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    Here is Matt's latest update regarding this: https://footballtyper.wordpress.com/2018/05/19/quidagoal-update-1/ Would be great to get more on board
  2. I've been able to label the point on the graph when he came in (after the labelled match). Here are the final graphs of the season:
  3. Not sure why the other graph won't upload, keep getting an error.
  4. I will do it again next season. How many previous seasons should I put on each graph though? Stick with those since Carvalhal's first season, just compare next season to this season, or include all seasons since we got promoted (bit cluttered though, as below)?
  5. Things look a whole lot more promising this evening after the win over Leeds.
  6. Update after Bolton. At least the line is no longer flat. Interesting that if the bottom 3 keep picking up points at the rate that they have this season so far, we could lose every match for the rest of the season and we would still stay up.