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  1. Precisely..... too many sanctimonious no nothings on here. Same know nothings that slag fellow fans off that won’t accept mediocrity. They’re an embarrassment, but they’re that thick they done even realise they’re part of the reason we’re where we are. Because they blindly applaud garbage.
  2. The burden has been having to watch this steaming pile of dog turd stealing a wage while sending us down to the pub league.
  3. Just wanted to give this thread a boost. Looks like those of us who weren’t happy were right all along. Just wondering how those who slagged us off for being negative are feeling now. It’s like we were right all along holding this train wreck that we call recruitment to account. Terrible burden being right all the time.
  4. No. The decline will accelerate massively in the pub league. Think we’re nailed on to go down again. Especially with Cu*tsiri as owner. We’ve zero chance of accomplishing anything while he’s around. He’s literally killed this club single handed. We aren’t Sheffield Wednesday FC anymore. We’re Chansiri FC, and the team out there are a reflection of his complete incompetence as an owner.
  5. Not forgetting getting lucky with the spine of a side that Stuart Gray put together. Can’t stand the bullśhît artist.
  6. Hope the gaffer isn’t too ill with it and makes a full and speedy recovery. Get well soon DM
  7. What a lovely man he was. A true working class hero and a man of the people who never forgot his roots.
  8. Absolute poison. Don’t want players like that anywhere near the club or the dressing room.
  9. Proud to say I refused to be a part of that and stayed outside the ground until it was over. Embarrassing.
  10. Think it should be changed to least crap player of the year.
  11. He'll have to keep prices the same because of all the STs from the 20/21 season he's going to want to roll over rather than refund. He's massively backed himself into a corner and I've zero sympathy for him. In fact, I hope he loses every penny and ends up kipping on Fargate with the Spice Heads. If he had half a brain he would drop prices by at least 75%, maybe even 50% by way of an apology and to try and get the fans back in and engaged with the club. Nothing stopping him from giving existing ST holders a 75%-50% rebate. Call it a "charm offensive" Maybe even revert back to the
  12. We'll get 16k officially from the STs rolled over from this season, but actually it will more likely be 12k. Chumpsiri won't lower prices because of all the ST holders and multi year STs. Our potg prices will be on a par with a lower half Premier League club because he's completely clueless and is happy to keep treating the fans with contempt. He's killed this club.
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