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  1. He's wrong, but bless his little cottons anyway. Fletcher missed the remainder of season, Lee & Hooper out for over a year, Forestieri out for months also and since shown no form, and by Carlos' own admission on departure he couldn't motivate peripheral players. There's no way he could have recovered our season the way he describes. He's brushing his ego.
  2. I always think 23 should be the aim. 2 outfielders for every position, plus 3 keepers. Yes, you need luck with injuries - and teams that go up usually have that luck on side. Leeds are sat top 2 having only used 3 strikers. Only needed the 3rd because Nketiah quit halfway through - and neither he or Augustin played much. How many did Wolves use? Jota, Bonatini, who else? Norwich used Pukki, Rhodes, and Srbeny (lightly). DJM and I aren't going to agree on this one. 8 strikers is wasteful and far too many in my opinion.
  3. Some of our problems are self-induced. We've kept hold of players for too long. Padding out the squad to compensate for players breaking down or ageing past their best has been a mistake. Couple that with some poor recruitment, leaves us where we are.
  4. Maybe sporadic apps made by fringe players, but you could name 8 or 9 of Bournemouth & Burnley's starting XI every week before the teamsheet came out. They had a remarkable level of continuity in their side - where as we seem to be constantly rotating these days. We don't have effective combinations like we used to. In my opinion, we've really missed Hooper. He paired well with others, Fletcher & Forestieri inparticular.
  5. Windass sees himself as a striker. Monk said he considered Da Cruz a striker. Forestieri's best season by far was alongside Hooper as a striker. All 8 are strikers, even if some can fill in other positions. Bournemouth & Burnley got up with modest size squads. Norwich & Huddersfield also. I don't agree with fat bloated squads. They breed discontent. You can't keep everyone motivated and actively involved. Name one club that had/needed/used 8 strikers in one season achieving success. Some only needed 3.
  6. We have 8 strikers. 5 on contract, 3 on loan. That should never have been allowed to happen. They're an expensive commodity and a waste of budget. 2 in the team, 2 on the bench. After that, dip into the u23s for cover. No value in having 4 on their arse in the stands.
  7. Hmmmm....so he bemoans coaches insisting that he trains, yet says he himself is dissatisfied if he doesn't and his depression spirals. I also recall interviews he's given in the past insisting he was in better shape physically and mentally than ever for being pushed to train. I remember him praising Stuart Gray at the time for allowing Sam to train as he saw fit because "no-one knows his body better than he does". I'm not so sure you do, Sam. Love your committed playing style on the pitch, but you're a walking talking contradiction.
  8. Reducing squad size would be a good start. So much wasted budget.
  9. Always felt we were more solid and resilient with Atherton in the team. Won't dazzle anyone with skill, but a versatile defender like Hutchinson.
  10. Hasnt he signed a 3yr community service deal for crashing into a shop full of bagels?
  11. ..despite still being paid many thousands of pounds per week to perform for Sheffield Wednesday? I don't understand how you can imply that whilst attacking Monk and my criticism of the players.
  12. So, have we qualified for Europe or what?
  13. That brings their integrity & professionalism into question, not Monk's decision to tell them. I don't see honesty as a stick to beat Monk with. If he's been open & straight with the players about their futures, that's commendable. If they switch off as you describe - and I think they have - it says a lot about their character. So why defend them?
  14. Awwww nowt like worshipping a player that hasn't shown form for 3yrs. What would we do without him?!
  15. ..and when Bullen brought them back, he was auditioning for the job. Maybe that's why he did it. Look, my criticism is not just of Hutch & Westy, it's the whole group as a collective. No doubt some are not rotten apples, but others can be swayed. Discontent spreads like poison. Carlos fired a parting shot at squad players not pulling their weight. What happens? Joao & Nuhiu start banging them in once he's gone to prove a point. If players were told new contracts would not be forthcoming, perhaps it's because they - or their agents - were asking. Naturally they would if current deals are soon to expire. What's Monk supposed to do, lie? Sure, new 2yr deal with your name on it mate waiting for you in June.
  16. It made no sense to exile Hutchinson at a time when Luongo was injured - unless their working relationship could not be salvaged. Comes down to whatever was said and done. What I would criticise was the decision to loan 3 more strikers whilst we were left short in midfield. One of those strikers should have been sacrificed for a defensive midfielder instead.
  17. Poor old dingles. At least they have their extra finger to give themselves a better handjob.
  18. First thing a new manager says..."clean slate for everybody". No surprise they were brought in from the cold. Bruce only managed them for 3 months. Maybe he never got to see their true colours. Monk was very candid about "what you need in a dressing room" back in January, and remarks about players that "shouldn't still be here". Those comments don't correlate to age or fitness concerns. Believe that shyte if you wish. I don't care.
  19. Bruce was here 5 minutes. Carlos did say there were some difficult players to manage without naming names. If you still back those players after what we've seen play out in recent years, fair play to ya. Personally, I think some down tools and have survived too many managers here.
  20. Christ Brunt?! I know his left peg was sweet, but not sure he's Jesus.
  21. Our collapse in form is down to the players. I'm amazed there are some who still don't realise that. How many managers must they throw under the bus for people to catch on what they're like? Might be relegation form, but we're pretty comfortable in mid-table. Would likely take a points deduction to relegate us - and for decisions made long before he came here. Likewise at Birmingham. ..and we don't know what went on with Hutch & Westy, but we do know both were outcast by different managers, so good chance they're a coupla c*nts.
  22. Oh c'mon, you can't hang points deductions for financial mismanagement around his neck. I'm no Monk fan, but that's taking the píss. We've got 48 points on the board already. Scrape another win & we're probably safe. If we're relegated this season, it won't be for footballing reasons.
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