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  1. Honest from we've taken points off two playoff contenders this week. That’s not bad going when you consider we have no offence. Hopefully that’ll change in January. Big Tone knows where it’s at
  2. Well had we actually replaced Murphy, perhaps we wouldn’t be so reliant.
  3. Why feel sorry? He’s handsomely paid for doing fookall on the pitch.
  4. Being realistic, someone like Keinan Davis on loan or similar. Austin would be good if he still can’t get a kick at WBA. Davis’ pace & power would be preferable though.
  5. Greatest potential - Joao & Wickham Best quality - Hooper Most consistent performer - Tudgay
  6. Tough game. O’Neill has them moving in the right direction again. If Fletcher’s out that’s a help to us, but Tyrese Campbell has been in terrific form. Similar threat as Ayew.
  7. It’s possible. He did it at Cardiff playing off Zohore. Maybe we need that powerhouse centre-forward to help other pieces fall into place. At Stoke had Fuller, Jerome, and Jones. That is the type he needs to source for us to make the team function better.
  8. Certainly no BS with Big Tone. Honest, direct, and his points the way forward.
  9. Had the club actually replaced Hutchinson, he wouldn’t need to.
  10. No surprise. Never believed Musa was a goer. Players are less inclined to drop these days even if it’s not happening for them. They prefer to hold out. Musa doesn’t fit what we need anyway. If we’d gone for Chris Martin during the window like I wanted, we wouldn’t be scratching around for that type of player now.
  11. I’d still like Brown worked into the side.
  12. Why am I not surprised? Monk said it was a knock with swelling, then he said hyperextension of the knee, and now we find out Luongo actually had a cartilage op. Monk was never truthful about injuries.
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