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  1. I don't think that's what he's saying, it's maybe a little lost in translation. Rhodes had a track record until relatively recently before signing for us as being one of the best goalscorers seen in the Championship. Abdi had been instrumental in getting Watford promoted and had played regularly for them in their first season back in the EPL - on the face of it he was exactly the type of creative goal-scoring midfielder we needed. All he's saying is that people are quick to point to those two signings as expensive failures, and are now prime examples of why the club has declined. But at the time most (obviously not 100%) fans were excited by those signings and they could have easily been the missing pieces we needed to be successful. I don't think the overall strategy for recruitment has been good at all, but at the time I was very excited by both signings. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  2. They did. On Friday night. He was taking selfies with fans at the game and met with the players and staff. Can't see any way that our game will be going ahead. And it's a precursor to more widespread postponements.
  3. Monk has been quoted as saying that Da Cruz was a player he'd been tracking for a long time. So you can believe he didn't want him if you want to, but he's said outright that he did.
  4. Very little chance of cancellation. Worse case scenario is behind closed doors. Similar to what Italy are doing (and PSG v Dortmund in CL this week).
  5. Yes, the majority of us should be fine. But with a 2 week incubation period, no vaccine, and something that is highly contagious the only way to protect that 1% is quarantine and movement restrictions. Otherwise you're blithely going around saying "I'm fine, what's the fuss" while you infect a bunch of people who will suffer a serious illness, and possibly die. And that ignores the possibility of virus mutation.
  6. Yeah, and this is the problem. I checked his stats last night - think it was something like 8 passes and 0 tackles. I'm pretty sure he recorded 0 tackles in another game recently (Barnsley away maybe?). For the role he allegedly plays, I cannot understand how you go through a game with 0 tackles. Bannan had 3 last night ffs, even manged to win 1.
  7. tbh, there is some small hope there with that lineup. Only 1 through the middle allows Iorfa to run around filling in the gaps. And if we play Murphy and Forestieri out wide I think we can get around the sides of them at the back. They're not the best defensively, it's whether we can stem the flow enough to take advantage.
  8. Fletcher has been quoted as saying that Monk is the best manager he's worked with.
  9. The points deduction thing is the most concerning. Not the deduction itself (which I think a lot of us expect), but that the players have been told it's likely. We have a lot of players who aren't likely to be here next season, or have been told they are not in Monk's first team plans - knowing the playoffs is completely out of the question is bound to affect performance. The Championship is so tight that it only takes a small drop in performance to end up with the type of run we're on now. It could be a very anxious run in.
  10. According to official teamsheet Iorfa isn't on the bench either, it's Hunt. Although BBC had Hunt listed, and have now changed to Iorfa. I doubt it's tactical either way.
  11. But possibly just carrying a knock given he was taken off at half time last game?
  12. He was taken off at half time against Brum. I assume that would only happen if he's injured. So him not starting here makes logical sense that he got a knock, had to come off, and now is being brought back cautiously.
  13. Didn't Iorfa go off injured last game? So they possibly don't want to risk putting him in from the start.
  14. I think the primary choice of colours being red and white could be a bit off-putting for most of our fans...
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