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  1. Great that he's doing well. If he keeps this up he's going to either come back in great form having scored loads of goals, or Derby will want to keep him and with each goal his value will rise. Much better than him sitting on our bench and stagnating, win-win situation really.
  2. We are only 4-5 points away from where we were last season and the season before so it isn't as much of a crisis as people make out. We had a bad spell around November time in the last two seasons so if we pick up some results in the next few weeks we will be back on track.
  3. I update the above thread after each league game with the updated graph. Here is the latest update following the Derby game:
  4. Loovens fouled him and it denied a obvious goalscoring opportunity as he was last man. Double jeopardy doesn't apply as he shoved him and didn't make an attempt for the ball. No complaints. My only complaint would be towards Loovens for his stupidity. No need to make the challenge. Had Vydra gone through and scored we could still have recovered with 11 men. Vydra might not have even scored and it'd still be 0-0 with 11 v 11. If you're going to give a penalty away at least make a challenge for the ball so that the double jeopardy rule comes into play and you only get a yellow. As club captain he should know better and totally deserves the blame. Credit must go to the 10 that had to pick up the pieces and battled on admirably for the rest of the match. They could have easily thrown the towel in but they fought for the manager and club, really had Derby frustrated until the second goal and could even have nicked a late point but for that goal.
  5. Update after today's win. Only one point worse than this time last season.
  6. A point at Cardiff this afternoon leaves Wednesday two points better off than this time last season and four points better off than this time in Carlos' first season.
  7. Here you go have an extra graph for your patience, comparing this to all the seasons since we got promoted from L1:
  8. Here is my updated one if you prefer to see it all in line graph form:
  9. The offence is when an offside player interferes with play. If an offside player interferes with play in his own half, that is where the freekick is taken from by the new rules. If an offside player isn't interfering with play, he is not committing an offence therefore no freekick at all. Takes a bit of getting your head around but that is how I understand it.
  10. There was a rule change before the start of last season. The official was right, Bullen was wrong if that's what he was complaining about. "If an offside offence occurs, the referee awards an indirect free kick where the offence occurred, including if it is in the player’s own half of the field of play." http://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-11---offside
  11. Here's the updated graph after today. One point better off than the two previous seasons.
  12. There we go then first win and 1 point better off than this time last season.
  13. Yeah we'll be reyt if we beat Fulham on Saturday we'll have a point more than last season
  14. We got Loovens from Real Zaragoza on a free (or for a small fee, not totally sure). He was a great signing by Dave Jones nonetheless.
  15. My attempt at positivity - not the three points we were hoping for but at least we've got something on the board. And a win on Wednesday would put us on exactly the same points total as the last two seasons. Plus there's a long way to go
  16. Worth reemphasising this considering our opening day defeat. None of the four sides who achieved automatic promotion in 2015/16 and 2016/17 won their opening match so it isn't the end of the world.
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