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  1. was it? and why?

    I seem to remember the manager at the time, Alan Brown (who had been brought in to clean up the club after the match-fixing scandal) saying that it was time for a change. Maybe part of his clean up was to change the strip.
  2. RIP Ian Hemmingham

    Sad news. RIP Ian.
  3. Season tickets - who's renewed?

    Me and my grandson a couple of weeks ago.
  4. RIP Steve Lee

    Sad news. RIP Steve.
  5. Tony Kay - Sheffield Wednesday

    Terrific player- shame such a waste of talent
  6. 1967 Norwich away FA cup 5th round

    Like many on here, I also went to the Norwich and Chelsea matches. Norwich was a good day out - still is. I had also gone to all the away cup games in 1966 so was optimistic that we could do it again. The Chelsea defeat was painful - I can still remember that last-minute goal.
  7. Yes, I was also at that game as a youngster on the kop- one of my most memorable games. I looked up the stats and it said 56,363 with Fantham and Griffin the goalscorers. Not bad for three sides.
  8. Excellent OMDT. I might have to miss the game today so we will probably score a bag full (live in hope). Hopefully three points today and three points next week. 2.0 to us. UTO.
  9. Excellent OMDT. Let's hope for another three points today. UTO
  10. Excellent article. Like the reporting - 'Hooper was full of beans and the crowd laughed heartily...'
  11. Happy Birthday Howard!

    Happy birthday, Howard.
  12. Formed this day in 1929

    Interesting article. I remember having one of those early supporters club metal badges.
  13. In my many years of watching Wednesday, it has to be Ron Springett.
  14. Winnall, Joao, Abdi, Jones, Dave, Fletcher (maybe), Matias.