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  1. I would love to sit in on the conversation with the insurance company when they try to explain just how the engine got totalled.
  2. Absolute sods law now that the Bury game will be a walkover to us now and he'll be banned for a extra league game.
  3. Forgetting Ash Baker when we first put it on the website (then swiftly correcting) must feel lovely for the lad!
  4. I ordered mine Thursday and it turned up sat, I was surprised because I'd also seen the comment on the website about taking a while for online. But it has to be said, £6 for delivery is next day delivery prices. I can't make Sheffield just to collect, so I basically had to call it a £65 football shirt. There should really be a second class delivery option, but then people would just whinge it takes too long.
  5. I don't have a problem with it. Viable alternative to Hutch who we all know struggles to play half the games at best. Cattermole is exactly the player you want in the 90th minute at 2-1 up when the opposition break and you need a no nonsense foul. Unlike pelupessy.
  6. Zola moukoko and Samba were both CM01/02. If you go to www.champman0102.co.uk you can download that one for free. Basically same squad but Tommy Johnson for Booth, carlton Palmer for Alexandersson and hamshaw, stringer, morrison and Geary are 4 of the best kids on the game. Alexandersson in every position was 97/98.
  7. It was picked by the BBC before the Luton replay. They wanted the Big team Vs lower league slight local rivalry. We spoiled the plans by getting through.
  8. I moved to London in 2009. I bought a membership every year after, was the only way I could (pretty much) guarantee away tickets and it was delightful for Wycombe, derby's and Wembley. I got a second one from 2010 in my dad's name that I used either for him, my fiancée when she fancied a weekend away (Bristol City. She didn't approve) or a football supporting mate when fancied a day on the beers. I thought long and hard last year. And decided no to the second one. This year they can do one. I'll risk it on tickets. No way on earth am I paying £90 each. Two years ago they got £90 off me. Doesn't sound like the best financial model to me.
  9. Juventus. Initially a 3 year loan (seriously) but they made it permanent.
  10. Juan Cuadrado. Another of those not deemed good enough for Jose at Chelsea
  11. In fairness, (although i agree about the tactics) they were playing a league 2 side in the cup. Even Carlos picked Hirst Vs Cambridge.
  12. No, they've made Martin available to leave today. One in one out.
  13. Still haven't changed your bs avatar either.
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