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  1. I agree completely, if only it was that simple. The words Wednesday and hitting the ground running hardly go together. Fingers crossed though.
  2. I think you chat bubbles at times but I'm with you 100% on this, and I know you've always said the same. There will always be a Wednesday in some form or another. We've sunk so low that I'd be quite happy if the club went under and it meant getting rid of this cancer in our club. I'm glad we're losing so much money and I hope it's bleeding him dry. He deserves it. We've always had a hard core of support that would still watch Wednesday even if a re-formed club started at the bottom of the pyramid. What's everyone going to do at the weekend? Go to Meadowhall with the wife? Watch the pigs or the mini pigs? F--k than S--t! I watch Wednesday with my mates and my boy, the division or where we go to watch them is largely irrelevant. Things can't really get much worse and to have people saying there wouldn't be a club if it wasn't for Chumpsiri just boils my wee wee. We've absolutely nothing to thank him for. He's taken a stable, top-half championship squad that needed two or three players for promotion, that had no debt and owned it's own ground; and turned it into a pub league side, saddled with debt and sold the stadium. Absolutely despise the cu next Tuesday.
  3. Good luck to him. A better defender than a lot of our fans give him credit for.
  4. Ainsworth Neil Lowe Appleton Maher For starters.
  5. Wondered how long it would take for someone to mention the “C” word.
  6. I have zero interest in watching England. Only Wednesday for me.
  7. Don’t know why people are so bothered about Luongo. Nothing against him but he’s a sicknote. HMS Pišś the League is a fighting ship not a cruise liner…… No passengers, just fighting men. Hope he gets fixed up with a club back home and can enjoy a few more seasons in a league that isn’t as hard on the body.
  8. Füćk off pig 1. You’re talking complete bôllöckś (typical pig) 2. You don’t know the difference between “were” and “where” so you’re clearly thick as pig šhït like the rest of you obsessed scum.
  9. So beneath us and tin pot.......... Yet we couldn't even get past the first knock out round last season. Really wonder what's wrong with people at times. Three cheap matches and an easy 30 TPPs for the away days, chance to get to Wembley and hopefully an away trip to Valley Parade and another ground ticked off. Get a grip.
  10. I smell Bacon. Another sad pig trolling on here.
  11. I was at that game…… what a season. And the best away kit of all time.
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