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  1. Sheffield Wednesday - V - Aston Villa OMDT

    Well, the last ref. I saw has bad as that, was back in the seventies when we lost 1 - 0 to Sunderland, that's how bad this guy was....... Admittedly, we have to defend better, but if this guy hasn't been given Baksheesh by Villa, I'll eat my knackers..... The club needs to report this ref. they have a video of the match, I know it doesn't change the result, but it makes damn sure that ref. has to answer some awkward questions..
  2. Yeah, gave the third goal away, but at least Hirsty scored!!!
  3. HURRAH!!!!! I've been saying all along that this needed to happen, that freezing him out was stupid.... so thank goodness for some common sense at last! Makes you wonder if this is the reason Jos played no strikers at Millwall, to nudge people in the right direction, by emphasising our lack of firepower?
  4. Young George

    Exactly!!! This is my problem with the entire mess surrounding this issue....... In some ways, the contract George Hirst has been offered is somewhat irrelevant, and so is his refusal to agree to the offer.... That is between him and the club. BUT, what I want to know is, who the hell at the club thinks that freezing him out of playing squads is a good idea, because he won't sign the contract? I'd love to know the answer to that because it's an absolutely garbage idea!!! It's no good for the player, and more importantly, it's no good for the club!! This "policy" needs changing...... fast!
  5. 100% this ^^^^^^^^ Short to medium term, he's done an awful lot of damage to the club, and I can't forgive him for that, despite us nearly getting promotion.
  6. Adam Reach "Forget about Carlos"

    Agreed, I'd love to see a hostile atmosphere, put them and Carlos on the back foot... And I'll add, not because I "hate" Carlos, I simply want us to win the game.
  7. Sean Clare

    Exactly, it's not about what he's been offered, it's that he's been frozen out for refusing to sign. (Exactly like George Hirst) Utterly bizarre and quite bullying from the club if true, they really need to stop doing this, it's not in the CLUB'S best interests never mind the player...... I'd like to know who's responsible for this....
  8. VIDEO - how is this a sending off?

    Looks like their guy attempted to head butt Matias, I can't see anything wrong from Matias... shocking decision from the ref.
  9. George Hirst

    Exactly this ^^^ Regardless the money/contract disagreements between the 2 parties, the club would still be better biting the bullet and NOT freezing GH out....... I'm not saying GH (or his agents or his dad) is right to demand huge swathes of money (if indeed this is the case, we don't know for sure) but even if he has, big picture here, it's better for the club if he keeps on playing/training or goes out on loan for the remainder of his contract, that way his sale value goes up, assuming he keeps banging the goals in....... The current situation being as it is, SWFC are effectively cutting their throat to spite their stomach, and it's this that annoys me more than anything about this bizarre situation. I know DC has sent letters to GH and his reps. requesting a meeting to resolve, but a better step forward by the club would be to allow GH back in training, and then talk...... Big picture, if he won't sign, keep his sale value up, don't let it get personal, which it appears to have.
  10. It turns out Messi's got the same problem!!!!
  11. Yep, that's pretty much my take on it, DC said for sure that ultimately he has to sanction any deal. The other bit wasn't that clear, but I also "believe" he confirmed that JL will have the final say about the player..... However, that doesn't answer how said player will be identified...... I don't suppose it matters as long as the manager is honest about the player, ie. if the player is pants and not good enough/suitable for the squad, JL says so, and doesn't kiss up.
  12. The final straw

    I think this is bang on, and the impression we're getting is that DC likes "yes men" and is quite impressionable... not a good quality in a businessman, and hence my concerns. "Yes men" very rarely do what's best for the business, and do what's best for them ie. kissing up. I've seen it happen all to often in my work experience, and it never turns out well... Let's hope he DOES learn so we can move forward.
  13. The final straw

    Out of order that. Anyone, including yourself, is entitled to an opinion. Argue the points he makes, don't attack the poster.
  14. I don't know mate, I'm just speculating... for me something doesn't add up... one thing is for sure we were poo today!