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  1. Good luck trying to work through his issues.
  2. Maddison & Murphy. Sold their two most valuable players yet still went on to win automatic. United also after selling Brooks. For whatever reason, DC simply refuses to trade realistically. It's always been Forestieri or bust with him.
  3. You don't ignore it, you see it for what it was. Bad deals make a loss. Can't expect to recoup those losses. Try to minimise and manage. Norwich spent fortunes on Naismith & Wildschut. They've just walked on frees after loan spells elsewhere because they were bad deals. It happens, and has happened here repeatedly.
  4. How can one over-priced player valuation in a bad deal be used as a benchmark?! Madine was never a 6mil player. Cardiff paid way over the odds after a half-season purple patch at Bolton. Rhodes has become a championship version of Torres.
  5. We're lucky Norwich want him back. I was hoping DC would make the most of that, not scare them off with a silly price.
  6. Take a lesser fee to get him off the books, or continue to pay up to 4mil per season in fee & salary. Hmmm...tough one DC. May need to consult the rocket scientists on this one.
  7. Rhodes hasn't been a regular starter for 3yrs since he helped Boro up, and yet DC thinks he's still worth most of what he paid for him? I don't understand his logic at all.
  8. Is that Nixon's story, DC wants 7mil for Rhodes? Seriously?
  9. The only person that seems to give a shyte about Steve Gibson's whingeathon is Steve Gibson.
  10. I don't think he is, not in terms of apps, goals, assists, or influence on style of play - nor value for money. The only thing I see in Onomah's favour is age & athleticism.
  11. I like his attrlbutes, but Onomah did sod all and couldn't stay fit. Talented, but I'd pass.
  12. Strange thing to say. He's played right-back for 6yrs now, and his recent form there has gotten him into the national team.
  13. His next move is to buy our wage bill off us and sell it back at a fraction of the cost. D-Taxis will then buy FF and return him on loan to be made permanent once he passes the "knowledge" test.
  14. Disappointed. I wanted Powell, but if he's too steep he's too steep. We move on..
  15. On the 6th hour of the 6th day of the 6th month - but it'll be 6 minutes late.
  16. He's been used as a right-back for 6yrs and never shown attacking prowess when going forward. How much of a chance do you think a person should get? Happy with Palmer as a full-back option as he's been defensively sound of late, but a wing-back he definitely is not.
  17. Yes, it's over 30 and past it's best so he gave a 4yr contract.
  18. Unless we do switch to 3 at the back as Bruce commented on when he took over, but that creates a problem in specialist wing-back positions and would render Palmer's new contract offer pointless because he isn't one.
  19. He is a good player, and that's why I'm surprised we're in for two more left-sided centre-halves. We only really need one good one to lead with Thorniley his cover and competition.
  20. Paying it gives you full bowel elimination & cleanse that lasts a year.
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