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  1. Well said. Complete embarassment of a fan, cringe every time he comes on. Half expect him to ask if they want to buy any bacon or razor blades whenever he's on. Tramp
  2. Can't stand the Stir or any of it's journalists. The lot of 'em talk complete dogshit, I've blocked them all on social media and will not go on the website. They either print lies or constantly tell the world how wonderful Demblades and Mardiola are. There's little differnece between either. The sooner it goes out of business and they're all on the dole the better.
  3. I think I can guess what the "C" in Bob C stands for.
  4. Even when they aren't playing Wednesday still ruin my weekend and I've not even clocked off yet. FFS!
  5. Pack it in if it makes you feel like that. As far as I'm concerned you, and anyone else who did the same, would always be welcome back if things picked up.
  6. Beat me to it mate. And for this reason it could be argued that any "independent" Valuation isn't worth a w a n k.
  7. On a day when I expected them to be discussing Danny Cowley we get a referee bore fest. Typical radio pig.
  8. I know exactly what you’re saying. I spend hundreds watching them home and away. Then there’s the time it involves as well. I’ve got 2 kids, one likes footy the other can’t stand it. I should be spending my time with both of them, not Wednesday. It’s getting to the stage now where I’m thinking fvuck it. And am prepared to walk away. I don’t mind us losing, but I do mind wasting my time and money on a basket case of a club that I could run better than the people that are doing at the minute. Think this will be my last season under the current regime as well. Yet another managerial farce has done it for me.
  9. I’m so sorry. Please find it in your heart to forgive me.
  10. Steward at Brentford a couple of seasons ago was a Rastaman and a top lad. Welcoming all us Owls and hoping we had a nice day. Had a bit of banter with my lad who was 10 at the time. We got a last minute equaliser with Hutch that day. It was one of our best away days and the steward helped make it a good one. Thought the stewards at Reading last season were top notch a well. Made us feel like welcome guests. Very relaxed, friendly and happy to have a laugh. I think most are ok. It’s just like anything in life, the few give the rest a bad name.
  11. Well said pal. Couldn’t agree more, they sicken me. Still don’t understand why the mods on here don’t delete every one of the sad fuvckers profiles that are on this site.
  12. Without a doubt, THE most stupid post of the season to date. Well done.
  13. Alan Piggs. Complete cvunt of a journalist who's tongue is so far up the pigs backsides only his jug ears are stopping his head disappearing up there. Saw him lurking at the back of the South Stand after the QPR game and it was all I could do not to bang the cvunt out. Blocked him and Doom on twatter because they both talk shybo. Whatever he says, ignore.
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