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  1. All hangs on DC and a change of ethos in recruitment. What I don’t want is to see us sign dross like Teale & Sedgwank.
  2. Couldn’t afford Cosgrove. Can’t afford Shankland - nor could we attract him from league one.
  3. It’ll be the fans’ fault for killing morale on social media.
  4. This is what I’d go with: Wildsmith Urhoghide. Lees. Hutchinson Palmer Shaw. Bannan Harris. Windass. Reach Paterson Probly won’t though.
  5. Cheap has-been rubbish. That’s what he is. A one season wonder 4yrs ago.
  6. Already losing Shaw. If Urhoghide walks too, Chansiri should hang his head in shame for how he’s handled contractual situations.
  7. I don’t rate him. Shaw & Urhoghide were the two worth tying down. Penney reminds me of Jack Stobbs, as we wait for something from him that probably isn’t coming.
  8. There are things I’d tweak. Switch Palmer right to left. Urhoghide in at RB. Hutch centre-half alongside Lees. Bannan alongside Shaw. Tuck Windass in as a 10. Hopefully Green back to play wide.
  9. Good player. Boro must be loaded in midfield to let him out.
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