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  1. wilyfox

    Sam Winnall

    Prepared to give him another go. Why not?! It's been a year. All our strikers have fluctuating form, so if he performs in training I'm sure he'll get minutes under Jos.
  2. wilyfox

    Almen Abdi

    Not expecting anything from a 32yr old has-been clearly not up to it physically.
  3. 2 Brexits, 3 natural disasters, and an apocalypse.
  4. wilyfox

    The room for improvement

    What's the biggest room in the house? ..the room for improvement. - Nigel Adkins, pig extraordinaire.
  5. Pretty obvious who Jos would choose.
  6. wilyfox

    Common people

    I wanna sleep with common people, but the rich are cleaner and smell better.
  7. wilyfox


  8. Once we get Jones' £375k/week wage of the books, we'll be reyt.
  9. wilyfox

    the Bbc, they say...

    Where were we in the table after 12 games the Carlos years?
  10. wilyfox

    Matias out for two weeks

    Off on one of those hedonism holidays. He'll come back with a reyt hard on.
  11. wilyfox

    Adam Reach Goal

    I still love Matias' for the way it silenced the crowd.
  12. That may be, but Birmingham had failed to win in 8 before Leeds game. Shows the nature of this league.
  13. wilyfox

    Hooper - hutch- Lee

    Waiting for Meccano parts to repair all three.