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  1. Never mind that, what about "The people's club" voting for it in the first place??? Apparently Leicester were the only club to vote against. Mind you, those foreign mercenaries don't come cheap
  2. Never mind that, lets get to the important stuff!!! Do you sell individual fags to kids like my old newsagent used to? 10p per Embassy No.1 at my local Newsagent. They must go for at least 50p a stick these days!!
  3. You should have realised the writing was on the wall when Razzle, Escort and the rest of the muck mags went on line. Still surely you can't make a bad wedge selling fags and scratch cards to kids? Got to be money in that game.
  4. It's a joke of a publication, not fit to call itself a "newspaper". Half the time it prints half-truths, the rest of the time lies. Sooner it's gone, the better. I stand by my opinion. People would find other jobs.
  5. Got a framed Boxing Day Massacre programme. Pride of place up in the kitchen. Wouldn't swap it for anything.
  6. Bruno Ganz. And he's dead. …… On a serious note I'd love Chansiri to go to Simon Jordan and get some advice/guidance from him on how to run a football club.
  7. Yep. Hopefully we'll still be able to go. It's been great to be able to go and watch some live football with mates.
  8. Me and the lads are worried it might be the last as well. We'll try not to drink all the Estrella but can't promise lol!
  9. Whether it was a penaty or not is irrelevant. The corrupt, cheating, own rule bending EFL will have given the referees their instructions for the season. We will get nothing, the opposition will get everything. Anyone who thinks we're "only" fighting a 12 point deduction is naive in the extreme.
  10. Not like I want him to get a career ender is it. Wouldn't wish that on him or any other footballer. They took the wee-wee with how he left and they're taking the wee-wee him playing at the mini pigs. I'd have wished the lad all the luck in the world if he'd left the club with a bit of class. But after how they fiddled the compensation fuckhim.
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