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  1. I just tested positive for high blood sugar, so I put the Ben & Jerry's down. Close one.
  2. We've had one season of attractive football in 20yrs - Carlos' first year. That season aside, it's all about scraping results. So I don't understand anyone turning their nose up at the suggestion of McCarthy on playing style. This group of players also need a manager with presence and authority to contend with some difficult characters in the dressing room. Carlos had it - until his demise. Bruce had it. Jos & Monk do not.
  3. ..or last season, or the year before.
  4. McCarthy a far better manager than Monk will ever be.
  5. How dare they defer Rhodes salary. He's earned every penny of his 3yr furlough
  6. I withhold judgment of Da Cruz. Young lad, new league, different country, coming into a struggling team. Those aren't the ingredients to expect an immediate impact. It would be about next season for him - if he's still here. Not sure we'll be in a financial position to turn his or Windass' moves permanent anyway.
  7. Stronger and more dependable than he used to be. Has cut out some of his lapses in concentration defensively, but still the odd wobble. Must improve his offensive game, but turning 29 this year I'm not sure how much improvement we're likely to see.
  8. Can't see Fox or Fletcher signing until we know what division we'll be in. Fox is prime age now, and league one would be a step back when he'll be looking for the biggest contract of his career. Fletcher is too good for league one, and we couldn't take his wages down with us even if he were willing to stay.
  9. Typical of the decisions Richards made around that time. Let Atkinson go despite the progress made after Pleat left, pass up on Houllier, and appoint Wilson. Out of his depth, took us down, demise complete. Cheers Sir Dave.
  10. They would have been earning a mere fraction of what our current lot do. Bloated squads are far too costly these days. Every year under DC we end up with a squad of 30. Wasteful.
  11. I'm sure the season will end once we've been screwed & relegated by the EFL.
  12. Not violence, but I've seen a footjob given during match. I just assumed they were filming a scene for Rise of the Footmassager.
  13. I'd sell to someone who knows what they're doing.
  14. They brought moments of pure brilliance, like Waddle before them. The closest we've gotten since is Forestieri, but he's not in their class.
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