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  1. We are their biggest rivals which is fair enough but it only works one way. Local derby: Yes Rivals: No
  2. We'll do our part, that's for sure. The game is a free hit, not expecting anything.
  3. He needed the time off given the year he had in 2018. Hope he’s enjoyed his trip & family time & ready for the new challenge ahead Good news is he looks well and refreshed.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong but I don't remember this being reported. Hope he has a speedy recovery.
  5. Hector has been a solid signing - probably the only good thing Jos did. For his benefit, Hector needs to get out of Chelsea in the summer and find a club where he can settle down, and I hope we can offer that. He's not even made an appearance for them since signing from Reading.
  6. They were terrible yesterday, and have been for the last few weeks. Hazard in the false 9 and Kante on the right of a 3 man midfield just doesn't work - their 2 best players both out of position. Like when we played Arsenal, we should go for it and play a strong side. Granted they'll make changes with insurance on the bench due to their fixture schedule. If we can perform to our maximum, we have every chance of getting a positive result.
  7. I think 45 points should be enough, and we can easily do that with the upcoming fixtures so I'm not worried about relegation. Top half is achievable. Play-offs highly unlikely.
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