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  1. Why don’t you follow him and find out?
  2. After how he played against Hartlepool he should never have played for us again.
  3. Precisely! Which is why they wouldn’t come here where the owner doesn’t pay up.
  4. Why would anyone want to come and sign for a club that’s owned and run by a mad man?
  5. This is why we need the Neg button back.
  6. Exactly what I said on our Wednesday Away group chat.
  7. Club’s dying a slow death. It won’t be here in 10 years time.
  8. Based on the majority of our away performances in recent seasons, any ground where the seats face away from the pitch!
  9. Think there’s a player there but he needs to play his natural LB position with someone in front of him. This happened at Wigan away with Johnson playing in front of him and they combined really well. I hoped that Moore would continue with this partnership but it's not been tried since. Our clueless manager would rather persist with a back three even though we’ve only had one fit CB at any one time the entire season.
  10. He should never have played for us again after the Hartlepool game.
  11. Chansiri is a cancer on this club. And the longer he stays the less of the club will be left. He’s absolutely destroyed us and should be mercilessly hounded out.
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