    Matt Penney Contract

    Offering him a senior deal after nine(?) games will have a knock on effect though. If we're to continue promoting youth, all of those lads will expect top wages as soon as they've played a handful of games for the first team. That's not sustainable and could undo a lot of the good work we've done in the Academy over the past few years, because none of the kids will sign new deals.
  3. CraigSGM

    Matt Penney Contract

    100% this. I've been trying to get this point across for a few weeks, to no avail. Glad someone else sees it the same way. While it makes sense for the club to tie him down as soon as possible, he'll be looking at is as the difference between a contract for an exciting prospect right now, or a contract for an established first team player at the end of the season. I'd imagine the latter will be potentially three times as much money.
  4. I get that, but when you're suggesting that we'd be spending 20 million to replace them, you're way off, because their value to the team is much lower than what they're being pad. The previous recruitment plan has left us with expensive players as backups. The only way we'll be spending big money to replace these guys is if we're using the money we're saving on fourth and fifth choice players to sign first choice players. We seem to have a stockpile of old, broken midfielders that even when fit, are behind Bannan, Pelupessy, Reach and even Hutchinson. If Jones goes, we won't spend the same money he's getting to replace him, his spot as fifth choice will go to a kid. It's only first team regulars that need replacing for similar money, not the cast offs. They will all be replaced by youth.
  5. Even though it's getting better, there's still a huge stigma surrounding mental health. The sooner we can move away from that, the better things will get. One of the biggest problems is a lack of understanding. Unfortunately, due to a lifetime of it being something that wasn't spoken about, so many people just don't appreciate what it's like to deal with a mental illness. So many people think that depression and anxiety is simply sadness and worry, and therefore an easy fix. I'm pleasantly surprised by the response on this thread so far. I really expected to read dismissive comments about how people with such a good life can feel like that.
  6. CraigSGM

    Jos v Carlos - 38 games in

    It usually takes a couple of years for managers to be remembered fondly. You have to remember that it's almost always the case that the change in regime comes because the term is massively under performing. I do wonder whether people will take more time with Carlos. He left us with a different kind of mess. There was more to the end of his legacy than a run of poor form. Looking back, I think of Stuart Gray more fondly than most of our previous managers from recent years, and I think that's because he's one of the rare cases where he didn't go through a poor run leading to him being sacked.
  7. Spending 20 million to replace a bunch of fringe players that were deemed not worthy of a new contract? Eh? Just because that's what they cost a few years ago has absolutely zero influence on their replacements at the end of their contract. For example, if you think there's even a 1% chance that we'll be spending £4m and 30k per week to find a suitable replacement for Abdi, you've lost the plot. I think (and desperately hope) that we're beyond the days of paying big money for back up players.
  8. CraigSGM

    Barry Bannan - groin injury

    Lee's current injury is a straightforward one. I wouldn't be surprised if the physios were expecting something like that. You don't need to be a doctor to understand that a long term hip injury can have an impact on other parts of your body, with the knees being the most likely. KL will have spent the best part of the last 12 months walking around awkwardly while his hip heals. Limping, putting more of his weight onto one side etc. That'll put a bit of pressure on your knee. You're not gonna know just how weak your knee has become until you do some intensive exercise, like try to play a game of football. Focus on the good news - it would seem like the injury in his hip has healed well! Bannan has tweeted to say that he's fine, he was just feeling a bit sore. No story there, so no need to have a meltdown. As for Abdi, I'm almost certain there's more to it. We can speculate all we want, but we'll probably never know. He's being given time in the U23s now, and has apparently been injury free since pre-season, so Jos is obviously seeing more from him in training than the likes of Boyd, Jones etc who aren't getting the chances despite being fit. I suspect that Abdi's biggest problem for some time hasn't been a physical injury.
  9. CraigSGM

    Almen Abdi

    I just think Lee would be wasted at full back or wing back. It goes back to the Carlos way of shoehorning your better players in positions that aren't their best just for the sake of having them in the team, like when Bannan was on the wing, or Reach at left back. You're much better off using those players from the bench if there isn't room for them in their favoured position. For me, Lee and Onomah should be used for the same job. One of them to run the opposites ragged for 60 minutes then have the other come on for 30 to exploit the gaps left by tired defenders/midfielders that have been chasing the other round all game.
  10. I think giving Penney a shot in an attacking role was worth a try. He's good with his feet, can look up and beat a man. I'd say his play going forward is better than his defending when he's playing at wing back. That said, I have no idea what position he was actually playing in on Sunday. Some kind of free role? There was probably some thought put into having a more traditionally defensive minded player on the left to deal with Jack Hunt too. Jos will have been well aware of his strengths and weaknesses, and decided that a player like Thorniley was better equipped to stop him getting past and putting the ball into the box.
  11. CraigSGM

