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  1. With Jos talking about starting Fessi and Matias, I would love to see them both start together tonight and just go for the jugular straight from the off. We’ve got nothing to lose really cause we ain’t going down and it’s about time took the handbrake off and went for the kill straight from the start. Can’t see much tracking back from the pair of them though!!!
  2. Fox is absolutely garbage, always has been and always will be. He was a shocking signing and faster we get shot of him the better, end of.
  3. Knowing our luck we’ll probably end up getting f**k all and he’ll become a world beater!!!
  4. When Hirst leaves at the end of the season, aren’t we due a few mil in compo? I’m sure it was said when we rejected the 2 mil for him that we’d get more in compo if he left at the end of the season.
  5. I work with some Bolton fans and they reckon they’ve got a £4K a week wage cap so there ain’t no way they’re signing Rhodes on 40k + a week, unless it’s a loan and we pay 36k of his wage!! sounds like a deal we’d make though!!!
  6. He’s absolutely garbage and only just behind Butterfield for worst player at the club.
  7. Thanks for clearing that up, what was I thinking in criticising Butterfield when he’s done so much for us!
  8. We may as well play with 10 men cause Buttercrap offers absolutely nothing, he’s been an absolute disgrace since he came here and doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the first team.
  9. I’m hoping that Jones isn’t playing CB again and we’re using fox as the LCB and Boyd as the LWB. Butterfield though, Jesus no!!!!
  10. Loovens??? Jesus no, he’s had his day. Don’t rate fletcher either
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