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  1. Nixon and Staton been made to look stupid then.
  2. Is he training with the first team?
  3. Why would we give Westwood the no 1 jersey if we were going to sell him?
  4. Come off it we lose 1 pre season game and everyone is in meltdown. The prices are nothing new let's be positive going into the new season.
  5. owls79


    Jeez at last. Thankyou
  6. owls79


    He has been trg and now it's been reported by Sheffield star he's got hip problem.
  7. owls79


    Jeez I wish I had your life looking at how many posts people put. And people wonder why they don't post stuff. Ffs
  8. owls79


    You couldn't write it could you. Injured again and in Spain doing rehab.
  9. owls79

    ffs Wednesday

    Just charlton in cup for me. We never turned up and would have had a great chance against pigs.
  10. I remember going to watch us against donny at the keepmoat in pre-season and it didn't look good then. Hutchinson had a face like thunder at the front of the coach and about 10 players stayed on the coach finishing there card game according to the driver.
  11. I know we have taken the wee wee out of our medical staff but I have never known a situation when a player is out for season not to return to his parent club.
  12. owls79

    Team (3-5-2) if fully fit Squad

    We've won one league game since Boxing Day and people are talking of ditching half the first team regulars. Let's see what jos thinks of them when they all return.
  13. Do you think jos would automatically put straight back into the side when fit considering the decent run were on?
  14. Not surprising to be honest. You could say wolves are more or less a premiere league side now.