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  1. No..I wouldn't want them near S6. Unless it really was for a sh@g
  2. Takes some people forever to get over things on here. Act as if he's an ex wife or something. Talk about carrying baggage. I forgot about Jos 2 weeks after he left
  3. All that money for a 5 second snort and chuckle for them They'll never learn..you can't educate stupid History shows it'll come back to them in the end
  4. Selfish scrubbers Like all the ones smoking in the toilets
  5. Going on bladesmad to validate these figures
  6. Dont think i can hold my breath for 90 minutes..or even 20 minutes Its hard enough having hutch on the pitch
  7. Seeing kieran lee in a wednesday shirt again will be an emotional moment..i'd kill to see him at the top of his game again but it probably wont happen
  8. Its a results business Everyone had a crush on carlos after hed been here a few months
  9. Who is this carlos geezer? Never seen him mentioned on here. Is his wife fit and is he a wednesday fan?
  10. Need to prepare properly for the premiership ;)
  11. Thought I was the only one stood around like a t it taking photos of it. Got quite a few photos with my name on it. Loved that scoreboard. Had the AI of metal mickey compared to the bladerunner new ones
  12. I still dont get it..what a tail it was vs norwich..so the ref continues playing till the ball goes out for a goalkick or throw in..
  13. I saw that the gassheads had scored today and wondered if it bothered you at all The hatred in this city is something else..especially from them and especially on derby day..wilder represents them perfectly and they know it..difference is we try to remain dignified
  14. I was desperate for dirty leeds to win ;(
  15. Damm, i looked at it twice to see if it was right or not..
  16. Microsoft determine the grammer we use now so it doesn't matter
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