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  1. wilyfox

    The squad is mentally weak

    Can't speak for him, but his performances are still committed.
  2. All opinions, but I think it's the senior pros not pulling their weight. I'm not saying load the team with kids, but one or two have caught the eye. Our senior side has run it's race and needs changing up. DC needs to realise that and stop hoping that FF will bail him out.
  3. wilyfox

    The Star - Were after a CB

    If it were me, I'd look at Batth & Iorfa loans. No-idea whether that's even viable.
  4. Any strategy must be better than the delusion we're seeing right now.
  5. wilyfox

    The squad is mentally weak

    Bannan is the one I'd keep, and hopefully Reach. The rest are expendable for me.
  6. I'm reluctant to want him out considering all he's had to contend with here so far. He's been left with a mess and hasn't been able to build his own side. I would urge him to keep the faith with youngsters and change up/transfer the senior pros - but that is down to DC and he's stubbornly held onto players.
  7. wilyfox

    The Star - Were after a CB

    Needs to be an experienced one, in my opinion. A prem kiddie isn't ideal for that position. What experienced CBs are available and affordable at this stage though..?
  8. wilyfox

    FAO Those Clapping Seals

    This team needs revamping. DC has less than two weeks to move players and sign new blood. Time to get cracking,
  9. The Embargo Stadium, sponsored by EFL.
  10. wilyfox

    Player Ratings

    Haircut is the nearest he'll get. More like the anti-Chriiiiist on the pitch.
  11. wilyfox

    Did I hear right?

    Daddy's brining home the tuna.
  12. wilyfox

    Borukov to play?

    I hope he plays tonight. Like the look of him.
  13. wilyfox

    A Quick Look at SWFC's Finances

    I raided DC's secret files. One read.. 'swfc bank balance = £0 - 3billion' 'situation megafooked' All other docs were on Scientology.
  14. wilyfox

    Idea To Boost #SWFC Attendances

    Cattle prod Abdi for a quid. That'll get a decent turnout.