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  1. wilyfox

    Daniel James

    Blistering pace, but we sit deep anyway, so hopefully he won't get the chance to leg it up pitch like that.
  2. wilyfox

    Out of Contracts

    I'm sure he'll trim down when it comes to contract renewal time again next year. I'm really hoping we're able to part with before then.
  3. wilyfox

    The shadow of The Blades

    The job Wilder has done over there on a modest budget compared to our own is nothing short of brilliant. If they go up - obviously I hope they don't - they will have earned it and fair play to them.
  4. wilyfox

    Out of Contracts

    Huh, what's that you say..? We're gonna make this another Nuhui fred?
  5. wilyfox

    Out of Contracts

    I get the feeling there will be multiple 'out of contract' and 'overhaul' threads each week until the summer. This season really can't end soon enough for us.
  6. wilyfox

    DO we trust the players

    The way we're playing...I'd take a repeat of the 0-0 earlier in season. We still don't keep the ball any better, and continue to struggle in the final third as we did that night in November. Best I'm hoping for is another shut-out.
  7. I look forward to Chansiri finally accepting we need to move players on. He's tried to keep the band together for too long. Football doesn't work like that. It's a temporary game.
  8. wilyfox


    I wouldn't mind seeing Lazaar left-mid if Bruce is worried about the defensive issue of starting Aarons out there. Anything to move away from the lifeless performances of George Boyd.
  9. wilyfox

    Steve Bruce

    I can't wait to see the side he puts together. I don't think he'll ignore the physical side like Carlos did.
  10. wilyfox

    We've not replaced Wallace

    We replaced Wallace twice. First with Reach, then Boyd. Problem is...Wallace represented far better value for money than Reach with only a marginal upgrade, and Boyd has been a total waste of skin. We haven't "effectively" replaced.
  11. wilyfox


    The new Reda. Legend in the making.
  12. wilyfox

    Rovrum v Owls IFollow?

    What is iptv?
  13. Depends on ability. Waddle had the dribbling wizardry to turn defenders inside out at will and do pretty much what he wanted. On the outside, Reach doesn't have the pace to roast full-backs and protect the ball on his weaker side. When he cuts inside on his favoured left, he doesn't always have the guile & craft to create himself a yard to shoot or deliver, so he often comes away from goal and plays a backward pass. Momentum is lost and we end up going nowhere. Switch him back to the left and you lose his goal threat from range altogether. It's a problem.
  14. wilyfox

    Loans for next season

    I'd think he'll cost millions in compensation - if he leaves.