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  1. All these people saying they take 10mil are crazy a player who cost us potential up to 7m after add on, plus might have a sell on clause Has to be 15 million minimum for a player that has without question improved since he joined us
  2. Not seen it mentioned we paid up to a reported 7m, plus there may be a sell on clause from Middlesborough........ 10 million no chance for a player coming here unproven and now a regular performer
  3. I dont know how he thinks.............. but apparently he has a football manual type book about it if you really wanted to know
  4. I have this feeling that transfer deadline day could be even more exciting then the one back in Jan...... Bus and Melo deff came out the blue that one, ready for a few more shocks come the end of this one.
  5. Also the biggest reason he speaks Thai is because the press conference get relayed back to Thailand for people there who are involved
  6. Surprised no one mentioned utter rubbish that was Leon Knight yet......... like Bothroyd one of the most unlikeable players we had proper gash... And worse team, can only be one manage for the job.............( where dave jones smily gone)
  7. Just been on SKY dutch lad has signed on a 2 years deal
  8. I think DC next recruitment needs to be a club dentist going by those photos
  9. bullshite, considering DC was only at a few games and most of the time was in Thailand.
  10. I dont think they are sorted at all..... Yea we may not have announced anything but if any were sorted you think news would have popped up from some of the clubs we are playing
  11. Actually more i look at it not so sure now.........
  12. 100% fake, I can write thai and very obvious grammar difference to how a thai would have written all that. Someone just trying to be clever with google translate Plus virgin atlantic dont even fly to thailand hahaha
  13. Yup i have my Tin hat firmly on and left a message on the vatican answering machine just in case....... But with today news should we expect our first Friday s*!t storm of the summer?!?!?!?! We know owlstalk loves a good old s*!t storm and tomorrow be Friday........ A lot can happen in 24hrs, what are people predications for tomorrow?
  14. We won't kick Rhodes out...... or not until we got his son in the door first
  15. Surprised on page 4 and no one mentioned Milan old mate Harry........ But hope not
  16. im 99% sure who ever is appointed will be a "name" all part of making us into a global brand. Premier league is huge in Thailand/Asia so i cant see anything but a main stream name, cant see Warburton as he not a name... But I'm sure the next guy is already lined up and will be announced shortly Plus I'm not shocked Gray was sacked, even I'm one of the pro Grays....... had we ever seen one video or image of both DC and Gray together since the take over..... Think the takeover press conference and the Glen Roader conference were a big give away.
  17. Standard of Thai Prem League........... where you think Jay Bothroyd ended up after his notorious spell with us?!?!?! hahaha But seriously its not Prem league standard, but it not as bad as people make out at the same time, agree dont know any players good enough who are Thai to play in the championship...... But would not be opposed just to have a token member of the squad who is Thai just solely to sell shirt and improve us as a global brand as I'm sure that is just as important angle to having Thai player or players in our squad to the owner.
  18. Holding a pig spewing blood from its claws?!?!?!
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