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  1. Tension mate; pure unadulterated tension. Good game to win this. Imagine the meltdown in Derby if we pull it off. Come on Scintillate Wednesday, scintillate. We can do this;... maybe.
  2. Yep bottom line is that we were sliced open by, at best, very average defending.
  3. I'd therefore assume that he was sure then. Based on admittedly not very clear footage both the Loovens and Fletcher incidents looked like pens and reds though.
  4. Agreed, looked as clear cut as the Loovens one.
  5. In that case it's a shame that the ref didn't have the benefit of those 4 replays.
  6. They probably all need to be full time, receive ongoing training, benefit from video technology (just as we fans and laymen do after the event when criticising ). Trouble is that after paying mid blowing wages to players there's simply not enough in the pot to invest in improving referee decision making.
  7. Good point. Fans of all clubs are guilty of this but as fans we only register the ones that go against us...... as a rule.
  8. Same in all the football league. Depends on whether the player made a genuine attempt to play the ball.
  9. I think that the real problems are the speed of the game and the refusal of the powers that be to bring in video technology. Factor in the one eyed fans (of all clubs), cheating players and that cameras are at all matches allowing laymen to freeze frame and replay constantly and it adds up to a nightmare for referees. Who'd be a ref? Not me for sure.
  10. I'd go with the give a penalty and a yellow in all cases until video evidence comes in.
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