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  1. The Wednesday Tap - now serving food

    So just to be clear, when's it start again?
  2. What does Jos have to do...

    I think it's you. You've being far too reasonable and balanced for on here.
  3. Been going since 1980 ish so...... Hodge Nilsson (Greatest RB of the Premier League era) Lyons - Captain (Hard as nails and a leader of men) Pearson Worthington Marwood Palmer Sheridan Waddle Hirst Varadi
  4. Clean language viewing

    Some really foul language next to me on the Kop..... WIsh my 10 year old would stop getting smashed on Haribos and Fruit Shoots before the game.
  5. Deadline Extended

    What a surprise. Hard working Yorkshire folk won't pay a premium price for a sub-standard product. Take note Chansiri.You need us more than we need you.
  6. Love to see the Dingles go down. Yet another inconsequential South Yorkshire club with a massive chip on their shoulder about us. Their latest thing of calling us "Pigs" is yet another example of their desperation to create a rivalry with us. Scrubbers.
  7. Hutchinson on Tv

    It's funny because it's true!!
  8. Or just prepared to throw players under the bus in order to get his move to Swansea.
  9. Stadium location?

    Yawn. Negged.
  10. Michael Vaughan in no doubt at all

    Still be a Piggy Bar steward tho!
  11. Michael Vaughan in no doubt at all

    Or as I like to say..... "Pig to do a Man's job". Piggy Root tho! What a cvvvvvvvvnt!
  12. Wallace has been another great servant to the club who has earned every penny of the wages he's been paid. It disgusts me to see some of the abuse and disrespect he gets as well. People should be mindful that we've got players stealing a living at the club, Matias being the worst culprit of all time, before slagging him off.
  13. Let's crowdfund George Hirst's new contract

    Stupid idea. Neg.
  14. Preslav Borukov

    Viktor Krum.