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  1. Fair enough respect your view whilst not agreeing.
  2. Agreed it's not about today but IMO he does need replacing before this season goes totally down the pan. DC needs to do some serious thinking about the state of our club and his investment
  3. At games yes agreed. If DC becomes aware that there is growing discontent though then sooner or later he might act. As pointed out in another thread by someone DC also needs to examine his own stewardship too but IMO this needs to start by replacing CC.
  4. Agreed. Today is just a very small tack in the coffin. Last season's insipid performances and play off debacle plus this season's poor start are the reasons why IMO he should go. Should have been replaced after the play offs for me giving a new man the chance to create his own impetus. It is urgent now to stave off a disastrous season.
  5. Tension mate; pure unadulterated tension. Good game to win this. Imagine the meltdown in Derby if we pull it off. Come on Scintillate Wednesday, scintillate. We can do this;... maybe.
  6. Yep bottom line is that we were sliced open by, at best, very average defending.
  7. I'd therefore assume that he was sure then. Based on admittedly not very clear footage both the Loovens and Fletcher incidents looked like pens and reds though.
  8. Agreed, looked as clear cut as the Loovens one.
  9. In that case it's a shame that the ref didn't have the benefit of those 4 replays.
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