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  1. The Italian Stallion

    Will we see #SWFC vs SWANSEA next season?

    You're right, he is a clever bloke I'm sure, and he's earned himself a lot of money whilst he's been in England. However, earning a lot of money doesn't necessarily make him a good coach...... It just means he's clever enough to earn a lot of money. I certainly don't think he's a "clown", but deep down, in football terms, he's a bottler..... He always reverts to type, (ie defensive and more importantly, INEFFECTIVE football) after having a good start playing attacking football with the players at his disposal. It's just the way he is, and his methods haven't changed since he first managed a football club. I do blame him for this, Wednesday's tactics against Huddersfield in last Season's play-offs were nothing short of ridiculous, and let's be 100% honest, we could see that coming.... Despite our 4th place in the league, there had been performance issues all season, and bizarre team selections..... Ultimately, the finger has to be pointed at DC, for not seeing what was happening soon enough. We can only hope that realisation has sunk in with him. I do suspect it has now, and I'm quietly confident we can move forward with Jos.
  2. The Italian Stallion

    Rate the season

    I would say a 5/10 for this season. Below 5 for not letting Carlos go at the end of last season, and then after that, because he stayed, we had the injury crisis, and the awful form that came with that....... But, above 5 for DC setting on Jos, and finally we look like a team that can do something again.... All averaging out at 5 ish. It's been a hard lesson this season, but one I think DC has learned from, and I honestly think we'll do much better next season.
  3. The Italian Stallion

    Preslav Borukov

    Hence why it is extremely stupid of Wednesday to freeze George Hirst out of the first team, these occasions can always arise.......
  4. I don't have an issue with him moving, good luck to him. I don't like Man Utd. like most of us on here, but they are a big club, and you couldn't blame him for wanting to play for them. I do have issues with the way the club have handled this though, freezing him out of the first team when we were so badly hit by injuries is absolutely beyond stupid, whatever the contract arguments were/are, and that is my main gripe tbh.
  5. The Italian Stallion

    Almen Abdi

    I'll defend his actual signing... At the time of his signing, most of us thought that he would rip the Championship a new one, so the potential for that signing was great. He had been a brilliant player for Watford in the Premiership. However, it hasn't worked out here for whatever reasons.... It does appear as if he is taking the Michael with some of these injuries, he doesn't look bothered when playing for the under 23's, so it's actually difficult to defend him since that signing..... It's a great shame really, and a waste of money, but these things happen, we're not the only club to be hit with this kind of problem.
  6. That's what I thought, and rightly so....
  7. The Italian Stallion

    The Weigh in for tonight’s heavyweight contest

    Yeah, but does she do a turn?
  8. The Italian Stallion

    Starting to look obvious why DC brought KM in

    Any idea why SH isn't being picked? Is it down to Jos or something else?
  9. The Italian Stallion

    When did you fall in love with our club?

    Blimey Lee, some time ago that's for sure! 1970 I think, my grandad, who had been a lifelong wednesdayite took me to my first match at home to Carlisle in the old second division, which we won 3 - 0 My grandad was delighted, next match we went to, they lost of course
  10. The Italian Stallion

    Racism in English football

    I'm sorry, that last part I have highlighted for you is wrong. Reports of racism have gone up since Brexit. There is a lot of difference between reports, and actual occurrences.. Look, let's be clear, racism is a very bad thing, but let's not use it for political gainsaying as it demeans its value. "National newspapers perpetuate racism every single day" - I don't think so, if this were the case these newspapers would get closed down. I repeat, let's not over egg it, it devalues occurrences of actual racism, which DO need stamping out.
  11. The Italian Stallion

    Racism in English football

    You're right... most of us have been brought up to know that racism is a really bad thing, so most folk aren't racist.... there are laws that can get you arrested now for being overtly racist, BUT, this will not stop people thinking these nasty things. I would like to bet that the percentage of the populace that most would label "racist" is not much less now than it was back in the seventies. it's just back then it was overt and you wouldn't get arrested for it, whereas now, because of these newer laws, these people are hidden from view most of the time. I'm afraid to say that racism, even if hidden, will remain with us for a long time, because it's a potential in our nature as human beings unfortunately. Making it illegal won't and hasn't made it disappear totally.
  12. Well, that's absolutely crazy..... the club are literally cutting their throat to spite their stomach. Bizarre and what a shambles.
  13. The Italian Stallion

