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  1. Does Dalton have a licence to kill? Bet he'd beat the living daylights out of anyone who gets in the ring with him.
  2. 3-0 defeat to Kazakstan...the stuff dream debuts are made of.
  3. Jon Otsemobor. Tbh, I always thought he was alright, and I liked that he was built like a tank. He used to reply to my twitter messages too - what a guy!! But everyone used to slate him, so I guess my opinion was blinkered.
  4. Bruce said JvA had ankle surgery. Out for season.
  5. Be good to have him on the bench, that's for sure.
  6. He has a year left and has performed well this season. Chelsea aren't gonna give him away. Mepham 12mil, Gibson 15mil, both championship performers - as is Hector. He's still worth a few bob.
  7. Ball-playing centre-half, in his prime, still under contract on lucrative wages...Hector could be worth £5m+ in today's market. They paid that sort of money for him, and he's more experienced now. Where we gonna find that fee under umbongo? ..even before you ponder the wage cap likely to be imposed.
  8. Hutch did, Fletcher did, and I think we've run Lee into the ground. He's had multiple ops during his time here. Quality aside, Hooper never looks the fittest and we've not had a full season out of him. There are so many factors. FF was also in & out of the team at Watford. Did he miss much through injury there, or was it purely competition for places?
  9. Lazaar is probably a freebie - or dirt cheap anyway. On his arse at Newcastle. Bruce implied as much. Why shouldn't we have taken a chance on him given the circumstances?! I probably wouldn't re-sign Lazaar either, for the same reason. Given our injury history the past two years, I wouldn't sign anyone without a squeaky clean bill of health. No guarantees someone won't get injured in the future, but you can at least ensure they arrive in good nick and without previous.
  10. They spent more on McGinn than loaning Onomah would have cost. He was on his arse deadline day, that's how we got him. Bruce took Tuanzebe back to Villa for a second loan spell. Could have done so with Onomah had he wanted. He does like the player, we know that. He remarked on him when he came in. Doesn't mean he'll re-sign him. Not sure DC would be too keen on the suggestion, seeing how this year has gone for him.
  11. I doubt it. Nil contribution does not justify another loan. Yes, Bruce likes him - not enough to take him back to Villa last summer though. Went and bought McGinn instead.
  12. Not content with our own list of crocks, we're now loaning them in just to strengthen numbers in the sick bay.
  13. The type of midfielder we need, but he's had a shocker this season. Feels like it's not meant to be for him here.
  14. My thoughts are the same. New deals for Westwood & Palmer, bin the rest. Only leeway could be if Hooper comes into the reckoning after international break and makes a valuable contribution to season run-in - but even that's a huge ask. Lee, Matias, Boyd, Abdi, Jones, Pudil...your race is run. Would love Hector permanently, but that's unrealistic. Lazaar not fit enough. Depends on Aarons' worth. Ashley doesn't give players away. Onomah's had a 'mare.
  15. Very hard run-in. We're on a tidy unbeaten run, but have yet to put a winning run together. Can we win 4 or 5 on the spin to put us right in the shake-up? If we want playoffs, the opportunity is there now because we play the teams around us. We must earn the right to be there.
  16. Found the right club for him. Sometimes it just clicks.
  17. Has Bazza broken his retweet button again? FFS!
  18. We'll never win playoffs this season if we don't sign Findlay in the summer.
  19. Cameo in game 46, trips over boot lace tears groin nearly dies signs for someone else, recovers in record time starts banging goals in for another club our medical team continue paracetamol and kisses protocol 9 players breakdown next year we all cry.
  20. Villa are finding some form at the right time. I feel they are favourites for 6th.
  21. He was plotting to run on the pitch and punch Grealish. Police took him to the right stadium.
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