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  1. Bit scouse for me. Same as "Beak".
  2. Steelman

    Owl burns Madine shirt

    They seem to. Quite a bit actually.
  3. True. What about coke? My preferred term is "Bronson" or "Posh"
  4. Just listened back to last night's show. Absolutely hilarious listening to all those pigs back-tracking about Madine.
  5. Steelman

    Part timer

    Glad you enjoyed it pal. I hardly miss a game home or away, your opinion is welcome. Hopefully you'll want to come to more when possible.
  6. Steelman


    Or was it your 8 pints of Breakfast beer?
  7. They'd just drown it out with their fake crowd sound effects. C unts.
  8. Steelman


    He'll be gone in the summer. He won't be missed. Stolen money from the club during his time here.
  9. Steelman

    Is it only me...

    It's definitely you. 100%
  10. Steelman

    Van aaken off

    Good. Terrible signing. Whoever signed him should have to pay every penny he cost back to Chansiri.
  11. Very good point, but they've been playing each other for years in the top division. A lot of our animosity has built up while they've been in the pub league and we now have a lot of bitter, resentful little pigs wanting to let off steam (as well as some of our own idiots). I personally think that the more time we play, this stupidity will be vented until it's not there somuch. Pigs will still be scum and behave like the thugs they are though.
  12. Jesus Christ! 89 and Chuffing Orgreave........ Orgreave!!!!!??????? Bet none of them were even born then, let alone coppers. Orgreave...... And you still haven't answered my original reply to you. Did you say Forest v Derby or not?
  13. Cost per match is increased when you have to request mutual aid (more numbers) from other forces. Did you compare Us v Pigs to Forest v Derby or not then (which was my original point) Newcastle aren't policing a Derby, therefore you can't compare them. GMP is a massive force numbers wise compared to SYP so they don't need to request as many officers for mutual aid You cannot compre them, its quite literally comparing us to Man U. I don't think you are getting my point.
  14. You said Derby v Forest. That's 2 diferent forces to staff it, therefore the costs are halved. If you said Newcastle I apologise. However..... Look at the officer numbers SYP have compared to SWFC v Pigs then find a similar sized "Derby" and compare forces and officer numbers. SYP force area is an anomaly. There are no other forces that are the same size that have such a game. Personally I think SYP are garbage, family and friends have been victims of crime in the last 12 months and their response was shameful. But let's not forget it's the tories that are the root cause of all of this. Cops are just like Schools, NHS, etc. The clubs should be paying more instead of us slagging the police off.