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  1. I actually feel really sorry for the lad. To me he just looks like he's completely fallen out of love with football.
  2. Can't wait for this one. Five of us meeting in the Tap straight after work, then straight on the rattler. A 2 goal victory will see us storm into third so it's a guaranteed defeat - it's the Wednesday way!!! Also off to Forest on Saturday, decent moth's football to be fair. UTO!
  3. £15 @ 33/1 with a points deduction and transfer embargo impending. It pays out £510. That will pay for a League 1 season ticket and the first couple of away days as I'll still go no matter what division we're in. The real question is why someone wouldn't?
  4. Wildsmith, Baker and Stobbs can all go for me. In fact, I can't think of a single player I'd be sad to see the back of.
  5. 1st Paragraph - No we aren't, we're a bang average Championship side with an ageing squad. Most of whom came here for a final pay day and are out of contract at the end of the season. We have zero talent coming through the ranks and how many of our current squad are worth even a modest transfer fee?. As for our "attendances", were you at the Birmingham game last week? Do you really think we are actually getting that many through the gates? Season ticket holders are staying away in their droves because the club is dying on its 'arris. As for "embarassing" how about our 150th anniversay celebrations, or not having a kit ready for the first team and then none for sale in the megastore till after Christmas, signing players that never play for us, the rest of our recruitment (Van Acken, Butterfield, Fox), having a long list of shysters involved with the club. How about alienating all our casual support by pricing them out of the matchday along with any potential new fans. Not signing commentary deals and Radio Sheffield being banned from the ground. Then there's the grief we're getting from SAG with the North Stand and Leppings Lane. ELEV8, D Taxis and it all culminates with the ballsed up sale of our own ground that could see us put into the bottom three. The buck stops with one man, and one man alone. I could argue that it's the "fans" like you that are happy because we had a day out a Wembley a few years back and that clapped Carlos the Conman that are embarassing. Your desperation has caused you to accept mediocrity and incompetence as success. The likes of you who are happy to lap it up make me sick. Fortunately, there are plenty of fans who can still see what's going on and are prepared to ask questions and not just blindly accept our club being driven off a cliff. As for your last statement, why should I? Why should anyone that's not happy with how our club is being run? Now people that say that really are pathetic, I might disagree with a fellow fan but I's never tell them to take their support elsewhere. The team and players have my unconditional support, I go home and away every week, don't boo them or get on their backs. But my blind faith stops there. I'm going nowhere, and I hope you don't either.
  6. Tbh I give zero fûčks about Chansiri. None of this will matter in 10 years time, it will pass. He will be gone and all of us will still be here. He will go down as one of the worst Chairmen in the history of the club. He’s single handedly turned us into a laughing stock. I’m embarrassed at what our club has become. And it’s all his fault. If the EFL do ban him from football it could be a blessing in disguise. So what if we have to start again 7 tiers down the pyramid? Who cares if we have to leave Hillsborough because of it? Fûck Chansiri Fučk the EFL Füçk the Bl***s
  7. That's easily one of the most ridiculous statements I've ever seen on OT. You've got to be on the wind up. Good work!
  8. WOW! Did they have 13 players out injured? I had no idea watching it on Sly Sports. They hardly mentioned it. As long as you don’t count the fact they mentioned it every other sentence. Wâñkers.
  9. Just having a Bacon, egg & sausage then I'm off to catch the rattler to Brum. Come on you blue and white wizaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddddddddddsssssssssss!!!!
  10. If I had a 12" co ck I'd be working in the adult film industry and banging fit birds every day for a living. …….Instead I have to make do with 10 inches and work in an office. Jeezus Christ.
  11. Think you're already the world champion in that.
  12. Not interested in what happens in and around that hovel. Parking on the pavement should be 3 points and a £60 fine. Alternatively, a key right down to the metal all the way from the front wing to the back wing would be equally acceptable.
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