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  1. I'd be wary of a 3yr deal. He's been terrific recently, but reality is we've already had the prime years of his career already. He'll start to decline at some point, whether that's injuries or reactions. Top dollar contracts for ageing players nearing the end of their best is partly how we've ended up in this mess to begin with. As much as I love Westwood, there's a tendency here to wanna hang on, and on, and on to players until the end of time. Happy to let DC & Bruce weigh up the pros & cons of overall package.
  2. Popped to the offy to buy Abdi some more fags.
  3. When fit he's a handful. Still has plenty to offer, but we can't allow ourselves to depend on him next season. Able understudy required.
  4. Real photo or not, it's strange how such a talented player has wasted his career away these past 3 years. 2 months left then he's gone, and I shall never want to hear his name again.
  5. I like the idea of him more than the player he's actually been for us. Has some attributes we need, but his loan has not been a success.
  6. Moments of quality, but no tangible form during his four years here. I'm pleased for him that his niggling injuries seem resolved, but we need better.
  7. It'll be t-shirt & shorts, poss some socks as well.
  8. Would be an excellent signing. Can't see us beating off all the competition for his signature though.
  9. Easy to be defensive, but he has a point. Chansiri has spurned opportunities to balance the books and comply. For that reason alone, we probably deserve what's coming. Current P&S rules suck, but they are what they are.
  10. Steady on... We can't face the pigs every other week
  11. Agreed. Hugill was never a prem-ready £10m player, but came off the back of a strong season at Preston. Buying Rhodes & not selling Forestieri are the reasons we're neck deep n it. I just hope there's big interest in Reach this summer. Realistically, he's our only way out of this mess this summer if we can shift him and probably a couple more.
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