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  1. Great use of punctuation mate. Bruce really is a c.unt.
  2. It's going to be Sports Direct...... Or some cabbage grower.
  3. And second biggest for delusion after the scousers.
  4. But yellow is so much better wouldn't you agree? First day of the 90/91 promotion season at Portman Road, taken over by Wednesday chanting Yell-oows! Yell-oows! Epic scenes.
  5. That is dogger for an away kit. It's not Rocket science: Home Kit - Blue and White Stripes Away Kit - Yellow Then we get promoted any other permutation is no good.
  6. I've just done exactly the same calculations before seeing your post. Doesn't seem like a good deal to me.
  7. Chill. I'm entitled to an opinion. I think it's complete shybo and so do my 12 & 10 year olds. There's literally a whole lot of nothing. Have you ever read the Emperor's new Clothes? I can recommend it, it will be a real eye opener for you. Have a nice day, you happy big man.
  8. Man Ure fan I work with reckons he's a top appointment. Apparently one of Fergies key backroom staff that Moyes made the mistake of giving the boot because he wanted to be his own man. Really positive step from Bruce and the club.
  9. Perfect opportunity for me to tick that ground off.
  10. Heard about this from a ManUre fan at work. Thanks for sharing, I'll give it a read.
  11. Rather be away the first game of the season than the last.
  12. If Tartan Blankets, ZImmer frames and colostomy bags float your boat, then you've made the right choice!
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