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  1. Only just got round to reading the program this week I couldn't bear to read it. But you are right it is a good read.

    Hahaha just done santa ponsa today.

    Rate nice one saves me a walk

    Nice one try that
  5. Anybody about palma nova or magaluf for game on Sunday?
  6. Give him anything he wants. He's the only person to get us up.
  7. Steve Evans.

    The op is takin the wee wee
  8. Is there any drinking kiosks in the west lower?
  9. Does anyone have any idea how they will segregate the fans who are going in the west lower and what exit they will be sent after the game?
  10. Tomorrow

    Has sky sports done any previews on our 150th not seen anything yet.
  11. Mirror review of our game

    Same with sun pal. Said we was lucky to come away with a draw. Joke.
  12. Who shat themselves when that Big Bang went off. Dodgy advertising boards.
  13. Winnall and Abdi

    Did Carlos give any reasons for them not being in the squad Saturday?