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  1. LiamK2292

    Next 4 games - 9 points MINIMUM

    Bolton yet to win this season in the league, would be typical of us to lose.
  2. LiamK2292

    When Gary Hooper Smiles.......

    7 goals in 7 games.
  3. LiamK2292

    Hooper joint top scorer

    Keep the guy fit and we'll be there or thereabouts.
  4. LiamK2292

    Lee goal onside

    Glad it didn't have an impact on the outcome but still that's a joke decision.
  5. LiamK2292


    Looked solid today, had very little to do barring the save which was offside.
  6. LiamK2292

    Steven Fletcher

    Fletcher should've scored but had a good game overall. Compliments Hooper very well. Well worked assist heading back across goal from Palmer's cross for 2-0
  7. LiamK2292


    Can't be another flash in the pan.
  8. Carlos comparing himself to the club is pure delusional, he's holding the club to ransom. He needs to understand he's an employee. Us fans are more important than him, we're the lifeblood of the club. We were here before him and we'll be here after him. We have the players to be successful, it's a change of Head Coach that's needed. Carlos isn't going to change his negative ways so we need to be positive and sack him. Given what's gone on over the last 12-14 months, I want to know why people still trust the guy.
  9. LiamK2292

    The Carlos to stay brigade

    All this mess has been created by Carlos. Simple as that. He's been too stubborn in his approach and fans are fed up. From what I saw last night, the players looked fed up as well. Carlos has asked for support, the fans give it and this is what was served up. I don't wish for what I'm seeing. It's embarrassing. It's not a knee jerk reaction either, the signs were there last season... We finished in a false position, all down to luck. Carlos is to blame for any wrongdoings on the pitch. He's not solely to blame but he's the one who trains and sets the team up after all. He's been too arrogant changing a positive style of play to slow, turgid performances. He's not going to change his negative ways so we need to be positive and sack him. I'd rather us make a change and see where we go. Sometimes you've got to take a step back to make a bigger step forward. We all want what's best for the club. We have the players to be successful,. It's a change of Head Coach that's needed. If Carlos was a man, and loves the club as he claims, he'd walk away. I'm done backing him. He's wasted a lot of money. Recruitment defines club and since Wembley, ours has been shocking. Very little signings under him can be considered a success. If he's still here by January, I won't be giving him another chance. He can spend however much he wants, but he'll still in charge and I don't trust him. We've signed good players and gone backwards. Just think if Carlos was managing United, would they be sitting 2nd in the league right now? It's about the tactics that he deploys and I can't see it changing. Take last season as an example, we had a squad more than capable of going up and we failed. The likes of Pardew/Karanka will get better out of this squad. Given what's gone on over the last 12-14 months, I want to know why people still trust the guy. It's difficult for me to have any sort of faith.
  10. It's true. Others clubs know that we're not a threat while Carlos is in charge.
  11. LiamK2292

    Alain Lè Pardeu

    Pardew would do so much better with our squad of players.
  12. LiamK2292

    I haven't heard anything

    Should've gone in May now we have to put up with this BS, and fans accept it. Nothing's changed, you could tell since the opening day. Negative tactics from a negative coach.
  13. LiamK2292

    So is Sunday D Day?

    Thing is we've got it in us to beat anyone but I'm expecting us to lose on Sunday. A win will only paper over the cracks of how tactically inept Carlos is. Will be down to Leeds having an off day. I expect him to still be here regardless, DC is too stubborn to change.
  14. LiamK2292

    Team for Sunday

    Wildsmith - Palmer Venancio (where the hell is he?) Van Aken Pudil - Wallace Bannan Lee Reach - Hooper Rhodes