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  1. Yes I know this has been done before but I’m astounded nobody has brought his performance up tonight. Fair enough they say he helps defence and does a lot of tracking back but as an attacking option I’m sorry to say he was shocking. I can’t remember 1 cross he actually put into there area.
  2. Seems the problem is with virgin ffs.
  3. I noticed coming out of the ground the police were recording fans exiting the ground and I doubt it was for crowd trouble.
  4. You think today’s starting 11 will be an indication for next sat?
  5. Good insight into training at middlewood on YouTube.
  6. With rumours of megson been there the other night taking notes doesn’t bode well.
  7. I’m stunned there has been no statement from either club. Has he even resigned?
  8. Absolutely furious with Bruce’s comments regarding waiting for clubs to come to a compromise. He has to go now.
  9. Surely now Bruce has spoken we need a statement from DC.
  10. For what it’s worth the whole squad including management just come through airport except Bruce.
  11. Anyone been here before? Anywhere to go for a drink in or out of the ground?
  12. Cheers pal finally a bit of sense.
  13. Just after a bit of help I’m flying out to Portugal tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had any information on we’re the players train and if there is a chance to meet them? Cheers
  14. Anyone reckon they will have an open training session with the fans?
  15. Been reading on Norwich forum and they seem to think the deal with Rhodes is close.
  16. I take it there not planning any games out in Portugal then?
  17. Nixon reporting again that he can go but for a big price. Don’t see us getting too much to be honest
  18. I’m a non season ticket holder what has definitely been priced out of going to Hillsborough. But I have forked out to go to the game on Monday and also got my 2 brothers who are Man U fans to come.
  19. 27000 fans against 4000 fans jeez get a grip. The extra fans didn’t help us at Wembley.
  20. Don’t understand the problem giving them the bottom. Leeds,Villa got them.Do you really think an extra 1000 fans is going to make a difference. We obviously wasn’t guna sell them. Looks better on tv and more money for the club. Jeez some people.
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