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  1. To be fair he was putting them out on Twitter and asking fans for suggestions. Pete McKee tweeted it. I love it on the whole, definitely going to get a print for my office at work. Whenever any pigs come in I'll make them "worship" at the shrine.
  2. That game and the trip back was the lowest point of the season for me. I was convinced the relegation trap door had opened and Jos was taking us down. I think we owe them one for that day and I'd like to think the players feel the same way too.
  3. If that side got announced an hour before kick off I'd probably do a lumpy wee.
  4. I agree entirely mate. Also a ST holder and don't mind any incentives to get more fans in. All welcome as far as I'm concerned.
  5. I think it's 5 weeks. I had a bad feeling about this one so I gave it a miss and got Stoke tickets instead. Sky strikes again. I wouldn't mind if they paid the Championship clubs decent money but the get it for peanuts because the EFL are so incompetent. Sky..... killing football since 1992.
  6. Because all of our "strikers" can't stop banging them in can they?
  7. Was buzzing when I saw he was starting. It was basically like the cvvunts were playing with 10 men. Tufty is that bitter he picked a League 1 player just to try and get one over on us. Stupid pig.
  8. One tried to speak to me the other day, it was something along the lines of: Grunt grunt grunt Demblades, Oink oink squeal. All I could say to him was Fvuck off you scrubber, I don't speak pig.
  9. Dross Lhukay..... A skid mark on the history of our fine club.
  10. Absolute fvucking disgrace from the club. What a set of spineless c u next tuesdays. Wouldn't give those scrubbers the steam off my wazz never mind extra tickes. Pathetic.
  11. Makes me fume how Carlos the Fraud ruined the best Midfielder we've seet at Hillsborough for the last 10 years. And to think there are people on here that still pipe him off. For this alone he should never work in football again. I'm glad no one's touched him since Swansea, in spite of his pathetic attempts to remain in the public eye.
  12. Especially if it's at knee height with both feet, just like they used to do with us in the 90's. Dirty red & white bar stewards.
  13. Understandable really. Demblades aren't even the 3rd best club in Sheffield. Hardly a massive draw are they.
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