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  1. He’s a reyt lad. Proper character, think he’s a top man. Can’t wait for fans to get back in the ground and show our appreciation. Baffles me how anyone can slate him when he’s scoring like he is. And we’ve been crying out for a real poophouse for ages. Could do with another 2 or 3 like him.
  2. Don’t go telling them the truth on here they don’t like it. When Hunt gets released and fades into oblivion I’ll be reminding certain people on here how little they know about football and players. Liam Shaw is ready right now. But as people say, he now needs to add consistency to his game which will come with experience. Alex Hunt wasn’t ready when he got his debut against Sunderland (I think). He looked like a rabbit in the headlight then and nothing has changed since.
  3. Eating’s cheating. Takes up room that could be filled by ale. Up at 8, train for 90 mins then a full English at home. Works up a right thirst and has digested nicely by the time we get to the pub at 12. Good times Eat at most of those other fine places during the week
  4. Not as special as those that can’t see there isn’t a Championship player in him.
  5. Think he’d end up banging Chansiri out. .... let’s get him in ASAP.
  6. The foolishness of some people on here should surprise me but unfortunately it doesn't. It's exactly at times like this that successful high performing teams make an honest self assessment of their shortcomings. He's not good enough, I've not abused him, called him a pig to a dog, or anything like that. Just said he isn't up to it. No need for people to cry about it.
  7. That's because there's nothing good about the club. Stalker.
  8. Sorry #truefan Or maybe I don't like mediocrity which too many that follow this club settle for.
  9. Why grow up? You his Dad? Obviously out of his depth........ I've seen nothing from him. He will fade into obscurity, we shouldn't be carrying players like this.
  10. Not good enough, failed to impose himself against lower opposition and couldn't even hit the target when he got his chance. Don't care if he is a fan and has come through the ranks. People need to admit he's not up to it and move him on.
  11. Great statement but like anything relating to Chansiri. I'd get more sense talking to my Beagle than I would Chansiri. The dog's got 10 times more sense than him as well.
  12. No. It's become an irrelevance who we get in. As long as this useless, interfering, narcissistic c _ _ t is the owner we're going nowhere except League 1 followed by League 2. No decent manager will work for him. Any manager that comes will soon realise the massive error they've made coming here. Any up and coming manager wouldn't risk their career being set back by working for that idiot. What we need first is for Chansiri to get in the Sea.
  13. Can't wait to tune in to 2 hours of that Keith Andrews vv@nker and Sky Sports sucking Wayne Rooney's Derby Cun#y off. Glad I'm watching it on my firestick and not paying them a penny
  14. Personally think Chansiri is the lowest of the low. He's like some Thai Scouser, always the victim and never his fault. Can honestly say I despise the man and the sooner he's driven out of this club the better. He's 100% reaping what he's sown with us fans and I have zero sympathy.
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