    Almen Abdi

    This is true. And I suppose we did alright. Hector saw a lot of the ball at CB though. he had a great game, but I think he might have had less to do if we we had someone breaking up play in midfield a bit more. Bannan & Onomah broke up the play well enough, but you want someone else doing that job so that they're on their toes ready to do something with the ball once the challenge has been made. Hutch played at full back at Chelsea as well didn't he? We've got plenty of players capable of playing in numerous positions, but wouldn't it just be purely for the sake of having them in the team? In all honesty, I don't know if Lee has the attributes to play in a back 4 since the best part of his game is linking midfield with attack. I don't really remember anything about his defensive game. Would a player who's main skills are attacking be any better at fullback than Palmer? Obviously a very different class of player, but at Southampton and the early days at Spurs, Gareth Bale played at left back. Over his career he's developed a completely different game so you wouldn't dream of him playing at LB now...
  12. CraigSGM

    Almen Abdi

    I can't see Lee being used in a back 4. As a wingback, maybe, but not as a full back. It'd be a waste. And there's no one in that midfield to sit back and do the dirty work, so you'd need Joey or Hutch in there. By asking one of that midfield to do it you'd be sacrificing their strengths for the sake of having them in the team. It'd be Carlos all over again! The best team isn't always the same as the best 11 players.
  13. CraigSGM

    Almen Abdi

    I'm actually really hopeful that we could see something from Abdi this season. I believe he's been injury free since pre-season, just nowhere near match fit after so long out. Jos wouldn't put him in the U23s unless he was at least looking at him for the first team, and to be getting to that stage he must be doing something right in training. We have a bunch of older players who are apparently injury free that aren't getting a look in with the first team or the U23s (Westwood, Boyd, Jones), so if he's getting game time with the kids he must be in the plans for the first team. Jos has proved that he's not afraid to just cast off the old boys, so the fact that he's persevering with Abdi is surely a sign that something is going right on the training pitch, at long last.
  14. CraigSGM

    From Doom and Gloom to Top 2.

    Most people had out squad down as mid table at best this year, so if they're firmly in the top 6 come January I think it'd be harsh on all of the regular starters to look into replacements/improvements. From what I've seen so far, we're actually a well balanced squad. There have been a couple of stand out players, but looking the other way I wouldn't say we have any massive weaknesses that desperately need addressing. We've got players with a bit of pace capable of playing in wide attacking positions in FF, Reach, Joao and Matias. I think that Onomah could play there too. Let's not forget that Boyd is there as a back up, and Stobbs could break through too. We've got plenty of options at centre forward. Our midfield looks good. Bannan pulling the strings with a box to boxer (Onomah or Lee) and a holding player to do the dirty work (Pelupessy or Hutch) alongside him. That's not an area that needs addressing. Hector seems to have steadied the defence. Him & Lees are quality at this level, and Thorniley looks the real deal too. With Pudil and Van Aken as back-up, we're not crying out for a centre back either. There's still work to be done to start picking up clean sheets, but I think we're getting there with that. Penalty at Bristol, worldly against Villa, on another day both of those games would have been 2-0. The only area to address would be the fullback/wing-back positions. Penney looks top quality, but if he picks up a knock we're left short. Fox isn't good enough. Palmer has looked better this season, but I think that's one area that could do with a bit of improvement. Penney looks a lot more dangerous in attack than Palmer does. I think we miss some of the pace and crossing from the right that Jack Hunt was capable of, but even then I don't think it's leaving us looking too vulnerable.
  15. CraigSGM


    He's a lot older than I thought! He turns 27 next summer. You've got to assume that he's not going to break into the Chelsea squad at this point, especially since they've loaned him out 4 seasons in a row. So, he'll be available next year, it just depends on the price. I wouldn't be surprised if Chelsea have pretty much made their money back on him in loan fees and covered wages for the past few years. If he's available for something in the region of 1.5 million then it has to be money well spent. Infact, does anyone know how long his contract is? Could he be available on a free?