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  1. A semi decent side takes QPR to the cleaners today. We were dreadful and still created a bit and ready always had space. Once Wildsmith flaps it in they've quit. Against a team on the beach. Absolutely embarrassing.
  2. As daft as it sounds, I think Rotherham could be our biggest problem if we pull a run of form together. I can see us both pulling one of the teams above (probably Derby) in, but I just think their sheer volume of games in hand will keep them above us.
  3. Second round unfortunately for me. If we win the group, which I think we will, we have runner up of Portugal/France/Germany (or Hungary. Never know). I have tickets for that game. Supposed to be in Dublin. Sigh.
  4. He was in the second half team and scored about 3 days later at Northampton under Bullen which was the day before Bruce waltzed off officially. Seem to recall the rumour being Bruce had picked it, but seems pretty unlikely!
  5. Possibly Jack Hunt. But not entirely sure how much we paid and we did not make the (if any) profit we should have.
  6. Total transfers that earned us money in 6 years - Shaw, Joao, Hirst, Hunt, Wiggins(!!), May. 2 of those we also had no intention of losing. Total income (based on Transfer market) - £8m We made as much in 94/95 alone. Have to say that's shocking mamagement.
  7. Define expense. I wouldn't even compare with our recent spending. Look back to 98/99. When you get the cheque in from the PL Uniteds transfers this season are probably a similar income/outcome level as what we chucked at De Bilde, Sibon and Jonk. Difference being Uniteds are still fairly young and hungry players who might put a shift in the championship (Sibon excused) and have resale value.
  8. I have to admit, I live half an hour train ride from Cambridge United. My visits to Hillsborough have been rare since I moved down south, but tried to do every away match below Birmingham I could get a ticket for. This season has been the first time I've ever mulled over the possibility of nosing at a Cambridge game when fans are allowed back in. I think it's a mixture of the overall farce of permance and management. I'm struggling to motivate myself to watch the games on TV. I do know full well that once this absolute horror show of a season is over though I'll be ba
  9. Lost it with Windass after he twatted the ball straight into Rhodes face poleaxing him. At no point did he vaguely wander over or at least check Rhodes was OK. Combine that with the swearing at Pelepussy Sunday when he made a shocking decision himself and you get the impression he's a cracking team mate.
  10. Nice of Windass or, for that matter anyone, to see if Rhodes was alright...
  11. Our defending wasn't bad until we got knackered. But attacking movement and thought Is shocking. Half the time we pump it in the air at Harris. Absolutely no effort to get forward and support. Basic movement, I'd have been crucified at Sunday league level for that movement.
  12. Bad luck and bad management meaning missed opportunities. I always consider the 93 finals as a marked turning point for the club. At that point we were doing a lot right, sorted out the messes of the lower leagues and were considered a force, with a very good squad. We had a great potential. We finished that season 7th. Arsenal finished 10th. Both had good young squads backed up by one of England's finest strikers, and a ground of around 38,000. Losing that FA cup final put Arsenal into the cup winners cup. Which they won. The reputation and money from which enabled t
  13. It appears he signed a contract when they had a manager. Who presumably told him the plans. Fwiw, I think it's a great move for him. Celtic have a much better record than we do at developing players (Tierney, Van Dijk etc etc), he'll get some silverware and will be playing in Europe - Even if it's only 2 matches a season it's 2 more than he'd get in 20 years at Hillsborough.
  14. That relates to a contracted (more than 6 months) player. A player is "only free" to conclude a contract when expired or 6 months left. So at 6 months he is free to discuss.
  15. They do between English clubs - Exeter got 20% included by tribunal for Ampadu. Don't know if that still applies with moving "abroad". Don't recall us getting one for Hirst or Clare for example. Tapping up - this one is going nowhere. He's free to talk to Celtic in all rules from exactly 6 months before contract expiry. Unless we can prove that Celtic spoke to him and his agent last year then we have no case. Even then find any transfer that doesn't involve tapping up of some level. It goes on all the time. Its likely Celtic may have enquired with his agent if he woyld consider a
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