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  1. I’m stunned he’s not come out and tried to clarify this story.
  2. Getting rave reviews from the Bolton fans and a big part on the current run there on. Great to see and hear. What a player.
  3. Same team that started yesterday to start on Wednesday for me.
  4. Seriously how can we take this guy serious? He’s done absolutely nothing for this club. We are such a gullible fan base.
  5. Pearson wouldn’t last 2 mins with DC. It would make pulis tenure look like fergies.
  6. No no and no. Why on earth would you even want this game. Even thou they are very very bad I still wouldn’t trust our lot to get something.
  7. Has he suddenly turned into a 90 year old bloke? His pace is non existent.
  8. Rumour has it from a blade pal that sharp and wilder have fallen out hours before the West Ham game. Didn’t stay for the match I got told.
  9. If it is pulis and it’s looking like it is hopefully it’s just to see out the season. No fans are going to be allowed back in this season so we won’t be able to moan how bad the football is. Good thing maybe
  10. Right ok fair enough. Even thou Brentford we’re the better side I always thought we was in it. Also with a depleted side.
  11. Really? I thought a point would have been well deserved.
  12. Not really just an opinion and I think the statistics would prove it.
  13. Just goes to show how low our standards have dropped. Legend? Give me a break he was awful.
  14. Hahahahaha ffs Walker wasn’t mentioned 24 hrs ago dear god grow up. We will bring strikers in it just takes time.
  15. Hahahahaha what else is there to do lose your mind. People need to understand we was never ever ever going to do anything next season let’s take the hit now I believe we’re good enough to make the points up and start again.
  16. We will be nowhere near playoffs this season with this we wouldn’t without the 12 points. I’m confident we can get through it.
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