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  1. CC v Wilder

    To be fair, poor orator or not, he's done a great job for them since they took him on.
  2. Our current form and Gary Hooper

    The majority always knew that he is a good player. Had fitness/condition issues in the past which were exacerbated by injury.
  3. U23s v QPR

    Possibly but then again he could well disappear into the lower leagues like so many promising youngsters do. Both club and player/representatives are holding out for what they see as best for them. It's business. That's just the way it is.
  4. Adam Reach again

    Hutch is a terrific player and will have a big part to play this season. Like you suggest though, players need to be fit and ready. Absolutely no need to rush him back.
  5. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Can't it be just this once though?
  6. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    I'm going to agree to differ with you. Very marginal and we'd be clutching at straws relying on that.
  7. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    That still showed a different phase and the ref will have deemed him not interfering with play at that point. He only became involved after two more players had played the ball (including our own player. The real decision is when the second shot was made... there it is marginal but I think that he is marginally behind the ball when it's played.
  8. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Close but I don't think he is. The above still is pretty irrelevant as probably not interfering with play there and once Westwood saved the initial shot it was a different phase.
  9. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    But not in front of the ball (IMO) which is the key point.
  10. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    Very borderline; probably not. Not sure that any Cardiff player was in front of the ball when ball was kicked. If there is any blame, probably Westwood could have done better.
  11. Albert Ross

    Who brought him on??
  12. Kneejerkers

    I'm not a fan of our usual approach and style but if we keep winning at home and drawing away we'll be promoted and I guess the end justifies the means.
  13. Owt more depressing...

    Who is this terrified striker you speak of?
  14. Subs

    100% agree.