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Community Answers

  1. I don’t see how signing Adeniran would do that. Shaw & Pelupessy out. 2 for 1. It’s great the pathway is opening up for young players like Waldock, but don’t assume they’re ready for a major role. They’ll need to dip in & out. If he makes 15-20 senior apps next season, that’ll be a step in the right direction. Adeniran is further along with his development. I doubt signing Adeniran will stop Moore filling the other positions. He can’t choose the order in which they fall.
  2. So we should pass up on a player we want just because we haven’t got others in first, and watch him sign elsewhere? That’s not very clever.
  3. I don’t agree with that. He has a natural tendency to wanna drop deep and receive the ball. I don’t think you’ll change that. He’s never been a goalscorer either. The further forward you play, the greater demand in that respect too.
  4. Luongo has not been dependable. Waldock has no first-team experience. Hutchinson doesn’t have enough midfield attributes. I’d welcome the addition of Adeniran if we can do it. You speak of priorities, but signings don’t always fall in the order you want. Take them as they come.
  5. Their contracts have expired. What’s your point? I’m referring to Paterson, Windass, Bannan & co.
  6. They can’t tear up their contracts now, no, having been paid. Whether we sell any is another matter. I’m sure some of the players would like to leave, but they’ll need buyers to reach agreement with Chansiri - which is easier said than done.
  7. Doubt it. Chansiri just settled up to stop contracted players walking on frees.
  8. Offered him but Att wants Ramos
  9. That’s a lotta matches. Going for burnout before the big kick-off.
  10. Should be one of the best mids in the division if he’s over his troubles.
  11. the termination process only begins when players serve notice for it. That triggers a 2 week period for Chansiri to settle what he owes preventing the players from ripping up their contracts. He’s done that.
  12. Don’t mind Neil. He caught too much sun in Whitby. His nuts are well and truly roasted.
  13. You’ll have to excuse Neil for interpreting that article completely wrong.
  14. No, I think players have made all the allowances they’re likely to. This needs resolving fully. We won’t progress until it’s sorted.
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