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  1. Pre-season tomorrow and we've done nowt. Like a naughty school kid that hasn't done their homework. DC'll have to say dog ate his.
  2. This ain't breaking anymore. We've been screwed. Time to move on.
  3. wilyfox

    Sam Winnall at #SWFC

    Depends on how well he integrates back into the squad, for me. We don't know what kicked off between him and FF, or whether all is truly forgiven or not. If he's just gonna divide the group, I'd rather get rid.
  4. We may be on the limit, but perhaps not over it. Who knows?! I don't. But as things stand we're two right-sided centre-halves down on last season, so something needs to give.
  5. Might not be popular, but we're in a predicament with players like Bannan & Hooper. One year left to run on their contracts; DC has a decision to make whether to renew or trade assets before we lose them for nowt.
  6. Could be a possible exchange, Bannan for Roberts?
  7. wilyfox

    Back to training early

    He's right though... The injured players that haven't played for months defo need extra rest just so they have enough energy to get through their holidays.
  8. wilyfox

    Rhodes to Norwich

    He's at Carrow Road. Guru dropped him off.
  9. wilyfox

    Rhodes to Norwich

    ..and not just Rhodes, I suspect.
  10. If the lad wants to play elsewhere..fair enough. If he was holding out for more money..his prerogative. What leaves a sour taste is two former highly regarded players conspiring to shaft us. Legends my arsehole. Hirst & Pearson are dead to me.
  11. And foook their owners Leicester when they transfer him back to UK for free further down the line.
  12. wilyfox

    Rhodes to Norwich

    Sell sell sell! - but it'd probably be a loan.