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  1. When the news that JJ was injured before the Rochdale game was leaked GM went mad and rightly so. With a number of players using Twitter and other social networking sites and coupled with how easily it is to access these players posts can this not be taken advantage of. For example... On the Fri evening @Danny_Batth posts on Twitter that JJ is still not close to returning and that Ryan Lowe will be out for up to 2 weeks. The opposition get hold of this and plan their tactics accordingly. When the teams are announced before kick off on the Saturday afternoon, BANG, JJ and Lowe in the starting 11... The idea probably has flaws by my own admission so don't rip me to pieces but was just something that crossed my mind...
  2. In 1985 at the age of 11 I walked down to Hillsborough with my Dad at 4am to queue for tickets to see us play Liverpool in the Milk Cup. No one else turned up until 7:30. WTF was that all about Pops...
  3. Remember the song but can't say for certain it was same but very possible...
  4. At home to Colchester last season I put Little Turfs her first ever bet on. She had a quid on Wed winning 2-1 at 13/2. 89th minute and Colchester scored to make it 2-1 and she went effing mental on the Kop. She won £7.50 and the cheeky bugger even kept my quid stake. Not strange or hilarious I know, but kinda cute...
  5. And then there was this one time, at band camp... (I just couldn't resist it)
  6. Just thought of another... End of 92/93 when we visited Palace on last day of season and were still in with a remote chance of the title. Behind home end was a Morrisons and all the Owls fans spent a chunk of the match chanting "Meadowhall" Very surreal and effing funny... Anyone remember it?
  7. At half time in the match against Notts County in the early 90's I treat myself to a pie. Luckily the lid came off as I picked it up off the counter to reveal 3 or 4 green furry patches. When I pointed it out to the lad serving he looked at me with some bewilderment as though a possible dose of dysentry was a freebie and a bonus. Had visions of him using it as a selling point for future sales."Free case of the s***s with every pie". When I asked for a replacement the look on his face was priceless. You would have thought I had invited him to have s*x with my mother while my dad watched. Notts County pie seller...sort it out fella
  8. @ Bournemouth Owl Good one Bullits. Kim Olsen, 6' 6' or whatever and only 5' when jumping for a header...
  9. Great stories lads and much appreciated Not sure where the hell I got George from but glad it was enough to ring a few bells Sounds like a bit of a V****e J***s kind of player. Anyone else able to chip in.
  10. My girlfriend and I have have recently found out that her great uncle George R Henry played for the Owls between the seasons 1949/50 and 51/52. Having looked in the record books we know that during this time he made 40 appearances, scoring 7 times. There is also a Wikipedia page for him which gives a few more details as to other clubs he turned out for but not much else. We are also aware that after retiring from football he ran a pub in Huddersfield but that is about it. My Dad does can recall him playing as a central midfielder but was only around 10 at the time so not much else. We were hoping that some members of Owlstalk may be old enough to remember him or that they have parents or grandparents that they could mention his name to and see if the recollect him. We would love to find out a bit more about him. Any memories of 30 yard screamers, good games or even bad games would be gratefully read. It would be nice to be able to pass any details on to her family members plus it would help keep me in the good books with her parents, always a bonus :wink: Likewise if anyone happens to have an old team or player photo of him it would be great to be able to get a copy. I did see a thread on here asking for pics from pre 1930 which led me to believe they already had some from the seasons he was playing. However, I was waiting for my account to be validated and the thread has since disappeared. Many thanks in anticipation of some memories...UTO & WTID
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