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  1. What a bitter little twunt Gibson has shown himself to be. Never really liked Middlesboro but I hate them even more than L##ds now. Really hope us and all the other clubs in the league charge their fans £75 a pop next season with no concessions. It can be called the tugger Chairman tax.
  2. That Bukta shirt is a thing of beauty. My favourite home shirt of all time.
  3. Forest was midweek this season. Right bag of vvank.
  4. Worth doing it just for a laugh then!
  5. We looked at over 400 defenders and signed him. Wish we could forget him. Another dogshiyte signing from the idiots that precceded SB. They should give Chansiri his money back out of their own pockets.
  6. I was there, what a day!!! Apart from seeing a couple of our fans slashed with staley knives by the bin dippers. Hated them ever since. In the Liverpool slums, They look in the dustbin for something to eat, They find a dead rat and they think it's a treat, In the Liverpool slums. Why don't we have good songs like that anymore?
  7. They're all just boys starting out in life. Wish them all the best with their futures.
  8. Stolen a living at Hillsborough. Good f'ing riddance.
  9. Brilliant news. We'd have to pay mega money to get someone new in with his ability.
  10. Lots of love to you and your family brother.
  11. Few on here would probably buy it the way they've been sucking them off.
  12. The perfect away kit. All Wednesday away shirts should be yellow. End of story.
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