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  1. I mentioned the sale date. And blatant fiddle is probably assuming more than is officially known. Time will tell I guess. I never mentioned sponsors, and there are more blatant offenders than us in that regard (Man City and PSG like to bend the sponsorship rules for example). I haven't seen any indication that activity is being investigated or suggested as not complying with rules though?
  2. It's not just us. Derby and Reading have done the same thing. Selling the stadium isn't specifically against the rules (it was, and then the rules were changed to align with Premier League P&S rules and this loophole was created). What the EFL appear to be getting us with is a technicality around when the sale was registered with respect to when it was included in the accounts. I assume DC isn't an accountant. And he can't randomly make up accounts and submit them himself. So this whole thing would have to be signed off by a "proper" firm of accountants. If you dislike the slightly shady nature of the whole thing that's fine. But DC himself is doing what others have done, and is attempting any way he can of pumping as much money into the club as possible. Might all end in tears, but it's not akin to some dodgy owner asset stripping until it can't pay wages.
  3. DC doesn't just make stuff up and submit it as an official account. So any suggestion of false accounting would implicate the firm responsible for performing the audit. Which seems unlikely. We've maybe made a hash of trying to exploit the same loophole others have managed to do, and there is some aspect they can get us on more easily than other clubs? But from what has been reported so far we have done nothing explicitly wrong, even if we've gone against the spirit/intention of the P&S rules. I guess it depends on your view of the EFL rules and Chansiri himself who you feel deserves the most blame. Personally I don't think it reflects well on anyone involved, but the P&S rules are begging to be exploited given the disparity between income in EFL and PL.
  4. Borukov? Was on the bench for U23s today.
  5. this guy? http://www.mossleyweb.com/PlayerProfiles201819/JesurunProfile.html
  6. Any news on what the injury is? Edit: never mind, answered already.
  7. It's available via the Sky Sports app. It won't work on SkyGo.
  8. I assume it's Herries Road South as there are major issues there now since the diversion came into effect.
  9. I like the subliminal way you deliberately get his age wrong in every post.
  10. Yes, but if we move him we have to pay all we owe to Middlesbrough straight away, rather than the instalments we're currently paying (£2m per year over 4 years if the original reports were correct). From a FFP perspective that would have been suicide for us given how close we were to the edge.
  11. As far as I understand from what was reported before he went to Norwich, if we sell him (or give him away, as some are suggesting) then the full sum owed to Middlesbrough needs to be paid. At the moment we are paying instalments to lessen the impact on FFP. Moving him on for nothing would indeed save a chunk of wages, but if that means we have to immediately pay the balance we owe on the transfer fee then it could be a significant enough loss to tip us over the edge. Obviously that was all pre stadium sale, which may have changed the landscape completely.
  12. That's not the full argument though is it. Lingering around the Championship is not as good as getting promoted to the Premier League, but it's significantly better than getting relegated to League 1. And the "brand new players" could end up being worse than the ones we've let go (our track record of recruitment over the past 3-4 years is a little shaky). Failing to get us up isn't the only aspect of this, and there are obvious FFP ramifications for every player recruitment or contract renewal situation. Some of the players on that list will provide us with potentially more value than we could obtain through replacement.
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