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  1. Very disappointing. I would have sacrificed Bannan to keep Shaw & Urhoghide.
  2. Nixon reckons Portsmouth & Lincoln in for Griffiths. Didn’t mention us.
  3. Unless Admin is a striker who can bang in 20 for us next season, it shouldn’t be in the my guru transfer megafred.
  4. I’ll ask him. But as far as we know… no accounts submitted, embargo still in place, players still unpaid, Moore can’t recruit, pre-season starts in 2 weeks, no ticket news, and no kit release. Dej relaxed though.
  5. He said Att is crunching the numbers in between algebra classes. Unfortunately the - button is broken on his calculator.
  6. Yes, he said to just throw them away mate.
  7. I emailed Dej to ask him your concerns. His response was: ’I’m on it. Be reyt xx ‘
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