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  1. The Italian Stallion

    Blame the Fans ...

    I heard on Radio Sheffield this morning, that Jos has said that fans expectations are way too high and we shouldn't expect promotion or play-offs....... I certainly don't expect that, and I don't think a lot of the fan base expect that! What we expect is the odd good performance and a few decent results, not the garbage that is currently being served up! Continue like this and we're down, simple as that. We shall see later but Jos's comments I think point in the direction tonight's forum is going to go from the DC point of view...... It's the fans fault that our expectations are too high, and hence this is putting too much pressure on the team. So, I don;t think we're going to get what you're asking for Mr. F. although, I agree, that's what we really need to hear.
  2. The Italian Stallion

    Come on then Mr Chansiri

    My answers in bold
  3. The Italian Stallion

    A plea to our fans

    Because, in my opinion, he was fibbing to detract attention away from his failings. Classic defensive/turnaround move of a person under pressure. Politicians do it all the time. Just to concur with one or 2 others, I'm on both Twitter and Facebook myself, and I haven't seen any threats or abuse in that direction.......
  4. The Italian Stallion

    Man City at home 2002...

    Yeah, I remember the Newcastle game, leppings lane looked chocca that day, fantastic support from the Geordies but we stuffed them 4 - 2. I think Keegan was their manager at the time.... Yep, and I was at the 2 matches in the 70's where Man. Utd. fans in that match and Villa supporters in that one were on the kop. I don't know whether the Police put them there because there were just so many of them, or they just went on there, but for both of those games, the away fans virtually filled the kop. And there were some away supporters on the Lepp as well! Talk about outnumbered!! I honestly couldn't say how many away fans were at both those games, but as a 12 year old it was scary to see!!!
  5. The Italian Stallion

    Suggestions for the #SWFC Steering Committee

    I agree, it's a good idea, but I don't think his ego will allow for this. He comes across as a man who doesn't value other's opinion's, and its his way or the highway. That's never been the best way to run a business.
  6. The Italian Stallion

    Westwood no longer training with first team

    Assuming this is true, then this is a shocking state of affairs........ For me, it doesn't matter whether Westwood has done something / said something wrong or not, freezing players out of the 1st team squad is not the answer to any transfer or disciplinary issues. If he's in bother for something, fine him, make him do extra training, christ it's not difficult!! If he's on the transfer list, play him!! It's all ifs and buts at the moment, but I wouldn't be surprised if he has been frozen out, it's a bit of a recurring theme at the club.
  7. The Italian Stallion

    What's going on at #swfc?

    I would say, that this statement is intimating that morale in the squad is really low, 1) due to the clubs problems at the minute, and 2) certain players being left out of the team. All of these things can cause low moral, it happens in a normal place of work, not just football clubs. I honestly don't think that this is Jos's fault, it's what's going on behind the scenes that is causing all this, and I don't think Jos is leaving Westwood and Jones out because he thinks that's the right thing to do, I think he's had his orders...... I could be wrong, but this is in keeping with how players have been treated by the club in the recent past. A recurring theme, if you like. How I feel about Jos's management skills? A different question of course, but he is p***ing in the wind at the moment, so I'll give him that for now, but he has got to motivate the players somehow...
  8. The Italian Stallion

    Perhaps if we had a strategy....

    I agree with you mate, this is exactly what the club should be doing, and I don't mind being patient if I can see some sort of forward planning, but I'm not seeing nothing to indicate there is any. The plan it seems by DC was to gamble on getting promotion by buying what was considered by him/his advisors/CC etc. to be the best players to achieve promotion. Nothing new in this, many have tried. But, this clearly hasn't worked, and because the club has now overspent and obviously didn't look at, or didn't worry about what might happen if the gamble failed, we are now in deep do-do. This for me, is the biggest mistake. Ok, our recruitment of players wasn't great either. It left a few weak areas in the team, but why the hell didn't we watch our spending, and/or have a plan B if we didn't get promotion? Even now, DC is saying we need to get promotion this year! With this squad and manager!! Absolutely no chance! Even if the results pick up a bit, we will not get promotion, we're not good enough as a team. It will take us up to 24 months to recover from this position, and with the results on the pitch so far not being too good, this will only add pressure to this poor position. There are numerous other things at the club that aren't right at the moment as well, eg the treatment of some of the players / players being froze out of the team etc. this doesn't lead to a happy dressing room either, hence poor results...... I don't want to be negative, but all I see is negative, the club is a mess right now I'm sorry to say.
  9. The Italian Stallion

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Bang on the money. No problem with selling him, but either sell him or play him. He's currently our best keeper, so play him until he's gone, and let's stop with the player fallouts Mr. C. Please!
  10. The Italian Stallion

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    I was just thinking that myself, it appears to be a recurring theme.
  11. The Italian Stallion

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Agreed. It seems like he's been "frozen out"...... a bit of a recurring theme this, and NOT the way to carry on as a football club. Utterly bizarre if this is the case. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  12. Well said that man! Post of the thread.
  13. Exactly. It's going to be basically down to one persons word against another. I know there will be evidence from the both sets of players, but I think we can predict what they are going to say, so it's going to be difficult to draw any solid conclusions from that. If FF denies the allegations, and his team mates back him up, I don't see how the charge can stick. If the club are getting behind him, it would appear that FF has denied the accusations, so we shall see. Presumably the ref. didn't hear anything, if he had, it would be cut and dried, and FF would have been charged already. I may be wrong, but my personal opinion is that they're trying to draw attention away from the violent behaviour of some of their players. I'm not saying ours were totally innocent but the reaction from them, was totally OTT. Counter charge Wednesday!!
  14. The Italian Stallion

    Winnall looking forward to a fresh start

    I'm honestly looking forward to see what Jos can get out of him, it's a fresh start for all concerned. There's no point in getting on the players back, none of us know what really went on last year. IF SW has got a "bad attitude" Jos will sort him, one way or the other.
  15. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I'd disagree there, my reasoning being that if the club has less money, it's less money for new players or higher paid contracts. I know ultimately it's Mr. Chansiri's money, but we all lose to a degree.