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  1. I’m working til 7 tomorrow night and can’t get out of it is it possible to watch the whole match on anything fire stick etc when I get home from work ????? I can’t record it
  2. So where are all the away fans today I’m in centre of Birmingham on my own !!!!!!
  3. Keep missing out looking 2 for me and my son heading to Birmingham to see family trying to get to the game HELP
  4. We’re are all the wednesdayites heading for a wee sherbet before the Villa match on the 4th Nov ?
  5. Anyone know how to watch the match tomorrow on ifollow I take it it has to be streamed from America Does anyone know how to do it I’m in Belfast
  6. I’m going to Birmingham on Friday 3rd nov is there any spare tickets for the match for me and my son coming from Belfast
  7. Hi Linzi


    did you have any luck with the tickets for villa away ? 

    1. NornIronOwl



      i know you think I’m probably torturing you but I keep missing out on tickets lol can you get back to ASAP thanks 

  8. Are they still available will pay now thru Paypal coming from Belfast
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