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  1. Genuine question if we do get a point deduction how does it affect the financial situation? Are we then allowed to start spending again? Not quite sure how it all works.
  2. Of Wednesday fans thinking they know what’s best for club. We’re going through a poo time and yes it hurts but all this hutch/Westwood is boring. We had our chance and blown it is it really worth having hundreds of topics about absolute poo ? Our time will come again god knows when that will be but it will. I know I will get hammered but seriously come on look around ya you surely have more important things to worry about.
  3. Haha it’s easy you either do or you don’t yes it’s poo at the minute but everyone moaning on a forum isn’t guna change poo. The morons I’ve heard on different topics is a joke. 2/3 wins on trot and it’s wee wee the league we’re as fans are an embarrassment. Get a grip there is more to life than SW.
  4. Jeez he looks like he’s about to start crying. I’m gutted I really am with what’s happening. When he got asked the question are the players trying and he couldn’t say yes due to them maybe not been here next season makes my blood boil.
  5. Haha 4 minute video of a training sesh and we’re calling them out for not trying. Jeez it really is bad.
  6. Just looking at our fixtures showed it Thursday you may be right thou probably change.
  7. Not sure if been mentioned but showing that it’s to be played on the Thursday.
  8. Yep I basically said that in my post.
  9. After Leeds there is 9 winnable games to go at. I know we’ve lost the last 3 against mediocre teams but hopefully our blip has happened and we can push on again. Still only 4 points(unbelievably) off 3rd and some new signings will give us a lift.
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