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  1. A bit unfair but funny. Just think what Atdhe would do in that company!
  2. Yadsendew


    Bannan is the best central midfield player in this division and just about the worst winger. Carlos will hopefully learn from this otherwise this Chairman won't mess around.
  3. Yadsendew

    bored , so somat different

    Blinking eck, she looks so much like my missus; the gorgeous owl that is!!
  4. Yadsendew

    Sending off...

    Wasn't Paul Duncan the ref at Birmingham for the 2-1?
  5. Yadsendew

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    I know what you mean and I've seen many a false dawn but we're already much better than where we were 3 to 4 years ago when we were worrying more about avoiding relegation than promotion. Not to mention striving to retain the services of the 'Gary Madines' of this world.
  6. Yadsendew

    Thank you Mr Chansiri

    When this Chairman took over I have to admit I did ask the question as to why. To be fair to Mandaric he didn't let us down and passed the reigns onto a thoroughly decent bloke who respects and is respected by the fans. I suppose it's a win, win for the Chairman because being the Chairman of Sheffield Wednesday raises his profile and he in turn repays this by doing exactly what he says on the tin. I was also impressed when he, in no uncertain terms, laid the law down to those, shall we say that were getting a little above their station. What we have now is superb support (yes, we've always had this), strong Chairman, dedicated manager and a team with quality players. What a great recipe.
  7. Yadsendew

    New team

    I've been a Wednesday fan since my very first visit with High Green supporters club in the early sixties - I've seen it all Howards, Jack's, Rons, maybe not Francis's team, all so much promise. But this team, this Manager and this Chairman's different. We've always been a massively supported club but now with this Chairman, we've got the financial clout to back this up. After so many years in the doldrums and with the fantastic support of this great club we are going places and it's bloody great.
  8. Yadsendew

    Rhodes and Winnall

    So glad to see Winnall get the reward all his hard work, chasing, tackling and generally closing down deserved. He's going to be such a great acquisition at S6 and the Dingles will be so disappointed.
  9. Yadsendew

    Beagrie on Forestieri

    FF must have known that the cameras would have focused on him when he was subbed! He's a very good player but his head has been turned, Not many clubs would have taken him back after the early season Norwich fiasco, Thank your lucky stars Fernando and enjoy playing with this great club, unlike you, the fans will never let you down. Trust your Manager, not financial your advisors.
  10. Yadsendew

    Sammy Hutchinson

    Can't disagree, absolute quality tonight - he was suckered by the ball retention staff at Brighton which cost him the ban. He's learning and judging by his performance tonight, including his clever little touch with FF (when he was subbed) shows his worth to us. I predict he'll play for England again, (ex-captain of the U21's) if he keeps it together.
  11. Yadsendew

    Dear God

    Thy shall not blaspheme and then complain that you gather 3 points from a difficult journey in atrocious conditions.
  12. Yadsendew

    Sam Hutchinson

    Don't disagree about his passion, skill and commitment, but he should have kept his head at Brighton and he would have made a big difference at Bristol. Only saying like.
  13. Yadsendew

    Brighton Fans.

    25,000 flags on their fans seats to create a massive blue and white striped effect. Inspirational - especially for us.
  14. Yadsendew


    Good analogy, many years ago there was such a bloke, his name was Mike Briealey not the best, but due to his inspirational presence they made him captain.
  15. Yadsendew

    Lee Bullen interview

    I've ot seen this before. Brilliant, thanks for posting.