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  1. Some of our fans are so fickle. I go out and listen to other fans from other teams and they say were supposed to be really good supporting fans and then they read poo like calling for dj head. I'ts so embarassing. Even if we go down[ Which i don't think we wont} we should still stick with him. When are we going to learn that changing managers dont work. Lets get off his back and the players.
  2. I might have missed this one has jones said there is a future for him?
  3. its going to be when hi ho sheffield wednesday kicks in just before the game starts. Can't wait for it.
  4. Do you think it will be right for megson to attend on sat. I can't see a problem.
  5. for another day in the life of sheffield wednesday. Come on wednesday.
  6. Hey pgmetcalf give me a break,call me what you want,but a pig,come on. Look i was only giving my honest opinion and i thought you could do this on these message boards. Check my other posts i'm no pig.
  7. Look just my opinion, like i said i hope i'm wrong.
  8. I really want to be wrong here, but as much as i think the pigs will drop points i also see us doing the same. I hope i am wrong.
  9. For me we need a charlton win this coming saturday,title charltons anyway.
  10. I think when a few people look back on these threads it will be rather embarrassing. Jesus we aint sacked fergi. Lets get behind the team and milan and move on. u.t.o..
  11. As much as i wanted meggo to stay i think we should all calm down and move on. If we don't go up then fair enough we can then vent our anger at milan. Whoever comes in needs all our support. What if the new guy gets us up,milan will be a hero again. Come on guys lets get behind wednesday.
  12. Speaking to laws before the game and he thought milan would get rid if we lost the game. I fully support meggo.
  13. Working near the trg ground today so called in to have a look,got told by a guy on the gate that they hadn't been in.Didn't think they would be given a day off this week.
  14. bywater. buxton. lera. batth. reda. bostock.prutton. semido. jj. lowe. cog. We have to go for it.
  15. 90% of our fans at the start of the season said they would be well happy with a play off place. Well were not doing bad. Jesus did people expect us to win every game. Weve lost 2 on the trot,so what. Other fans looking at these threads are having a rate laugh at us. What if we when the next 3. Let's just chill out move on to sat and start again.
  16. Wow bri the owl i hope your kidding,jesus we wouldnt have a club if it wasn't for milan. Look what does it take to sing is name tommorow and then on tue night just to show are appretiation. We tried it at hillsborough a few weeks ago and it just didn't take off. Let's show the guy some respect from all of the stands even if its just for 30 secs. WE NEED HIM.
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