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  1. Nixon reporting again that he can go but for a big price. Don’t see us getting too much to be honest
  2. I’m a non season ticket holder what has definitely been priced out of going to Hillsborough. But I have forked out to go to the game on Monday and also got my 2 brothers who are Man U fans to come.
  3. 27000 fans against 4000 fans jeez get a grip. The extra fans didn’t help us at Wembley.
  4. Don’t understand the problem giving them the bottom. Leeds,Villa got them.Do you really think an extra 1000 fans is going to make a difference. We obviously wasn’t guna sell them. Looks better on tv and more money for the club. Jeez some people.
  5. Bruce has to step in at one point just to let the journos know he knew what the situation was. Bruce looked embarrassed at one point.
  6. I seen somebody post it might be wrong. I hope I am.
  7. Monday night? Interesting
  8. Would love him here today but not going to happen.
  9. Jesus Westwood hasn't played since god was a lad he isn't match fit. Wtf
  10. Obviously bullen doesent have a say on things
  11. I can see Norwich putting a bid in for Rhodes maybe January if he carries on scoring. Decent price maybe not what we paid boro for him but at least it's something and wages off the bill.
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