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  1. ..and yet his manager Paul Cook has just publicly praised him.
  2. Hmmm. Good player. Makes me wonder if he's why Bruce is frustrated by not getting players out quicker. He's a Powell fan, and it was reported he's the one Bruce wanted to replace FF.
  3. Was terrific in his first season for us. Sadly, what followed shows why we should be recruiting some younger players. All the best Daniel.
  4. Don't forget Hugill only turned pro in his early 20s. He started late. I'm not disputing Wood is the better player, but Hugill has similar facets.
  5. Exactly that ^^^ He's too soft, and managers question him. Carlos said we lost Joao's head in the clouds, and Bruce has said he wants Joao "right between the ears". Those aren't compliments.
  6. Perhaps, but he reminds me of Chris Wood a little. Strong, mobile, good in the air, can finish, runs the channels. It came good for him at Leeds after bits & pieces elsewhere, and I just feel in the right team it may click for Hugill. If Bruce does want the option of playing a lone striker, they need specific qualities - and Hugill is the type.
  7. I'm assuming that's the plan. Our offer to the player is probably lucrative, but it would still be an odd move for a 28yr-old club captain to move countries with a young family to come and sit on our bench for 3yrs. Time will tell how he fares, but I'd assume he's brought in to start initially.
  8. Fletcher is 32 and patched up most weeks. Nuhiu as mobile as a wardrobe. It's clear that Bruce wants to press from the front. That'll break Fletcher over 46 games. With Atdhe chasing shadows, he's better coming off the bench latter stages. Hugill would be a younger, mobile, and more robust option.
  9. I'm in favour of selling, we've needed churn for some time. Results are important but no guarantee we'll go up. Let's have some fun too. Carlos' second season was best points haul we've had in champ, but nowhere near the quality of play we saw year before. Don't want us going that road again where results are literally everything. A little flair is pleasing to the eye.
  10. Sporadically, I'm not saying don't sell. Not saying don't buy Hugill either...but we would lose a bit of wow factor.
  11. Not sure it is. Bruce was keen for a loan in January. Zero chance of a full transfer with those sums involved, but could see us asking on loan again. Don't think that'll interest Burnley though. If Dyche has deemed Gibson not good enough, they'll want a sale.
  12. I wouldn't be against Hugill. He's a mobile targetman of good age. Can understand people's concerns re binning Joao & FF to do it though. They are the two in our squad capable of summat special - apart from a long-ranger from Reach of course. Sell those two and replace with Harris n Hugill...we'd have zero flair.
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