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  1. According to official teamsheet Iorfa isn't on the bench either, it's Hunt. Although BBC had Hunt listed, and have now changed to Iorfa. I doubt it's tactical either way.
  2. But possibly just carrying a knock given he was taken off at half time last game?
  3. He was taken off at half time against Brum. I assume that would only happen if he's injured. So him not starting here makes logical sense that he got a knock, had to come off, and now is being brought back cautiously.
  4. Didn't Iorfa go off injured last game? So they possibly don't want to risk putting him in from the start.
  5. I think the primary choice of colours being red and white could be a bit off-putting for most of our fans...
  6. So are most of the teams around us to be fair.
  7. There's a chance you're right, but it's pure speculation based on no observable facts. I don't believe any quotes exist from Bruce that would suggest any situation occurred other than Newcastle made an approach and he felt he had to give managing his boyhood team another go. So it's just made up, regardless of whether it's unpopular or otherwise.
  8. Yes. NFL have already settled a lawsuit relating to head injuries in the sport, and a number of changes have been made to the rules in recent years to reduce the likelihood of head injuries either happening in the first place, or being exacerbated by returning to the game (concussion protocol). They have also made a number of changes to the game at youth level, to try to protect kids from brain injuries.
  9. Well, yeah. But Nuhiu still didn't score.
  10. Seeing Rhodes, Nuhiu or Winnall in the starting 11 make me throw up a little in my mouth. However, with Rhodes I then think "maybe this is THE game". And it happened at Forest. My point being, with Rhodes there is the remote chance a game like Forest occurs. With Nuhiu or Winnall there is as close to no chance of that ever happening as you can get without it being zero chance.
  11. Apart from Fletcher our main options to play through the middle are Rhodes, Nuhiu, or Winnall - none of whom have been particularly successful for us. Given the outlay for Rhodes it would make sense that we try to get some return from the investment. Partnering him with Fletcher seems like the best chance we have of achieving that return.
  12. He's also the only one who can understand Bannan.
  13. Ridiculous. Look at someone like Gary Speed. Fabulous career at the top level, promising managerial career, appeared to have everything you would want from being a professional footballer. Didn't prevent mental health issues that ultimately led to him taking his own life. Money can solve many problems, but it also creates different ones. Anything can be a trigger for stress, anxiety and depression.
  14. As long as he doesn't put the profit in last year's accounts we'll be ok.
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