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  1. You didn’t take the club to court, you took Chumpsiri to court. It’s not your responsibility to bankroll multi-millionaires who reckon out ST money pays for nothing. Go in peace my son, you are absolved. X
  2. “Dye” And that……. Tells me everything I need to know. Nothing else needs to be said.
  3. Take it you’re one of the weapons that takes them to every away match.
  4. Beat me to it! According to their fans they should have won the Premier League at least ten times and the Champions League 5 times, not to mention the World Cup and Euros!!!
  5. Yes. Because of the scum who went to and let off smoke bombs at Wigan. Thank those a-holes. The large allocations always attract the idiots, see it time and again. This is the result.
  6. We didn’t need Jack Hunt? Do you even watch Palmer week in, week out?
  7. Only clown here is you posting tripe like that. Jog on.
  8. Still trying to flog the dodgy elev8 gear though. Embarrassing.
  9. They're scum pal. Scum club Scum players Scum fans Scum part of the city
  10. 1. Adeniran (Think he'll end up in the Premier League) 2. Brown (Can't believe Udders released him. Must've been the same guy who brought Rhodes back) 3. BPF
  11. But they won't. Same with Ipswich. Then they'll complain when they cant get a ticket for Sunderland or Burton. Got mine this morning. Not been to the DW before so looking forwards to ticking it off the list.
  12. Good to see, it's an eyesore that needed some investment. It will improve the area. And unless it's already been stated elsewhere what the exact units are going to be, how do we know there aren't going to be a couple of food outlets or a bar??
  13. I’m delighted he’s gone. Absolute joke of a footballer. Looked like he’d won a competition to be a pro for a year.
  14. No you wouldn’t seeing as you don’t know your waste from your waist.
  15. He’s going to break our hearts when he goes back to Burnley at the end of the season.
  16. Amazing insight. Have you considered a career with Radio Sheffield or Talk Sport?
  17. Looks to me like he needs the ball to feet and early. While Palmer was at RB he was making the runs but Palmer was too slow. Once Hunt came on and Palmer went to CB, Hunt was releasing him quicker and he was able to get into the game more. I think those two could have a decent partnership down the right.
  18. OK. I’m going to break it down for you one last time. We live in a society where people increasingly don’t have respect for each other and their property. There are no police (Tories fault, not victims) next time you get chance to speak to one (not at the football) I encourage you to ask them how many are on duty and what geographical area they are responsible for. The criminal justice system cannot cope with serious crime (Tories, fault not victims) never mind “petty” crime. The only sensible option left is for people to take personal responsibility for their property and think critically about what they can do to avoid having their cars damaged or broken into. All I want to do is help and encourage people to do that without any blame values being placed upon anyone. Clearly, you’re beyond help and for that I’m sorry
  19. Hardly. But if that’s how you want to represent it in shouty block capitals crack on. It’s your ball and if you want to take it home or not let anyone else play then fair enough.
  20. I see what you did there I’d just like to clarify that I don’t think it’s a laughing matter for people to have their property damaged or stolen, but come on, there also has to be an element of personal responsibility as well. If I drive to an away match I won’t go and park my car in the middle of a sink estate as I know I’d be asking for trouble so why does anyone think it’s any different here? We all know what it’s like on the Cross. Covert cameras are useless as they’ll just have hoodies on and won’t be identifiable. And even if they were, try getting CPS to charge if they’re a juvenile or there’s no stolen property recovered. They don’t even charge people that admit things these days!!! Cops or PCSOs on patrol? Good idea in principle but there aren’t any. Tories have seen to that. And even if there were, the scrotes would just have someone on lookout, wait till the coast was clear then do your car. Simple answer is for people to take responsibility for their own property. It’s not good, but it’s the world we live in. Blame the soft courts and snowflakes if you want to blame anyone.
  21. Exactly this. Always makes me laugh at people effectively parking up on Parson Cross then wondering why they get their cars done. Park up at Wisewood / Hillsborough and walk down. Problem solved.
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