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  1. The other 5 games will be given to FF.
  2. Whoever gets in will be owned by Putin anyway, so let's focus on the more important issue of promotion.
  3. This ^^ We often falter in key moments. We'll do no more than flirt with the playoffs unless that changes. We haven't put a winning run together in a long time. That is what's needed to put us top 6 and establish ourselves.
  4. Every little helps, but I'm more wary of Matt Phillips. He looks in decent form this season.
  5. There are two ways we can go...a Fletcher carbon-copy to rotate and share the load, or an athletic no.9 to play off the shoulder and stretch teams. I'd go for the latter on this occasion. Let's add something we don't already have. Good pace and movement please; a striker to improve our dynamic.
  6. Ref said he could give Nuhiu the penalty, but would have to suspend Forestieri for 3 games as a result. Typical.
  7. There was no need. I started to use both hands. Rattled through 'em in no time at all.
  8. 2nd is for pusssies. 7th is where it's at, just under that dotted line.
  9. Yes, i agree. But, he also stopped doing the things he was good at. No explanation for that.
  10. Sink or swim, if he does play for us again it would be nice to see some fight from him. He used to be ruthless top end of the pitch. To see someone with his record disappear off the scene here so quietly for no apparent reason...very sad.
  11. Use him as bait to sign Jackson off them.
  12. Norwich wouldn't know if they'd agreed a deal for him or not? Rhodes wouldn't know? His agent wouldn't know? Paixao wouldn't know? ..because DC handles negotiations both sides and on behalf of the player concerned? That would be a really interesting conversation with himself to overhear.
  13. Oh shut your arse. It's been reported this week. Google it yourself if you can work a search engine.
  14. I believe that was the case earlier in the summer. Recent reports refer to a deal just before deadline that was agreed in principle and then pulled.
  15. I think it's wrong. Wouldn't be the first time. Joined initially on loan, which was made permanent on a 4yr contract in summer 2017. That's what was reported at the time anyway.
  16. Absolutely. That's pretty obvious when a player loses his edge completely like he has. Rhodes is also a player that needed to adapt his game. You look at Fletcher...32yrs old pushing 33. He looks stronger than ever. Fitter than ever. He's clearly added muscle mass. Contrast that with the physiques of Rhodes & Nuhiu that look as though they've never hit the gym. How could they possibly say they're giving 100% if they've not even worked on themselves physically?
  17. In January he'll still have 18 months left.
  18. Reports don't say what the fee was, but that it was 'agreed'. Don't think a derogatory fee would have been agreed. I suspect there's more to the whole saga than we'll ever hear. His comments about the dressing room alluded to problems, and I still don't know why his dad left sharpish the way he did. Then begs the question why he's become so fecking useless on the pitch.
  19. Something very weird about Rhodes' situation. Been said this week that Norwich agreed fee and terms to sign him in summer, then DC blocked the move. All very bizarre.
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