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  1. Just now, pat blondeau said:

    It’s the hottest night of the year. We’re 12 points behind the rest of the league before a ball has been kicked. Most of the decent players we had have just walked away from the club. Doesn’t look like we have any money for new signings. And you’re telling people to chill 



    Hahahahaha what else is there to do lose your mind. People need to understand we was never ever ever going to do anything next season let’s take the hit now I believe we’re good enough to make the points up and start again. 

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  2. We was never going to do anything this coming season and if we’re been honest the following season as well we’ll maybe a play off push. Next season was always going to be a right off so let’s get the squad sorted get behind the team and get these points knocked off. It’s 4 games it can easily be done. People saying season over before started I would love to know what they think we was going to do. Come on let’s stay together and it will change we have just got to get on with it.

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  3. Yes he’s mental but we need to give him and Shakespeare anything they want. We will keep monk sack him within 12 months and so on and so on. We had it with Bruce but went ******** up we need a top manager to get us up.

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