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  1. Bullen has got a job for life with us, why spoil it by becoming manager and the chance of getting sacked
  2. I'll be manager b4 Pearson, he's said on several occasions he wouldn't manage us
  3. I don't actually know him personally, may be a right nice bloke, just hapens he's crap at football
  4. He's also won PFA Fans' Player of the Month awardhttp://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10160576/roberto-firmino-and-gary-hooper-lead-pfa-fans-player-of-the-month-awards-for-january
  5. says match to be screened on romanian tv http://looktv.ro/page/meciurile-verii
  6. Get Wednesday player, £10 for the year. http://t.livingsocia...jp&rpi=74954760 http://t.livingsocia...jp&rpi=74954760
  7. It does show you he can't be that good when a moonlighting Jose Semedo scored 5 against Olympiakos in their final game of season. http://www.cyprusfooty.com/category/olympiakos/
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