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  1. Lost 1 in 2 under Bullen. Lost 1 in 7 under Monk. Carry on.
  2. Upped his game significantly in 2019. Credit to him. I do like a fox.
  3. Happy with how we're doing, all things considered. Stay in contention going into January, then see what can be done. Between now and then, Monk needs some magic dust for Reach & Forestieri.
  4. Unchanged. Surprised. Glad to see Murphy dropped. He deserved to be.
  5. Needs to show something then, if that's true.
  6. We do need some movement in the forward area come January. Between now and then, I'm hoping that Reach perks up & Forestieri makes a contribution. The way we've defended, we're only a goal here & there from being right in the mix. It may not take prolificacy.
  7. I wouldn't say 'they're all wrong'. Harris & Fletcher have been great. It's not quite happening on our right side for Reach or Murphy. That's the problem. A couple more goals from those two at this stage may have put us amongst the front runners.
  8. I was surprised he played the full 90. Thought it would be a straight swap with Nuhiu around 60-70 mins to keep some freshness for Stoke. If he does start tomorrow, I wouldn't use him for more than an hour. We defo need him vs. Leeds.
  9. Agree with @Holmowl, reckon minutes will be harder for Murphy to come by the next couple of months once FF is reintroduced. Murphy has no cutting edge to his game at present, and concedes possession far too cheaply. Even if Nando doesn't bang'em in straight away, he does at least protect the ball better in a scrap when we do get higher up the pitch.
  10. Fox was probably chosen for added height in set-pieces against Cardiff, but I think Odubajo will come back in to face Stoke. For me, the question mark is over Fletcher. Played the 90 on Friday, and we shall need him for the Leeds game. Do we start him tomorrow as well? I do fear we'll break him at some point.
  11. I wouldn't have called for it. Like I said, the cross was short.
  12. I felt going into the game they were there for the taking. They've struggled to get their offensive game working, and have shipped in a few. That said, their home record this season is impressive.
  13. Far from his best, but he'll know that. I am critical of him because he's a good player performing below his own standards - but would stick with him. There's good reason to believe his form will pick up.
  14. This ^ Fox was absolutely fine. 7/10 no probs last night. i thought all did well bar the substitutes, whom were regrettable. Murphy was awful and Nuhiu didn't keep the ball well enough to vindicate that change.
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