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  1. Gray has done nothing wrong and much more than Jones, he is effectively working with an others mans tools, Plus the FA cup I every season without fail brings up unexpected results and replays for none league teams. FACT
  2. Its all about end product! and at the moment McGuire has more, for a start he crosses the ball.
  3. Is nt Wickham on under 21 loan which normally runs week by week! also has a gentlemen agreement attached to determine timescales. I maybe wrong but that was my understanding.
  4. This was the warm up! Before the aid of a friend for the two armed assertive pose!
  5. Michail Antonio, Michail Antonio He,ll score a goal ya know! Michail Antonio
  6. think she turned off on Glossop Road collected her piggy Husband then did a u turn and continue up ST Marys gate. thats where I encounted them again for the second time. I was with the majority of the the Wednesday Fans. will be doing tomorrow
  7. Bruised knee damaged me calf sprain wrist! O and to top it off she went and got husband (PIGGY) 10 mins later who then stopped car again on St Mary's gate and jumped out in middle of Wednesday fans (big mistake) and tried to get me arrested!!! Swung at me I ducked and then a fellow Wednesdayite took him out though "giggles" then riot van pulled up asked if I was hurt then told me to disapear
  8. I go run over on St Marys Gate just before the roundabout by a Mrs Blade after match did anyone see this? Police told me not to worry about it and that I had upset her passenger???
  9. Owls finished 3rd Blunts finished 12th at the time of playin blunts they were top of the division and we were 4th!
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