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  1. ? I don't get it. Just because things were in the past it really does not make it 'better'..talk about nostalgia overload. Lancaster bombers flattened German cities and killed thousands of normal people. what the heck are people celebrating exactly? you still falling for the national thing?
  2. Just don't tell him were in League one till its too late.
  3. After the Wycombe game I was really pissed off after cos nobody would give the players any space to do a lap of honour. The Wednesday fans were singing get the b off the pitch. I did run on the pitch in 1991 when we beat Chelsea to get to the League Cup final. Got about 20 yards in, waved my hands then turned around and went back on the stand.
  4. Personally I don't understand the 'buzz' of running on the pitch....unless your a dog thats been let off the lead. Imagine grabbing the nets and getting your kids to climb on them. It really is s@@t for brains behaviour. There was a girl about 7 shinnying along the crossbar, live on sky.
  5. Yea definatly they only stayed up because of how bad the other 3 were.
  6. As a football fan I absolutely love Kevin De-Bruyne.
  7. With i'd watched the City game instead of watching Brentford sauntering about in their flip--flops.
  8. I know people don't want to hear this, but I reckon Sunderland look sh@t hot with their fast passing and running.
  9. I typed it before I saw the replay...didnt know it was close to the keeper.
  10. Oh.....you're going to Wembley... Never heard of it...
  11. Plenty of Wednesday fans get that wrong,,,amazingly.
  12. I had the exact same rant at the ref. And also I was one who couldn't understand 'Why the damm long ball?' Top video as always. Reminds me I got stuck watching Paul Mersons interview with Alan Brazil on Youtube...wish I hadn't now..;)
  13. 'Patrick Vieira kicks Everton fan to the ground during pitch invasion at Goodison Park' https://metro.co.uk/2022/05/19/patrick-vieira-kicks-everton-fan-to-the-ground-during-pitch-invasion-at-goodison-park-16677438/
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