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  1. Clueless Carlos

    I had the same reaction. If both sides had converted 100% of their shots on target we'd have lost 8-2.
  2. I was just pointing out that blue and white being common to every strip is a fact. It's not something you can dispute. It's also a fact that stripes is not common to every strip. I'm not the one fixating on a vertical stripe being essential to our identity.
  3. Not sure our identity is defined by a shirt design, but if you want to go down that route then the common theme for ALL our kits is that they feature blue and white. There are a number of strips that are not vertical stripes. You can ignore that fact if you wish, but vertical stripes is the predominant feature over time rather than the defining feature.
  4. Uncalled for. It's a little hypocritical to berate DC for his blinkered approach to fans opinion, and then demonstrate the same approach to others who may have a different view to your own.
  5. Particularly in light of this: "As a footnote, Sheffield Wednesday hosted such meetings long before they became regulated by the EFL following government intervention. The requirement stipulates two meetings per year - we deliver meetings on an average quarterly basis." So there is an EFL stipulation that (at least) two meetings per year must be held....but it's not official?
  6. Most people rely on spell checkers for their proofing these days. Usually with English (United States) as the default.
  7. Some really good ideas there. Note that it's for junior football, so will apply for really young kids on the whole. Can't see the silent sideline rule being observed though!
  8. Phil parkinson

    I wasn't disagreeing with you. I was just saying that the most basic idea of defending at full back is to show the player inside so you don't get beaten one-on-one. It doesn't require any thought about who you're facing or what their strongest foot may be. It points to a lack of...something (skill, intelligence, coaching, confidence, preparation, maybe all of the above).
  9. Phil parkinson

    Showing a player inside is already as basic as you can get defensively. It's the standard approach to funnel an attacking player into an area where you have more cover defensively, rather than risk being isolated one-on-one down the outside. For the goal the unfortunate thing was that Jones was the cover... I'm not sure saying Reach is vulnerable at full back is any great insight on Parkinson's part, and it's not necessarily a Reach thing - we seem to have been vulnerable at full back for most of the past 3 seasons; either through lack of quality in the position or style of play, or a combination of the two.
  10. Jake Kean

    In general I completely agree that our recruitment overall has left a lot to be desired. I don't necessarily think there needs to be a public face to that recruitment though. What purpose does that serve other than have a figure for people to blame? Net result regardless is that the players have been signed by the club. The head coach has been recruited to get the most out of the players the club has recruited regardless of who had the final say. At the moment it seems to be convenient to say some variation of "Carlos didn't want X player" when it shouldn't make any difference whatsoever. Ultimately, what happens if we have answers to all these questions? Does it change anything? Carlos has said he has final say but plenty of people seem to be happy to disregard that. If the club says someone else has the final say likely many won't believe that either.
  11. Jake Kean

    Kean was signed as 3rd or 4th choice keeper to cover the 3rd or 4th choice keeper who left. It covers us if we have a bad run of injuries in that position with the loan rules being different now. It's nowhere near the head-scratching signing the people seem to want to make out. As for recruitment, why are we fixated on whether Carlos has final/any say in who signs? The logical way for a club to operate is to set the recruitment strategy outside the remit of the manager/head coach - this protects them from the inevitable turn over of players every time a new head coach comes in. Their role is then to get the best of the squad put in front of him (hence the term head coach, rather than manager). This is how it works in the majority of countries and Carlos would be well used to that having never coached in this country before. If Carlos says he has final say then we either take him at his word or we assume we've adopted the approach used in most places outside the UK. Either way, what does it matter? If the recruitment is bad it's still an issue for Carlos in the end as he'll lose his job, and the club as a whole as it won't be successful.
  12. Matias / Boyd

    This is the first time Carlos has managed in this country. So his whole managerial career prior to this job is in countries where the idea of a "manager" is a (to use the obvious pun) foreign concept. He will be totally comfortable with the idea of recruitment being done by the club as a whole whilst he's in charge of getting the best out of the players at his disposal. Whether he has greater responsibility here I don't know, but the idea that he would have some agenda against players he didn't personally sign is ludicrous.
  13. It looks like a Christmas card.
  14. Shirts

    Somewhere between Canberra and here. Let us know when you come across them.
  15. If I remember rightly from when Carlos was first appointed the point of having a large squad (or 2 per position) was to allow us to play a high tempo pressing game - as this was high intensity it meant that squad rotation was required to keep players fresh. So we have a prescribed way of playing and similar players to allow us to do like for like replacements based on fatigue levels. Which sounds great in theory. Except we don't really play like that anymore, we therefore don't rotate as much as we did (you can argue either way that's good or bad), and there's no flexibility to our approach as we have very few different options (lack of pace being the obvious one).