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  1. You think today’s starting 11 will be an indication for next sat?
  2. Good insight into training at middlewood on YouTube.
  3. With rumours of megson been there the other night taking notes doesn’t bode well.
  4. I’m stunned there has been no statement from either club. Has he even resigned?
  5. Absolutely furious with Bruce’s comments regarding waiting for clubs to come to a compromise. He has to go now.
  6. Surely now Bruce has spoken we need a statement from DC.
  7. For what it’s worth the whole squad including management just come through airport except Bruce.
  8. Anyone been here before? Anywhere to go for a drink in or out of the ground?
  9. Young nephew bugging me
  10. Tbh I was expecting it.
  11. Cheers pal finally a bit of sense.
  12. Just after a bit of help I’m flying out to Portugal tomorrow and was wondering if anyone had any information on we’re the players train and if there is a chance to meet them? Cheers
  13. Anyone reckon they will have an open training session with the fans?
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