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  1. Quite simply one of THE most stupid posts I've ever seen on here. If we're going to be that daft why not just say Pep Guardiola with Klopp as his assistant. FFS.
  2. You're killing our club You're killing our club Dejphon Chansiri You're killing our club!
  3. Be very surprised if any fans are allowed in grounds this side of Christmas.
  4. Oh look, another thread about the fraud/clown. WTF is this obsession with him. It's pathetic.
  5. Borner is dogger. Not even top half of the Championship standard, Murphy eventually came good, Harris inconsistent, but he did start very well. Out of the four I'll give you Iorfa as decent and good enough, and half each for Murphy and Harris. We need about 6-8 top half championship players and based upon that we've no chance. I've said it before and I'll stick my neck ou and say we won't start the season with a full squad. We're just too much of a shambles from top to bottom.
  6. Genuine question. Based on our previous recruitment what makes you think we'll bring anyone in that's even half decent? And even if we do identify a player and the deal can be done, do you really think they would want to come and join this shambles? Personally I don't think any half-decent pro would want anything to do with us.
  7. Been saying it for ages, we won't bring anyone in, next season will be even worse than this one. We're even more of a shambles off the pitch. No players will want to come here and we aren't organised enough to recruit anyone and get a deal over the line anyway.
  8. Never thought of that and you're bang on. JoeyPissypussy isn't fit to lick Kieran Lee's boots clean with his tongue.
  9. Have to admit I have a massive amount of "Man Love" for this guy. Easily our best midfielder of the last 10 years. If we had have been promoted under the Clown then I think he would have been the only outfield player we had capable of making the step up to the Premier League. Speaking of the Clown, I'll always believe it was him rushing him back against Huddersfield in the play off semi that finished him with that injury yet there's loads of idiots on here that think he's the best manager we've ever had. Would like KL to be offered a coaching role at the club, would like to think he'd accept as well. Great servant to the club who never let us down. Favourite memory was his last minute winner against Bristol a few seasons ago now. Even in injury time he still had the drive to run the length of the pitch to get the winner. Good times. If you do go Kieran, thanks for everything and I wish you good health with the hip, and a happy retirement with your family. You're welcome at Hillsborough any time.
  10. In what way? Because if pushed, I would say it tells me that 2/3 of Wednesday fans have no experience of managing people in general.
  11. Anyone who switches isn't a real football fan. It's the old adage that you can change your job, partner, etc. but you can't change your team. Supporting this lot is like being in an abusive marriage you can't get out of.
  12. For Christ Sake! Stop having common sense good ideas, especially on here. You're making the EFL look a right set of stupid cu.........s!
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