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  1. Increased capacity

    We're only treated differently because of what happened in '89. They need to get with the times and give us control of what we can and can't sell. We actually have to beg for tickets to be sold in our own stadium. An alternative is to refurbish the ground, like the plans we had in place for the World Cup bid.
  2. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    Our best player currently. Just need to keep him fit.
  3. Leeds Allocation

    Only got 2,700 last year so highly unlikely.
  4. BREAKING - Forestieri Update

    Rushed him back I feel and this is the end result, same with Keiran Lee before he had surgery on his hip. On current form it's not a huge loss but disappointing. Would be more worried if Hooper or Fletcher were out for 3 months.
  5. Van aken

    Early days but encouraging signs. May have unearthed a gem.
  6. Expecting a close game, think 1 goal will be the difference if there's a winner. I just hope Carlos doesn't go with a negative approach if we go 1-0 up - play offs against Hudds being an example. Don't know if he'll have the tactical nous to get one over Wilder. Head says 1-1.
  7. 8 games in

    It's been an OK start but not a great start, drawn too many games. Will take stock after the Leeds game and see where we are.
  8. One thing holding us back

    Sitting back defending a lead is our biggest downfall. Happened far too many times.
  9. Westwood

    Should've done better I agree but he's not solely at fault. Defensively we switched off and didn't defend properly.
  10. Well done Wednesday and cc

    Would've taken a point before the game but it's disappointing after leading for so long... Not the first time it's happened and certainly won't be the last.