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  1. Another Van Aken song thread

    Sacrilege to copy that tune, one of the great songs. And it still amazes me now that it's for a basketball game!

    New deal doesn't kick in until 2019-20 season. So there won't be any impact on the next window, no change to categories for midweek games next season, and hopefully no impact to us at all as we've already been promoted!

    https://twitter.com/SkySports_Keith/status/903315080527446017 "I understand Sunderland have THREE players arriving on Wearside for medicals this evening."
  4. Rhodes is at his best playing with a strike partner in a team that likes to get the ball down the sides and send crosses into the middle. He's got a terrific natural talent for heading the ball and great positional sense, but he needs service to thrive. He lacks pace at this level (it wasn't as evident in League One) so you don't want to be sending many through balls for him to chase as he won't win the race often. We haven't been able to get the best out of him, but that's probably not that much of a surprise given our style of play. We would have needed to change to accommodate his strengths, and we either can't or won't do it. That being said, if you look at his spell with us and the other team from round your area, he's not looked anything like the player he was with Blackburn - maybe that's not using him properly, or maybe he's not as good as he was...difficult to say for sure at the moment. Grayson got the best out of McGeady for PNE last year, something that we failed to do when we had him on loan the season before. I'd have some faith that he could do the same with Rhodes, and the best of Rhodes is top scorer in the Championship type of level.
  5. I've seen this mentioned a lot on here (not just in relation to Rhodes), and it's something that we seem to be fixated on in this country. The norm in most leagues around the world is not to have a "Manager" as we're used to, but a true "Head Coach" who is responsible for getting the most out of the players provided for him by the club's recruitment and youth policy. He may have some element of input into that recruitment, but not the final say. This makes sense in a lot of ways - it prevents the club having to try and turn over the entire playing staff every time a new head coach takes charge for example. It's therefore down to the club to employ the right scouts and analytics staff (and obviously the right head coach to get the team playing well). It shouldn't matter in the slightest whether Rhodes was someone Carlos was keen on signing or not - the club paid a lot of money for him and it's down to Carlos to get the most of him, as it is with all the players at his disposal. Based on Rhodes history in this league, Carlos isn't getting the most out of him. From the club's perspective I would hope there is dialogue between DC and Carlos to understand why their most expensive signing isn't performing. Then it's down to DC to decide on the best move to make: keep Rhodes and hope/expect things to change, sell Rhodes as he isn't the player the club thought he was, or replace Carlos if he believes a different head coach could do a better job with the current squad. Regardless I think we need to move away from the idea that Carlos has the majority say in player recruitment decisions. It's different to what we expect in this country from a "manager", but it's how Carlos would expect to work having never managed in England prior to us.
  6. I think the big thing will be the relative wages. Hanley will likely have had a huge wage increase moving to Newcastle, where he was dropped after playing poorly and then wasn't first choice for the second half of the season. It's quite possible we liked the look of him before that move, but his poor form and the necessity to pay him higher wages than we would have if we'd got him straight from Blackburn have now put us off. Not saying he won't be a good player for Norwich, but there are more red flags now than 12 months ago.
  7. Reach at Lb

    I saw him play quite a lot for PNE, yes - I live up that way and have mates with season tickets, so I often get chance to go to games when I'm not going to ours. Reaction of those same mates after seeing him for us on Saturday: "what have you done to Reach to make him look so terrible?". On a possibly related note, Grayson got the best out of McGeady last season - he was PNE player of the season. So it might be something that Grayson does differently that suited those players, even if it's just giving them a defined role and making them feel he believes in them as his first choice. Either way, Reach was really good for PNE as a wide midfielder and he hasn't shown (consistently) the same level of form for us.
  8. Reach at Lb

  9. Reach at Lb

    Funnily enough when he was on loan at PNE he looked terrific on the left wing, and touch/decision making/composure were all fine. So he was been a very promising winger in the recent past, and that should be his position going forward. I don't think there's anything at all to suggest his performances suffer under pressure, and none of us actually see him training.
  10. Scouting System Flawed?

    Just because a player is over 26 doesn't mean they're only in it for a last pay day, or that they can't improve the team. Although I would love us to go around hoovering up all the young talent we can find! I just think there are a lot of hoops to jump through between "scouting department identifies player" and "player signs". We have to bid an amount that not only is acceptable to us (for FFP for example) but is acceptable to the team in question, and then agree terms with the player that fit with our wage policy (whatever that policy is), and then hope that both the bid and wage terms are more than other clubs are prepared to offer. And that ignores whether the player himself actually wants to leave his current club to join us. So it's maybe not as simple as the scouting department isn't doing their job properly. Although, that is also possible.
  11. Scouting System Flawed?

    The scouting system doesn't pick the team or negotiate contracts. So maybe the scouting system is finding the right players, but the problem (I use that term loosely) is elsewhere? Or maybe it's just that we're being very particular about the type of player we want and we can't persuade either the team to part with them, or the player to join. It's not an exact science either way, we aren't the only team in the market for these players.
  12. He chose Bristol over staying at Villa, and you could argue quite strongly that Villa are a more attractive proposition than us at the moment.
  13. Baker had a previous season long loan spell at Bristol, and probably jumped at the chance of returning there as 1st choice. Even if we were in for him there's a good chance he chooses to go there ahead of us. We can't force people to sign for us, or accept bids that we submit. We aren't the only team who wants to sign these players.
  14. Kieran Lee

    Rubbish. Fitness alone didn't get Huddersfield promoted. Over the past couple of seasons we've salvaged games in the last 10 minutes a number of times. If we had such a shoddy fitness regime that kind of thing wouldn't be possible as it would affect the players every single game, not just in extra time of the playoff semi.
  15. U23s: Heroes to Zeroes?

    I think the club are being prudent about taking to Portugal youth players who may need to be involved with the first team early in the season if certain transfer dealings don't pan out. Suggesting that this implies a lack of trust (or investment) in their peers is spurious at best. There has clearly been a renewed focus on youth development in general, and I firmly believe the club see this as a key part of their long term strategy.