    Sheffield Wednesday Steering Group this week

    I understand that, and I must admit, I've been to these sort of meetings before, (not SWFC) and sometimes with the ego's present, it's difficult getting rational points across... too much politics in other words, so I don't blame you. Haha..... bourbons are nice, that's for sure
  14. The Italian Stallion

    Sheffield Wednesday Steering Group this week

    Neil, I don't know you, but you do come across as sensible and balanced most of the time, so for what it's worth, I think you ought to go. I'm not being a creep here by the way! In any event, the first question that is not too controversial and shouldn't upset people too much that I'd want asking, is are we getting blue and white stripes shirts, with black shorts back next season? Perhaps a relatively minor thing in the grand scheme of things, but it does mean a lot to the fans, and if Mr. C, truly cares about us, then a positive gesture or response in that direction would be great. Cheers!
  15. The Italian Stallion

    The Chairman : here's my thoughts

    Well for what it's worth, here's my ten-penneth...... I think most of us are agreed that the current shirt designs HAVE to go, and next season we go back to blue and white stripes, and black shorts for the home kit...oh, and change that bloody crest! The away kit design, I think the club should ask the fans what kit colours/design they want. Offer half a dozen alternatives, and have a vote on it.. The winner is the away kit for that season.. Obviously, this needs to be done early enough so that the kits can be made in time for the start of the new season, at the very latest. It makes absolute sales and marketing sense to do this, and just takes a bit of forethought to do. The club could even ask fans for suggestions on kit design....... I don't think there's anything outrageous there..... Ask fans what they want to see in the club shop, it's not difficult to get a poll out there, asking these type of questions. The club shop in my opinion needs to be run far better than it currently is. Shirts to be available ON TIME and in enough numbers to satisfy demand. They have the previous years numbers, so they can or should be able to estimate what they will sell. This isn't difficult, I truly scratch my head as to why there is always some issue surrounding shirts. It's bizarre, but year on year, they're either not ready, or out of stock, or some other excuse is produced for none-availability. Not good enough, definitely needs improving, and moving forward, seen to be improving, and NO MORE lame excuses. Supporters will spend more if the goods are available, AND on time. I don't think the clubs merchandising needs a second shop in town to be honest, more emphasis should be placed on ordering goods online. I know you already can, but they need to offer discounts for buying online, discounts for members etc. and actively promoting the online shop. This has got to be the way forward for the club, it is so much cheaper to run an online shop than a real world shop, which is why so many companies do this. Executive boxes...... starting with next season's matches, offer them at a discount price to get them sold up, and then a slow increase in price year on year, at a sustainable rate... again, not difficult, and with more corporate attendees, come more contacts with money to spend..... not rocket science... stop with the aggressive pricing policy in this area and the 1867 club. Get people interested first! POTG prices, to come down next season, but obviously not down to the season ticket level. In the short term, for the last few home games, bring the POTG price down to £20 per adult and £1 a kid. As far as transfers go, some of the high wage earners who aren't performing have to go this summer...... and replaced with promising young players who we can bring on and improve further..... I don't know if this hasn't been the case, but football/on the pitch matters should be left to those who know the game best, and their advice should be heeded, NOT ignored because of club politics or ego or anything else that stops the club from moving forward. I actually think that Mr. Chansiri should step back a bit from the club, and run the club like a business, set people on to do their jobs, let those people do their jobs, and only step in if they fail..... That and money transactions are the only time he should be involved. He can still support the club and have an emotional connection to it, but he HAS to put that to one side in business matters. One get's the impression that this isn't the case at the moment, and he is too close to it to make wise decisions. He's thinking with his heart, not his head in other words. I may be wrong of course, it's just my opinion.