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  1. It's ok, I dm'ed them a coćk pic. They won't be expecting that.
  2. Someone with leadership skills who is not yet here. No-one in our squad is captain material.
  3. Are we any closer to hearing the outcome of being heard at the hearing?
  4. Class A supply can be tricky to come by.
  5. Thanks. I'd also like to know his preferred nickname; Garry Spunk, or G-force.
  6. I'd like Monk's opinion on 5G and the reptilian elite, please.
  7. Good. Get him up there alongside Wickham.
  8. I'm pleased he's finally chosen a system. That was my criticism of Monk; there was no sign of him implementing any philosophy or way of playing. The regret is it's taken him 9 months to start working on it. I do agree with his choice. We need 3 in the middle with our options. We tried 4-3-3 which ends up more 4-5-1 with our wide options, leaving the striker isolated. Providing we don't get ripped to shreds defensively, 3-5-2 gets my approval.
  9. Tried to get myself suspended from work at Christmas once to score time off. Firm two-footed challenge on the boss' wife. Thought that'll do it for Xmas & New Years. Got sacked. Harsh I thought. Reyt Crimbo though!
  10. I expect more from a seasoned pro like Rhodes than a young import like Da Cruz. I'll start praising Rhodes if he starts scoring goals. Don't hold ya breath though, he's completely ineffectual. And no, he didn't link play well. For all his running around, he fashioned sod all. His best endeavour was that ball down the right in behind to absolutely nobody. After 3+1/2yrs people are scratching around for the slightest thing to compliment him on. He needs to go - like many others.
  11. Welcome to the first team. Hope you're ready. No pressure.
  12. Haven't they too appointed De Marco? Hard for him to be in two hearings at once.
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