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  1. Can't argue with that, Bannan is due a performance (shame we aren't on Sky). Although I'd have Fiss and Dennis on the bench and leave Vaulks at home. Going tomorrow as well, 1pm start in the boozer, can't wait.
  2. No I wouldn't. That's loser talk. Promotion form is two points per game, we're currently on course so we need a minimum of 4 points from the two. Don't see why we can't take all 6 tbh.
  3. Technically he’s the best player at the club. But we’re a poorer side with him in it. He’s been dining out on past performances for a while now. Time he was moved on.
  4. Agreed. And with 5 subs this season there’s no reason why players like this can’t be in the match day squad and maybe get some minutes on the pitch.
  5. He was very good tonight. Best I’ve seen him play in a long time. Still think Adeniran was MoM but Palmer was a very close second.
  6. Hmmmm…. Not sure about that. He looked like he was limping tonight, like he’s done his back or something. I think that’s why he sat on that big chest thing instead of standing and pacing about like he usually does. Someone looks at one of our players funnily and they’re out for two weeks. No reason to think that the manager wouldn’t be a victim of the “curse” as well.
  7. Easy mate, you're taking your life in your hands with that one. This lot don't like any criticism of "Owlstalk's" Liam Palmer on here.
  8. I can't believe you can't believe how he was treated. When has this club ever got things like this right.
  9. Really don’t get the hate for Pato. As for Smith’s injury, it’s what happens when you sign 30 year olds. We never learn. I said it in another thread and got hammered by another know-nowt. Yes, we been experience, but we can’t keep signing 30-somethings and expect them to play every week, never mind Saturday/Tuesday. Basket case of a club.
  10. Drug dealers and tax dodgers love cash. If you don’t sell drugs and pay your taxes, a cashless society is nothing to worry about.
  11. I get what you’re saying but we’ve GOT to stop conceding like we are. I’d be quite happy with 45, 1-0 wins than another 45 3-3 draws. Sorting the defence and stopping these crosses and free headers has got to be the priority.
  12. Said after Cheltenham away last season that him and Adeniran had got the lot and would eventually make a tremendous pairing in CM, as good as anything in this Division. Then I was ridiculed for saying it by the Owlstalk “experts”. Terrible burden being right all the time. If he won’t commit to us we need to sell him now or in January at the latest. We can’t afford to let him go for free.
  13. Here’s a fact/number/stat for you that isn’t open to debate. What division are we in? Oh yeah WE’RE STILL IN THE PUB LEAGUE. Never mind your false superiority. “Ooooooohhhhhh I find it hard to debate with someone”. Seasons aren’t played over 23 games, they’re played over 46. I’ve got absolutely zero hate for Darren Moore. The fact of the matter is that we couldn’t defend last season and it’s continued again this season.
  14. Outstanding form? You mean our inability to keep clean sheets and not be able to defend a lead at home in the play offs. Give over mate. Our defending is an absolute joke.
  15. But the faults are still there for all to see. No excuse for going in front twice and throwing it away at home. We’re still throwing points away from winning positions. And it’s no good showing promotion form for half a season is it. We need to do it all season if we’re going to get out of this embarrassment of a league.
  16. It’s not just one game though is it. That’s the thing. You hit the nail on the head when you say here we are again just like last season. I’m convinced he can’t put it right and that another manager would do better with that squad.
  17. His website confirms that he is a complete and utter prïck.
  18. Worst keeper I’ve seen at Hillsborough in the last 20 years. I was worried by what I saw in the pre-season friendlies, and my fears have been confirmed. I’d rather play Wildsmith. Get rid.
  19. It’s because of fans like you that this club is dying.
  20. You’re killing our club You’re killing our club Fûck off Chansiri!!!! You're killing our club. For 90 minutes. But we won’t. Because we’re the most spineless, pathetic fans in English football. He’d have been hounded out of most clubs by now. But we just have fùćkwits that suck him off.
  21. I know you’re (probably) joking. But Carlton is such a laugh he’d probably go for that!
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