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  1. Think so far he’s done well. Been even to both sides tried to keep game playing . I’d have him next week .... ohhh errr ... not like that
  2. I Assume his talks to the players go better than this ...
  3. I thought this was going to be Sky Sports 100% against Wednesday. It should be. Commentary is so biased.
  4. I thought it was an unsex toilet my mistake
  5. Option 3 roundhouse then! go on just wait for deejayone to get there with cam ...
  6. Is there a link we can use when ordering so you owlstalk gets commission? [damn that underscore was supposed to be strike through]
  7. I wish injures didn’t drive traffic to owlstalk not only do the posts clog up the first page, the server slows down like a floating sieve! Maybe that should be colander...
  8. Joao seems to have lost his energy. Does DC have any elev8 left?
  9. Just not clinical enough with the ball ....
  10. Tippy tappy passing back. i had to turn my stream off as well, my leg was getting wet ....
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