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  1. They've been as embarassing as that capitulation. That "day out" does not equate to any form of success or achievement. The sooner people see that, the better.
  2. Wilson backing Monk is a bit like Fred & Rose West saying the McCanns are great parents. Jesus.
  3. Ancient history and meaningless. Embarassing bringing it up again. We failed. The Fraud and the players failed to turn up and bottled it. Unlike the fans. Some things never change.
  4. CBA to read the rest of the replies, but seriously, what an absolute load of betty swallocks!!!!! His High Street Empire is collapsing which is why he couldn't get out of Newcastle and the associate Premier League Millions quick enough, after holding out for years for more money. The reason he bought Newcaslte in the first place was for it to be one big advertising board for Sports Direct (via the global reach of the Premier League). What use are we in the Championship or maybe even League 1? Sweet FA, that's what. He'd be mad to even take on a Championship Club that was doing well with a decent first team squad with plenty of payers that could command a transfer fee and some decent young prospects coming through the ranks...... never mind a shitshow like us, we have none of that. We have no infrastructure. Don't own our own ground. Have a points deduction pending. But yeah, after getting out of football as quick as he could because of the 'Rona, he wants to spunk his money up the wall on Wednesday while football finances collapse? Riiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggttttttttttt. Some people really will believe anything, stupid post. However, if anyone believes a shred of that gonads, then I've got a Corona Virus Vaccine going cheap if you want to message me
  5. Clearly hasn't got any taste, if anything it's got worse! Lol!
  6. Surprised Alan Piggs managed to stop sucking Wilder off long enough to take part.
  7. Otsemobor was absolute gash. And yet another sicknote as well.
  8. Any time we take the lead. They're all too gutless and spineless to defend a lead and you just know a capitulation isn't far away.
  9. Any Premier League or Championship club that utilises this scheme is pure scum. Us included. Chansiri is supposed to have mega money but can't spend it because of FFP restrictions. So spend your own money and my season ticket money on the staff rather than leaching my tax money. And that goes for all the other pro clubs as well.
  10. My thoughts are that this is The S#n so the author is the lowest of the low. I also think that fuckwit Chansiri has dug his own grave here. There's got to be some readjustment or the one group of fans he actually wants will have ended up paying more than anyone. I've paid for it, it hasn't been delivered. Not my problem, it's Chansiri's.
  11. I voted unanimously to have a threesome with Kirsty Gallagher and Lindsey Hipgrave (blonde / brunette combo). Doesn't mean it's going to happen.
  12. Iā€™m surprised Alan Piggs managed to get his tongue out of Chris Wilders anus to write anything about Wednesday. As for you @OWLSTALK why have you started spamming the forum with duplicate and pointless threads again? Are you bored from self isolating or summat?
  13. It's because they're simulating actual match situations were nocunt puts a challenge in and they just run alongside or stand off them.
  14. Football is a very small, clique(y) world where everyone knows what goes on at other clubs from mates they have there. As has already been said, it will now be well known in football circles what ashitshow we are. No player that's even half decent will want to come here. If Monk does go, no half-decent manager will come and work for that fuckingidiot Chansiri who has killed us. I have absolutely no doubt that regardless of what division we end up in we will start off next season with Bullen as caretaker manager and will not have a full squad of players. 100% nailed on and it's all because of one mad man who thinks he knows everything when he knows fuckall. #ChansiriOut #FuckOffChansiri #FuckOffPaxo
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