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  1. Someone drag their arse out in snow and buy a copy. This fox prefers the warm.
  2. Every team is a dangerous team for Carlos, because we're struggling to beat anyone at the moment.
  3. Hutch is not injured

    Told me in bed this morning all is well. Sam doesn't even suffer from bed hair. Perfect.
  4. George is not David reborn. The lad clearly doesn't share the romance of Hirst/Wednesday connection. 7-figure sum loaded with add-ons... Sell.

    CC's arrogance will prove his undoing.
  6. All I can say is foook football. You, you, and you. Foook everybody.
  7. PATRICE EVRA!!!...

    If only?! Would probably still out-pace our squad when he turns 45.
  8. I didn't say he was a crap player in any way, just not what we needed. Keep ya fannypack on! Proven quality, but so are Jones and Abdi. Can they get in the team either? It's about signing the right pieces to fit our jigsaw, not just random good players. Even when fit, Boyd was struggling to hold down a place the way we play.
  9. I knew he'd be a crap signing. I tried to join the masses and look at his positives, but he was never what we needed. When you have Reach and Wallace, you don't need Boyd. We needed something different; dare I say pace and power? God forbid..!
  10. Done with it all

    It's sad, a couple of results starts us believing a little again. Truth is, we know our team and style of play doesn't yield the consistent results to take us where we wanna go. Automatic is already out of sight. All I hope is we can get ourselves into the playoff places again and use the January window properly this time to address shortcomings so we have a team able to win them this time.
  11. Gary Madine

    What a putz
  12. I wouldn't trust our recruitment to get it right at the 10th attempt.
  13. Sam Hutchinson

    If he's limping, it's because I worked him too hard.