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  1. There's also talk of Palace wanting Batshuayi back. They'd probably replace Benteke. He's still behind Ayew & Tosun regardless, and Hodgson has already said Connor needs games and is free to go on loan if he wants.
  2. Look at Palace's bench and you'll see why he was involved. Once they recover one or two and finish their business this window, minutes may be few and far between for Connor. I don't think Murray is likely if he's chasing a deal for next season. Adams was never a goer in my opinion. Southampton's upturn in form affords them an opportunity to work with Adams & Obafemi giving them minutes when they can.
  3. Two ways of critiquing that; wasted time & dropped points, or best deal on hopefully our preferred targets. It's a frustrating process.
  4. Maybe we can't afford, or maybe this is the usual way of DC hardball. I'm sure we've enquired about loads and made derisory offers for one or two. Probably won't step up our interest until deadline week.
  5. To be fair, that wouldn't be so bad. We were up to 3rd before Fletcher fell ill and got injured. This team needs that type of forward to function.
  6. We're crying out for some presence up top. Wickham or Hugill would be a godsend.
  7. Alan Nixon @reluctantnicko · 17s Sheff Wed. Offer for Wickham at Palace is low wages on loan. Needs to get better. Lad came on yesterday
  8. Had his day - like so many here - but we keeping persevering with and expecting from. We can evolve when DC finally realises he must trade players. His stubborn approach has held us back for 3yrs and counting.
  9. Anyone seen Nixon's update in paper?
  10. I cannot understand the size of that font.
  11. Monk is right, the first 10 minutes are crucial. It's at that point Wednesday fans should realise they need a mercy wánk and go take care of business. It sorts ya right out.
  12. Not sure the others know what lines are.
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