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  1. Came off at 23a taking a42, m42, M40. 25 miles more but currently 15 mins faster than m1
  2. Just had a reply from Jane Good morning: There is a segregated area in the Green car park. On arrival at the car park please inform the marshals what team you support to ensure you are parked in the appropriate area. Thanks
  3. Yes it was, there's a lot on twitter been moved too. I've got three young kids with me so don't fancy parking with all the Hull fans.
  4. Thanks, I have too. Looking at the map they are no where near each other, red has sold out
  5. Booked official parking in the Red Car Park for Owls fans last weekend. I've just received an email saying I should head to the Green Car Park due to stadium restrictions. This is the Hull car park. Anyone else had this?
  6. For those of you not making the trip to Wembley for the play off final next Saturday (whatever the reason!) why not come to Hillsborough to enjoy the S6 atmosphere with fellow fans? Hillsborough Stadium will host the play off final live on the big screens in the 1867 Lounge. Entry is pre-paid only at £15 per person including pie & pea lunch, bottle of beer or soft drink and chance to win hospitality for 4 at a game during 2016/2017 season (ts&cs apply). Doors open at 1pm, happy hour on selected drinks between 1pm and 2pm. Kick off at 5pm. Sales are by telephone only – please call 0114 3240526.
  7. My son got the ball on front row of the kop, he thought it was hilarious and punched it back up the stand.
  8. If you're going with a child and want to sit in South it's £20 for an adult if you buy from Stannington Explorer Scouts, email steelmeetsice@gmail.com for more details.
  9. 1999 we had Thome, Alexandersson, Jonk, Rudi, De Bilde, Srnicek, Sibon, Carbone all 'first teamers'
  10. Mayor has to play, looked good off bench and impressing in reserves. Will llera come back into first team?
  11. Surely everyone who takes a mask from you on the day will be willing to chuck a quid in a bucket for the Smile fund or something, brilliant idea to give them away but certainly worth a small donation from the fans who are attending on the day. I've bought a flag, a scarf and a pack of green balloons but I would be chufffed to bits to chuck a few quid in a bucket so me and my kids can sport Semedo masks for the match
  12. great thanks. I'll start the appeal then. Thanks all for your help.
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