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  1. I think it's more a sign that the club is starting to see a return on the heavy investment that has been made in youth development since DC took over. Surely the ultimate aim of putting all that money into getting cat 2 status is to have a pipeline of players for either the first team or sale - much in the way it has been for many years on the other side of the city. That we have players worthy of the first team and longer term contracts (so much for the club only giving 1 year to youth players eh?) signals to me that the money spent is now paying off, rather than an indication that we're changing our overall strategy.
  2. Clare and Thorniley

    Abdi was 29 when we signed him, had been one of Watford's very best players when they were promoted 2 seasons earlier (playing 32 games) and then played another 32 games in the Premier League. His signing was seen as a coup for us at the time - the sort of attacking goal-scoring midfielder we were crying out for. Fletcher was also 29 when he signed him, and played 41 games in total for us last season. Hardly a crock. Don't let your skewed view of things rewrite history now.
  3. We did that with Fox, who is often criticised for not being up to the standard we require. Whilst I understand where you're coming from, recruitment is about getting the right players regardless of where from. There have been plenty of ex-Premier league players who have dropped down a level and done very well for their teams. Assuming they are all lacking hunger or desire is flawed logic.
  4. Jos Luhukay

    He'd worked his way up the divisions having success at each level. His record didn't suggest he would be THIS successful at United, but he was well regarded as a managerial prospect for a bigger job.
  5. Jos Luhukay

    Well that's going to make everyone happy...
  6. We are in a mess

    Whilst I understand where you're coming from, I don't believe they have any particular insight into the modern game and I certainly wouldn't see it as a forward step by the club if the idea was that these two would the primary source of advice for the chairman. Maybe in a capacity that served as a link between the club and fans, but nothing more.
  7. This type of activity is not restricted to our club, nor to Doyen.
  8. Because the other strategies have been working so well....

    Assists isn't a particularly informative stat when looking at how creative a player is, as it only registers if one scenario is true (a goal is scored). Chances created is better (but still flawed), as it's registered regardless of the outcome of that chance.
  10. Clueless Carlos

    I had the same reaction. If both sides had converted 100% of their shots on target we'd have lost 8-2.
  11. I was just pointing out that blue and white being common to every strip is a fact. It's not something you can dispute. It's also a fact that stripes is not common to every strip. I'm not the one fixating on a vertical stripe being essential to our identity.
  12. Not sure our identity is defined by a shirt design, but if you want to go down that route then the common theme for ALL our kits is that they feature blue and white. There are a number of strips that are not vertical stripes. You can ignore that fact if you wish, but vertical stripes is the predominant feature over time rather than the defining feature.
  13. Uncalled for. It's a little hypocritical to berate DC for his blinkered approach to fans opinion, and then demonstrate the same approach to others who may have a different view to your own.
  14. Particularly in light of this: "As a footnote, Sheffield Wednesday hosted such meetings long before they became regulated by the EFL following government intervention. The requirement stipulates two meetings per year - we deliver meetings on an average quarterly basis." So there is an EFL stipulation that (at least) two meetings per year must be held....but it's not official?
  15. Most people rely on spell checkers for their proofing these days. Usually with English (United States) as the default.