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  1. I don't actually know him personally, may be a right nice bloke, just hapens he's crap at football
  2. He's also won PFA Fans' Player of the Month awardhttp://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/10160576/roberto-firmino-and-gary-hooper-lead-pfa-fans-player-of-the-month-awards-for-january
  3. says match to be screened on romanian tv http://looktv.ro/page/meciurile-verii
  4. Get Wednesday player, £10 for the year. http://t.livingsocia...jp&rpi=74954760 http://t.livingsocia...jp&rpi=74954760
  5. It does show you he can't be that good when a moonlighting Jose Semedo scored 5 against Olympiakos in their final game of season. http://www.cyprusfooty.com/category/olympiakos/
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