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  1. Steelman


    Not just the club though is it mate. It's loads of fans too, whole generations in fact. They've been brought up on that much shybo that they think Carlos the Fraud getting us to Wembley is success. I went as well last night, it was a truly awful performance. In fact, it was that bad it gave me a migraine. No lie!
  2. Steelman

    CC on Talksport after 10

    I absolutely despise the sniveling, lying, conniving piece ofshit. No way would I want to listen to more of his patheticbullshit. An oily slimeball of epic proportions and him doing the rounds in the media is as tragic as it is pathetic. #carlosthecunt
  3. That's incorrect. My brother in law has done 18 years and is a PC, He won't get anywhere near £120,000 as a full lump sum and he definitely won't be getting an annual pension of £18k. I know because I work in the finance sector and have given him some advice. Oh, and his pension contributions per month are almost the same as my mortgage payments. How much do you put to one side each month? The government have done a superb job of turning the public against the police so they can cut them again and again. That's why the criminals are running wild.
  4. Park in the top deck of Morrisons Car park, walk through to the tram stop or walk the 10 mins to the ground. You won't have a problem.
  5. Police haven't dished out parking tickets for about 20 years mate, it's the council.
  6. Steelman

    Chuffin great game

    No it wasn't. I was 9 then. I cried all the way home, got pi55 wet through in the rain stood on the kop and to add insult to injury I ripped my Wednesday cagoule on the gates at Hillsborough Park. It was a good early lesson on how cruel football is.
  7. Where does it say we've got more money? Why do you think he has "won". Not having a go or anything, just don't think there's anything to say that that is what's happened.
  8. How do we know he's owed an apology or that the BBC have paid more money? Most likely is that the club have backed down and that statement has been released in order that no-one loses face.
  9. Steelman

    U-18's tomorrow

    Enjoy mate, keep planning to go and watch them and the U 23's, but family and work keep getting in the way. I also think that the security staff get a bit precious about letting people in the car park on match days but I could be wrong. Langsett Avenue is decent to park on if you're stuck.
  10. Think BTB has been on the Crack pipe. What a bell end.
  11. I'd prefer to feel something 20 years younger!
  12. Steelman

    'i dont wear red'

    My kids had to wear something red for a non-uniform day for comic relief a couple of years ago. Sent them both to school in matching blue Wednesday training tops and told them to tell their teachers that we didn't wear red in our house. The school never said a word about it.
  13. Steelman

    Away games, a closed shop?

    Genuine question, how would you police that? Say a person buys a ticket and doesn't go. The empty seat is noted and the club ask him what happened (that's bearing in mind the club can be bothered don't forget) he just turns round and says: I got lost, had a flat tyre, had an accident, was taken ill. The list of reasons is endless, not to mention they may even be genuine. What about where people are supposedly using other fans' ID's? What's the club going to do? Send staff to every away game and ask for photo ID for everyone there? The home club aren't going to do that on our behalf are they. Besides, If someone asked for my ID inside a ground I know what I'd tell them, and it's not "oh all right then". Even coppers can't make you do that. There's nothing wrong with the system we currently have. No system is going to be perfect but it's not a closed shop and it won't change. People should be concentrating on the shocking allocations we receive rather than complaining they cant get a ticket for Villa because they haven't been to an away match for three years and feel they're entitled to go.
  14. And them FookinPensioners!!! Be seeing you!
  15. And how many are those are there compared to young lads that have left school with very few qualifications that have decided to join up and learn a trade instead of laying about on the dole? Seriously, what's wrong with you?