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  1. Lure him with a trail of kebab shops.
  2. wilyfox

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    Want to share my Prozac? I'm loaded.
  3. wilyfox

    When Bruce Becomes Manager

    DC dressed as Santa, Jos an elf, and Katrien doing...whatever her contract stipulates...as yet unknown to mankind.
  4. Yes, nuts deep son. We're all the way home.
  5. It's a slip-knot, and Chansiri smothered himself in butter.
  6. Announced what, as the winner of Mrs.Brown lookalike contest?
  7. wilyfox

    Two full backs needed

    Pudil was excellent in his first season - but was also turning 30 when he joined back then.
  8. wilyfox

    Two full backs needed

    Yes, full-back is a big problem since Hunt was sold and Pudil's legs aged. Palmer was understudy, no more. Penney has talent, but lacks consistency having just made his breakthrough. Baker is a trier, but bang average. Fox is gash. Needs sorting in Jan as a priority.
  9. wilyfox


    A game of opinions. Would Bruce be my ideal choice? No. Would I prefer Jokanovic? Yes, if we had a team that could already defend - which we don't. If we had FF, Lee, and Hooper fit, Jokanovic would be the way to go. Making do with what we have available...possibly not. Just my opinion. Both managers would go where the money is, so not convinced we could get either.
  10. wilyfox


    Bruce & Jokanovic are the obvious candidates. Slav is only good with the ball. Since we have trouble even getting it, Bruce probably the wiser choice. Whether we're able to tempt him...have my doubts. Jos must go, regardless. Pull the trigger and see who wants it.
  11. To be fair he's pretty good at that. Never draws the same numbers twice. That takes some doing.
  12. wilyfox

    Alan Nixon

    ..which has made me soil myself 48 times.
  13. wilyfox

    Alan Nixon

    Logical choice, but he's used to having money. We've blown ours.