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  1. 'Match-ball comments destroy Rhodes' confidence as striker fails to score in next two years.'
  2. Goes in cycles. Formations are re-invented as though brand new - like when Hoddle set England up with wing-backs as if it were the revolutionary work of a genius. 4-3-3 is the current fashion. Give it time and that will change. 4-4-2 will become sexy again. Besides, it's not what you play. It's how well you play it. Call it long ball dinosaur football if you like, but we played well and won 4-0, so who gives a shíte?
  3. That's not your tail between legs... Want me to lube up or go in dry?
  4. Not scoring, but is providing. That's assist no.5 for him this season. He may not be hitting the 8s or 9s this season, but he guarantees you team-play, work-rate, and a solid 6 or 7/10. Murphy does not.
  5. Left, header, right. Perfect hat-trick - if there's such a thing as imperfect hat-trick.
  6. W T F ?!?! i knew that Rhodes was a good signing.
  7. Good cover and comp for Fletcher, but half the blinkin' champ will be after Taylor, and maybe a few clubs from elsewhere. Best hope he's not our no.1 target.
  8. According to Ian Holloway who managed him, he did.
  9. I bet they will. He's a good player and Hull are cost-cutting. They ain't gonna let him walk. It'll be a repeat of Henriksen; they'll exercise the option, try and get him to sign a new deal, or sell with one year remaining if he won't.
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