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  1. Forfeiting Saturdays match is a great idea...just say we didnt check the invite..less embarrasing.
  2. of course nobody wants us to be really relegated. but having this black cloud over us, both on and off the pitch, for 16 montns is not doing anyone any good...with no resolution in sight..a tiny bit of clarity might help.. the stress on saturday is going to be awful..in fact watching wednesday this season has been beyond awful.
  3. yea we were on the home end and still couldnt properly celebrate
  4. I said a couple of weeks ago that if it came down to the last day id just go for a walk and get my brother to text me.
  5. The littlle one is now singing 'the daddys on the bus says i feel sick'
  6. Im dissapointed he hasnt become the player that we all hoped he could be. He's meandered through this season by doing the minimum asked of him. He pretty much refuses to go into most challenges.
  7. Looks like it might have been a dirty protest against not getting paid.
  8. I was convinced it would be floated in to the penalty spot then headed away. Nobody expected a good shot did they??
  9. obviously no body wants us to go down over 15 months of watching this has left people exasperated and jaded ive reached my peak today its ******** draining the hope really does you in we need to have a clear plan going forward
  10. nervous and cautious literally no belief or bottle situations got to big for them
  11. weve been given about 15 chances to get out of this. blown all of them not sure what you need to be conviced we should be relegated look at it objectively.
  12. That chance near the end could have kept us up. Flicks his foot at it as if he playing with a balloon at a kids party.
  13. I usually give the players some slack.but he was truly abysmal today.
  14. Everything about that game summed our season up. Totally pathetic.
  15. Thing is.... We so don't deserve to be a championship club next season...for various reasons. I cant bear this nonsense going on any longer.
  16. Theres such a big skill gap between us and the teams were playing. We look like a league one team already nice forward thinking there from dc
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