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  1. It was Venancio with the assist, not Fox. Video: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/42840446
  2. At least we are only 3 points worse off than at the same stage of the season in which we reach Wembley.
  3. We do attack, we're just not very effective at it.
  4. This thread isn't about our strikers. There are plenty of other threads where you can moan about our lack of offensive threat. Give our defence credit where it is due!
  5. Would you rather we didn't keep clean sheets and potentially start losing matches? Not conceding is a good thing and this new partnership deserves credit as they've passed their first test with flying colours! It would be great to see Van Aken playing like he was before his confidence was wrecked in the derby - a defender playing accurate long passes out from the back would mean that Bannan doesn't need to keep coming deep to pick the ball up to set attacks going, he can get further forward into the areas where he is most effective.
  6. Update after Reading. Well at least the line is still going upwards and isn't totally flat.
  7. With Tom Lees injured (maybe for a few weeks, rumoured groin strain?), I think our two Dutchmen at the back deserve some credit for keeping a clean sheet in their first game as a centre half pairing away at last season's playoff finalists. If Lees is out for a while we could do with more of the same in the coming games.
  8. Here's the updated graph which compares this season to all the previous seasons since we were promoted:
  9. As per title. I've put this in the graph thread but thought it deserved a thread of it's own. At the same time last season and the season before we had 24 points. This season we have 23.
  10. Update after Millwall. Only 4 points less than last season, and 3 points off the playoffs.
  11. You can't keep Hooper, Fletcher, Rhodes, Hooper, Forestieri and Winnall all in great form. We've done the right thing signing a decent Championship player for peanuts and will make big profit at the very least.
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