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  1. He only resigned yesterday, bit harsh to say DC is dragging anything out here!
  2. Even someone with a plan has made that plan up. As they go.
  3. We get the ex manager of Lyon for nothing, while they pay 4m for Bruce. Now that would be some move by DC!
  4. You are quite right that none of us will ever (likely) know exactly what was discussed between Bruce and DC, so it's perfectly possible he arrived with a total understanding of the financial limitations, and was willing to work within them (for a number of reasons). And he's publicly made reference to Villa making good use of the loan market to drive their promotion efforts (see: Abraham, Tammy), and that he expected to do similar with us. So you're choosing to stick the boot in to the club for what purpose?
  5. Problem is whether we get a post-Bruce appointment right. No guarantee we go for someone (like Hughton) who would be considered on a similar level to Bruce.
  6. As long as it's not "Out of soft embargo by Wednesday (into full embargo), hector (signs for Fulham) by friday".
  7. This looks really good to me, certainly compared to the past two seasons. It looks like they have indeed listened to feedback, and acted on it.
  8. Understand the comparison, but Wood is a much better player (and was a much better prospect when he was younger). Wood had scored more goals at Championship level by the time he was 23 than Hugill has in his career (they are both the same age). That was before Wood hit his stride with Leeds and scored another 40 in 2 seasons.
  9. I've seen a lot of Hugill and you're a little optimistic about what he would offer. He's the sort of player you'd be happy to pick up on the cheap (or free) and get an unexpectedly good half a season out of. A bit like Leon Clarke. He was a bizarre signing for West Ham (I know many PNE fans, and they were all over the moon about Agent Moyes bringing them a windfall). Maybe Bruce can get more out of him, but there should be better (and likely cheaper) options out there for us.
  10. He's a bit like Nuhiu. More likely to score. Less likely to control the ball. Less attractive to the ladies.
  11. Rubbishing “stats” as a generalisation is laughable tbh.
  12. Any story that quotes Noel Whelan as a "Championship expert"... However, if our ground has indeed been sold then we have money to spend, and multi-millions on 22 year old graduates from top Premier League academies is where some of our original transfer spending should have been targeted. Onomah has got the talent to be a really good player. Whether he achieves that is a different matter, but I would be happy if this is an indicator of the type of business we're looking to do - buying young players to develop, with resale value, is the way to go.
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