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  1. Making light of someone who had their dream career ended by mismanagement of a hip injury..have a bit of class
  2. Still see obsessive atdhe disorder is still abound on owlstalk..
  3. Are you really that odd and confrontational in the real world?
  4. This reminds me of the two losses at theirs under carlos...shudders
  5. yeah us too...seriously thinking about it.
  6. I reckon he had two hands on it. But you can debate whether it was under control or not
  7. Bet hes very calming for defenders Not great for radio though
  8. Is that a buddhist quote? Used to love monkey magic
  9. Geee'or with the positivity..you new to owlstalk? Balls not been kicked and boyd has already been scored high for todays scapegoat
  10. He was very good vs brum at home..but ive only been 3 times this season
  11. Google ifollow.. Then give them your money Saturday 3pm matches are only audio
  12. Just pop down to the back of the south stand on a hot summers day
  13. I hope we sell nuhiu in the summer Only because its damm tedious listening to peoples fixation on him
  14. I had a pet rat called paulo in 1998..true story
  15. We all agreed last night..he does plenty of trotting about
  16. Quick passing to feet? Sideways and back again? Keeping it on the floor?
  17. Was very good vs reading..at least one of his goals was a great finish..
  18. The magics going Must be hard work pretending to hype those scrubbers up week after week Bet its tiring
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