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  1. Luton followed by Rotherham is when I accepted our fate..... first time supporting Wednesday in all my years I’ve ever accepted our fate before it was actually mathematically impossible. think that just shows how dire things are
  2. The signings Reading have been making it looks a good thing they were our first game, going be a completely different team now and a much harder team to beat.
  3. Bet you it’s just some upset QPR fan made this up because we just nicked probably his favorite player today from his club.
  4. Sky just reporting he might be staying here
  5. Sky just reported on route for medical for season long loan
  6. One of the biggest and Jeffers will always be number one
  7. Pretty sure lees and maybe also lee cost a small fee
  8. Got that impression also regarding Hector that valuations probably differ, but also take positive is it does sound like we are still in for him and not given up and moved on to different targets....... might end up a deadline day deal my feeling.
  9. As an owl living in Phuket soon to be Hua Hin Thailand, liked your page.
  10. Look at the “@“ on the pic, cut in half.... sadly a fake
  11. On the clubs YouTube page upcoming event look like they will be showing the game live on YouTube. Probably wrong but can’t see anyone mention this yet, will be a good way for everyone to be able to see this game.
  12. This would be my thinking also...... but we live in an age where you think If it had been agreed, some sod would have leaked it already.
  13. Not just video calls, managers fly to an owner. How many times meeting take place in London, not a specific area of the country. The point is DC doesn’t have to be in sheffield for business to keep ticking. yes like all id like a manager yesterday, but to say his travels are stopping an appointment is comical
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