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  1. Update after Huddersfield sees us return to top 6 form for the season. (sorry it is hard to see the black line beneath the red one)
  2. Update after Millwall. Still automatic promotion form, no need for silly over-reactions.
  3. This season's black line is off to a great start!
  4. The Graph Thread returns for 2019/20. I will be adding a new line to the graphs for this season and posting updated versions game by game throughout the season in this thread. As we experience the highs and lows of the Championship season and many of us get carried away after each and every result, it is easy to forget the bigger picture of the season as a whole (and also consider how we are doing compared to previous seasons). I hope that this thread can help us not to over react if we have a few winless matches, nor think the Championship trophy has our name on it if we put consecutive wins together in September. Below are the graphs which show our progress in the full seasons under Chansiri's ownership, and also how we did in all of the seasons since getting promoted from League One. The straight lines are based upon the average (mean) number of points needed for the particular achievement over the last 10 seasons. For example, the 3rd placed teams in the Championship over the last 10 seasons achieved points of 83, 88, 85, 89. 86, 85, 77, 86, 80, 79 - so on average achieving 83.8 points with a better goal difference (1.82174 points per game) would be enough to finish above the 3rd placed team and hence achieve automatic promotion (lower than the widely-accepted value of 90 points for a top 2 finish). If you have any feedback or suggestions about the graphs, feel free to comment and I will do my best to improve them.
  5. Interesting outcome to a series of polls on the Sheffield Wednesday Transfers Facebook page tonight. Only three of the top fourteen favourites with Sky Bet managed to get greater than 50% approval from Owls fans.
  6. Update after Villa. The only way to now finish above the dotted line for the playoffs is to win all six of our remaining matches.
  7. All of a sudden my seat has appeared under 'Your Reservations' so been able to renew it finally. Very bizarre as I had been trying since yesterday doing exactly the same thing and my seat wasn't there. If anyone is still struggling, go back to 'Your Reservations' page on the dropdown menu under 'Hello XXX' because yours might have magically appeared too.
  8. Just tried that, cheers, but it still won't work. The client ID box just turns red.
  9. I can buy other seats online but mine doesn't come up to renew, under 'Season Tickets' or 'Your Reservations'. Have emailed them but no reply, tried ringing but also getting diverted to main reception then cut off. Will have to go down to the shop this afternoon if I don't hear anything but living over an hour away it is a right pain in the backside.
  10. Update after Blackburn. 5 points from the playoff dotted line, which is exactly where we will be assuming Bristol City win their two games in hand (or 4 points off the playoffs if Derby win their game in hand). So it is looking like the points total needed for getting in the top 6 is on course for being around the usual average of 73.2 this season, meaning we will probably need around 18 points from our remaining 8 fixtures to sneak in. Tough ask really with tough fixtures to come.
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