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  1. Free agents

    I suspect there was only money for one signing in January, and Jos prioritised Pessy's position.
  2. Marco drops pen signing autograph = 2 week setback.
  3. Don't like the zebra crossing.
  4. Good to see Jos having a bit of a go back. Liked that.
  5. New filmposter title... Dudes, where's your strikers..?
  6. We have far bigger worries than who wears the armband.
  7. Credit where it's due, Jos has steadied the ship with a decimated squad.
  8. Daniel Pudil

    Worth a years extension.
  9. George Boyd

    I think Jos is giving him a chance to find a place for him in the team, but 5-3-2 doesn't suit Boyd at all. Wing-back is a young man's game. Boyd hasn't got the legs for it. LWB is a position we desperately need to improve upon for next season if we persist with this formation.
  10. Terrible Team Selection

    Let's see how they fare.
  11. Clearly prioritising the Millwall game. We'll know after the two games whether that was wise or not.
  12. You'd think, wouldn't you..
  13. Only chance we have of making quarters is a clean sheet, Reach and Wallace pulling the trigger from range, or Joao impacting off the bench. That line-up sends shivers down my spine. Wallace partnering Nuhiu..