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  1. The Italian Stallion

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    Bang on the money. No problem with selling him, but either sell him or play him. He's currently our best keeper, so play him until he's gone, and let's stop with the player fallouts Mr. C. Please!
  2. The Italian Stallion

    Westwood is 3rd choice - Official

    I was just thinking that myself, it appears to be a recurring theme.
  3. The Italian Stallion

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Agreed. It seems like he's been "frozen out"...... a bit of a recurring theme this, and NOT the way to carry on as a football club. Utterly bizarre if this is the case. I sincerely hope I'm wrong.
  4. Well said that man! Post of the thread.
  5. Exactly. It's going to be basically down to one persons word against another. I know there will be evidence from the both sets of players, but I think we can predict what they are going to say, so it's going to be difficult to draw any solid conclusions from that. If FF denies the allegations, and his team mates back him up, I don't see how the charge can stick. If the club are getting behind him, it would appear that FF has denied the accusations, so we shall see. Presumably the ref. didn't hear anything, if he had, it would be cut and dried, and FF would have been charged already. I may be wrong, but my personal opinion is that they're trying to draw attention away from the violent behaviour of some of their players. I'm not saying ours were totally innocent but the reaction from them, was totally OTT. Counter charge Wednesday!!
  6. The Italian Stallion

    Winnall looking forward to a fresh start

    I'm honestly looking forward to see what Jos can get out of him, it's a fresh start for all concerned. There's no point in getting on the players back, none of us know what really went on last year. IF SW has got a "bad attitude" Jos will sort him, one way or the other.
  7. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I'd disagree there, my reasoning being that if the club has less money, it's less money for new players or higher paid contracts. I know ultimately it's Mr. Chansiri's money, but we all lose to a degree.
  8. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I get that, and in time I'll feel a little less "cheated" I'm sure.
  9. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Exactly. Nail on head. Even if GH had been moved on, then the club would have got some money for him, and there wouldn't be this huge feeling of resentment towards the Hirsts. At the risk of repeating myself by getting at the chairman, they've done all of us really, and I'll find it hard to forgive them for that, even though, they probably didn't mean to hurt the fans.
  10. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Sadly I agree. Let's hope he has learned the lesson now, and Let Katrien do her job.
  11. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    They might see it that way, but by hitting the chairman, they hit the club and the fans......and that's one of the problems I have with all of this. I'm not going to spew vitriol, but this hurts. It all seemed to degenerate when Wednesday turned down that offer from a Premier League club, it looks like the pound signs lit up in GH's advisers eyes, and that's when they started looking for ridiculous money for an unproven talent at Championship level. I think this is where DC made a mistake, I honestly think when it became obvious that GH wasn't going to sign a new contract, they should have let him go, but it became *** for tat, GH wouldn't sign, Wednesday froze him out of teams etc. and the rest is history. It became personal, in other words. Very sad, and it's tarnished the Hirst's name (and Pearson) for a lot of the fans, and Mr. C. needs to learn fast how to deal with players. Hopefully he's learned his lesson now, so we can all move on from this sad episode.
  12. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    Legally, no they haven't, I agree. Morally though, yes and it stinks. Let's hope Mr. Chansiri has learned a lesson here, he really needs to be a bit more streetwise, even with ex-players.......
  13. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    I've not got a grudge because he's moved on, it's the way it's been done that I have issues with..... SWFC have been shafted for money and it looks like 2 of our ex players have played a part in it. A very sad state of affairs. The thing is, it impacts on you and me and all Wednesday fans, not just the club, less money = less transfer money etc. so in doing the club, in a roundabout way, they've done all of us.
  14. The Italian Stallion

    BREAKING - George Hirst Gone

    You're possibly right, I myself had issues with the decision to exclude GH from the u23 and u18 teams, but by screwing over the club like this (Pearson and Hirst Snr.) to avoid compo. being paid, they're not just getting at Chansiri, it's going to effect us, the ordinary fans, (in terms of monies available to the club for new players etc.) and for that I will never forgive either of those 2 for this. They can f*** right off.
  15. The Italian Stallion

    The Sam Winnalll situation

    Good point... we only actually know what Carlos told us...... and that doesn't mean that those words were true.... any ITK's out there?