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  1. Looks like he's borrowed his Dad's suit for court.
  2. Thanks Nige, saw them after I’d posted. Hoped it would be a decent article but it was according to reports in the S#n, and the Scottish one at that. Anyway, hope you’re enjoying Brexit👍🏼
  3. Could you post a link please mate, would be interested to have a read.
  4. It’s got nothing to do with bad luck and everything to do with the mentality of the players on the pitch.
  5. Gi'o'er mate. I'm not calling him names, I'm decribing his style of play.
  6. Pissypussy is one of the worst CM players I've ever seen at Hillsborough. We moved Jose Semedo on because he was deemed not to be championship quality. Well this excuse for a footballer isn't fit to lick theshit off his shoes. I don't blame him though. I blame Monk for picking him. I'd rather give Iorfa or Windass a go in CM. I genuinely don't understand how he gets a shirt. He should never play for Wednesday again.
  7. I’d play Iorfa and Windass as a midfield two.
  8. Any money we start the season without a full squad of Pros. Nailed on.
  9. Said we should do that ages ago, got hammered for it. What have we got to thank that idiot for? ………..Cue loads of brain dead clappers talking about Wembley and Carlos' wonderful football. On more money than every manager has had over the last 20 years put together.
  10. You do understand that this is a football forum don't you. Derived from the Roman word Forum which was a place where people would gather to talk. If we had some good topics to talk about then I'm sure it would be more upbeat. However, we're easily at our lowest ebb for almost the last 10 years so we don't really have anything positive to talk about. Hope this helps.
  11. Yours was obviously well before mine, I must have put mine on before an additional announcement. Worrying times
  12. Some people don't understand that there's no room for sentiment when it comes to gambling and making money. Thse are the people that don't have any and then moan about it.
  13. Who with? Not that I'm callingbullshit but I had £15 with Skybet at 33/1 a couple of days BEFORE it was announced so it you got 100s after I'd like to know who you bet with so I can fleece them as well. Hope we both lose btw.
  14. That reminds me of a joke I know: "What's the difference between Bing Crosby and Walt Disney?" "Bing sings and Walt dis'nea" I'm here all week Oh, and I smell Bacon with the OP.
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