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  1. Everytime I nail two birds night before a game, we win. Better hope I'm on good form tonight..
  2. I just ran to the situation room. Bullen was sat in there. He told me DC's gone bowling. All is calm.
  3. Tragic news. No age at all. RIP Junior.
  4. Can't beat a bit of Les Boner at the back.
  5. Don't boo your own players. Not a difficult concept to understand, really.
  6. But he won't, and he's a striker - so needs to score. Great assist lastnight, but let's not kid ourselves into thinking 1 in 4 will suffice if we want to contend, not when he's the only striker on the pitch. If we're still in the mix, we'll need to do something in January to ease the burden on Fletcher.
  7. Shirt is his. The question is whether he will score enough.
  8. Look...that rumour post only has 2 dots. Dotty has 3. Job's Rowett's.
  9. I echo that concern. Bullen is rotating through his striking options hoping one will step up and contribute. First Rhodes, now Winnall. After Fletcher, we're keeping fingers crossed that someone will show. Defo the position that needs upgrading if we're still in the mix come January.
  10. Rowett's waiting for you round back of bike sheds.
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