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  1. Never a captain in a million years. Shadow of the player he was next to Loovens in his first 2 years. Played a part in both their goals. First goal he was way out of position, Palmer had 2 players, whilst Lees was marking Shadows. Never been a leader, Thornily does more talking and organising when he plays, which, for me, says it all.
  2. Whilst I agree that it is pushed by the macro breweries for those reasons, there are some smashing breweries putting beers in keg now. Unless I am in a place that has a reputation for its cask ales, I generally avoid. The amount of landlords who get a cask marque nowadays who don't have a scooby how to look after a cask ale is astounding. Got CAMRA to thank for that.
  3. Big Atdhe laid over the bar top at La Chambre wearing a leopard print mankini for valentines weekend
  4. 14 first teamers missing, and yet some people blaming the new manager is plain pathetic. Get. A. Grip.
  5. Just goes to prove, form is temporary, class is permanent. Jog on to your own forum you knuckle dragging, wife beating, sister [email protected] snortbeast.
  6. Dave Jones is an horrendous footballer. The guy takes an age to get the ball put of his feet, dallies with it, and passes late to a player, by which time the receiver is always marked. He is flat footed, slow and ponderous. The guy is there to offer protection to the back 4, but he is powder puff in the tackle, and is poor at marking. A car crash waiting to happen. Should be been subbed on 25 minutes for Pudil to come On, letting Reach loose on the wing. How anybody can defend him is beyond me, the guy is a wallflower. Might as well put a mannequin on in his place, would probably be stronger in the tackle.
  7. Wallace is the man we have in the squad for set pieces. His corner delivery today was beyond pathetic. If he can't cross properly, then why is he in the team?
  8. Had a pint and was very impressed. Can tell they used plenty of hops too, which are not cheap. Reckon it cost 2-3 times as much to produce compared to the dross that is fosters and John Smith's. Very good reasonable price.
  9. Seriously, why would Liverpool loan a winger to us for game time, when we haven't given decent game time to the previously loaned wingers?
  10. Now is time to say so long to both. No player should act as though he is bigger than the club, and a manager pandering to his every whim, and being detrimental to team performance, no. Follow Fessi out the door Carlos.
  11. Think people need to just chill out. Some of the negativity surrounding next season, just as one has finished. I am, like all owls, absolutely gutted. We were second best over the 2 legs. But, we are still building. No reason why with the right signings and right tactics, together with the correct mentality, that we can't do what Brighton have done this year. People need to get to bed, and look at things when they wake up tomorrow, as I will do. The shroud of positivity surrounding us last season and the start of this season is on danger of ebbing away, which we can't afford to happen. We need to shrug it off, forget it completely, and move on. What's done is done. There is always going to be another chance, and we will get there eventually.
  12. Harlee Dean at Brentford for me, solid and good leader.
  13. He has had his time. Thanks for last season Carlos, but this season has been a stuttering wreck. Shocking tactics and results, with the amount of money spent and the talent at his disposal, it really isn't good enough. It's ok to blame injuries, but the players he has brought in for good money, should be filling the void left by others. And the failure to bring in a replacement for Loovens plus extra cover at centre half has been negligent beyond belief.
  14. People slagging off Reach. Did more running in 10 minutes at centre mid than Bannan did the entire match. Bannan was woeful tonight, some of his deliveries were woeful.
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