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  1. Met plenty over the years, all of 'em were sound and had time for chat/autograph, these were mainly at the ground. But used to work in Andy's records in Barnsley where Hirsty & Paul Williams were regular customers , both nice blokes, terrible taste in music though!!. Met the mighty Carlton Palmer in a pub out Whirlow way, Sunday lunch time he wanders in in his stockport training gear orders a pint of guinness , which he downs pretty sharpish, gets another in and was happily chatting to people at the bar, had a quick word with him, absolutely lovely fella.
  2. So, you're calling the majority of fans idiots, who have no right to pass comment on an individual players merits or otherwise, unless they "are a true intellectual"!!??, hmmm, so you, by your own logic, are an expert, who's view IS valid!, what qualifications do you have to put us about all us plebs??. Beyond that, your expert knowledge of transfer offers/interest must mean you are a high profile football agent who has irrefutable inside knowledge of all the prem club interest in FF!?, cos ,of course, otherwise you'd be a non-expert who's merely speculating, something you yourself consider ir
  3. it could be just what we need to heal some riffs. Or not you decide. To be fair, it very much ISN'T for us to decide, rather that's the owners lot, and considering DC knows nowt about football in general, doubt he's even heard of Rolly!?
  4. I picked up on that as well, first 2 are obvious, i'd assume the 3rd was the lesser spotted Rhodes, not aware of any current injury be he's very much m.i.a at the min'!?
  5. Nando’s employees call for changes to cleaning pay policy, No wonder he's playing out of his skin ,what with today's headlines, he's clearly after a new contract as it appears he needs more money for his house keepers!!!!
  6. Charlton boss Lee Bowyer: "I'm disappointed, frustrated and angry. My players gave absolutely everything and they didn't deserve not to come away with anything.!!!???? Not sure what game he was watching?, Fair do's you publically back your team but come on really!!!. One of the most negative performances ive seen from an away team, complete lack of attacking intent, lucky to escape with just a 1-0 defeat. Fella's deluded
  7. To all intents and purposes, he sold the ground (that he already owned) to HIMSELF. So it's not really valued at 60m, that's the big EFL issue, he only did it to appear to raise funds for the running of the club. He could give the ground away for free tomorrow and technically have lost nothing!!!, so that wouldnt be an add on to any overall club valuation in terms of a possible buy out.
  8. Eh??, personally i'd not have him back, but beyond that he's got a job, he's in his native land managing in their top division currently 2 points off a europa league place. So why would he leave that for shambles at S6!?. Beyond that, he's under contract, we all know DC not keen on paying, preferring to look at freebies . 'Expecting Carlos back', hope you're not holding your breath, things could get very blue!!
  9. Imagine being second best to Barnsley!!, very poor performance
  10. Agree with this, just because a player is deemed surplus to requirements it doesn't mean we can simply ship them out the door as and when the club wants!!. They may well not be wanted by other clubs, or may be, but the contact offer constitutes a pay cut so player not interested. Agree that squad is rather unbalanced, but come the summer plenty out of contract and i'd expect a raft of departures.
  11. Bit Harsh????, I do apologise if so, scoffing then!. any better??
  12. I dont disagree at all, JP loving manc lad might be different gravy though, and more worthy of your scorn!!
  13. I do indeed, only 1 league game this season ive missed. He does sometimes slow the game, other times pings a long ball out to wide men as the situation dictates. Its called reading the game, clearly something that you know little about!
  14. Yeah i agree, what a bonkers idea to have a deep lying midfielder, with a great range of passing, starting quick counter attacks!, bonkers indeed. Get him sacked immediately. Then you can get your c.v in, you'd be a shoo in. Then hopefully we'd see 5ft BB in his natural position at CB!!!.. Deluded indeed
  15. Personally i think not only does Monk see it, he actively encourages it. For me i get the impression he wants BB there for his ability to hit long raking balls forward. Seeing him as the ideal player to quickly turn defence into attack playing the more direct style Monk tends to favour !
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