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  1. Easily good enough for us when played in his proper position. Coke is a good league 1 player and i for one think Bury have done very well to even get him on loan from us. See it benefiting both him and the club and even us as we will get a match fit Coke back who will hopefully have proved to Megson that he can play attacking midfield.
  2. In the two games he has played so far in is quest to catch up his pre season he has again been played defensively allowing the Ginger Kaka ????? to break from midfield. I hope against Bradford Megson plays Coke in an attacking central midfield role and im sure we ll see the Coke that started the season so well playing in his correct position.
  3. Laughable. So now because you evidently dont like the kid your saying hes not good on the ball. hahahaahaha.
  4. +1 from me. I think the problem Coke has is getting gametime in his locker to be able to push Semedo and Prutton for a Cm position. The other problem for him is Megson clearly sets up with 2 holding midfielders who are programmed to not get forward and to protect the back 4. I think Coke can do this role as he did well at Motherwell but I think his best attribute is driving through the middle with the ball. Something that no one in our squad does bar JJ from a wide position.
  5. I would go with: O Donnell Semi Baath Reda Reynolds Palmer Coke O Connor Uchechi Madine Play Coke in an attacking role and O Connor and Palmer behind him.
  6. Coke Palmer Uchechi all more attacking. So confused by the bench on saturday
  7. That might be the case if JJ had been asked to play in a position which was new to him. Coke was generally on as you say it when played consistently in his position. Put him breaking forward from the middle and i dont think there s a better player in lg 1 doing this.
  8. Absolute rubbish. Over rated cm. Pretty sure when he s played there hes brought a creative attack minded box to box midfielder we ve been missing for yeats.
  9. And out of interest Lines is not a goal threat from the wing since most his goals in his one good season were coincedentally scored with his head from hughes corners at Rovers whilst Cokes goals come from outside the area
  10. True but Megson seems an honest guy and if someone is not performing then it doesnt matter who signed them. Coke is better than Lines FACT.
  11. On what basis. Last 2 games Semedo has been poor although outstanding today. Prutton superb first game of the season, however not done much since. Neither of them offer what Coke brings to the team through the middle.
  12. Just saw Lines handball on TV. What was he doing? Going nowhere. He got bailed out of jail today
  13. I agree its very funny about the Coke stuation. I too would love RS to ask Megson about this.
  14. Still seen nothing from Lines to think he will become or is a better player than Coke. Or even more of a goal threat. Come on Gary what is wrong with Coke id love him to come out and say whats the deal with him.
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