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  1. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    Well Dan, I think we're going to have to agree to disagree. I'd love to discuss this over a pint with you, but I don't really think we'd be on the same level. Enjoy the rest of my season, enjoy my words of wisdom and you take care.
  2. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    Clown? Nonsense? I'd rather be a clown that talks nonsense than a Sheep that blindly follows the other clappers on here. Take it from someone who knows, it can be a terrible burden being right all the time. You'll see.
  3. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    Think Hooper would also be ideally suited to playing behind a front 2. And, yeah, Hunt might be injured.
  4. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    *Doubt* You clearly don't go if you're happy with what we're being served up. And have suffered since the beginning of last season.
  5. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    Swap Palmer for Hunt and I'm with you all the way.
  6. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    Probably because it's the truth which is obviously a difficult concept for you to grasp. Do you see unicorns and fairies on the pitch when you watch them playing? Do you even go to games? Because you're clearly not seeing the same dog muck everyone I know, and I, have been watching home and away, at great expense, for the last 2 seasons now. And what's negative about making a late charge for 6th considering our results to date and league position?
  7. Owls v Wolves Predictions

    Wednesday 0 - Wolves 4 Carlos (finally) Sacked immediately after the game. Happy days as attacking football returns to Hillsborough and we make a late charge for 6th.
  8. Can I Mention the Kit Please?

    *Galls* But joking aside, you hit the nail on the head. Neither do I believe for one second the story put out by the Club. I just think it was sheer incompetence, and the club is riddled with it from top to bottom.
  9. Mass exodus

    Exactly this. Better to do it in the second half IMO. Lets get behind the lads right from the off. Then show our disgust at the beginning of the second half.
  10. Promotion odds

    Wouldn't back us with pinched money.
  11. A Song for Carlos

    Time to Say Goodbye - Andrea Bocelli
  12. No, seriously it's gone for us. Let it go. What we should be doing is building for next season. Part of that should be to see if we can fast track the stand out U23 players into the first team squad, ready to hit the ground running next year. Especially with our ageing squad and "alleged" problems with FFP.
  13. Put this in another thread I started, couldn't agree more, especially as the season has gone for us now. Unfortunately that's too much like common sense and as we can all see, the club isn't being run that way.
  14. We're crap again

    Think you might be right mate, it's less painful that way.