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  1. I'm still tryin' to sack you..
  2. Is it too late to sack Dielna?
  3. Carlos goes if we lose?

    Absofookin'lutely! if he can't get a response from the players after recent results and performances, then his time is up. I wouldn't even accept a draw. Sounds harsh against decent opposition, but if he's serious about promotion then his boys have to go out there and get it done. The result needs to back up what he's saying.
  4. Van Aaken

    Deserves some slack. In the deep end. No pre-season with us, no time to familiarise. Shown some good bits and pieces already. Give him time.
  5. horse today

    It'll start slow, perform inconsistently, then underachieve.
  6. Roland Nilsson

    1. Westwood 2. Nilsson 3. Nilsson 4. Nilsson 5. Nilsson 6. Nilsson 7. Nilsson 8. Nilsson 9. Nilsson 10. Nilsson 11. Nilsson Head Coach: Nilsson
  7. New kits this week?

    The smart thing for DC to do is restore stripes for next season and make damn sure the kits are out early next summer.
  8. Matias / Boyd

    You're being daft now. When you say he's your first choice, that commits you. Did he ever say Emauelson was his first choice? Or Abdi? Or Fox? ..or the many others? No, but he did of Boyd, and Hooper when he joined. Also shared his admiration of Bannan as a player he'd followed for years. There's a difference.
  9. Matias / Boyd

    He would have said nothing in that case. His comments endorsed the signing as his preference.
  10. Matias / Boyd

    Carlos said he was first choice.