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  1. How ever much I love the idea, thats one legacy I wouldn’t want potentially tarnished if things didn’t go well...... would love him instead in a director of football role.
  2. No one has mentioned the possibility that he may have turned us down as he was approached over the weekend when Bruce hadn’t even resigned yet. Like many wouldn’t have entertain a job till it was actually became vacant. Now Bruce is gone might change things. Not saying this is what happened, but as we don’t have a time frame of when he turned us down it a real possibility.
  3. All these people saying they take 10mil are crazy a player who cost us potential up to 7m after add on, plus might have a sell on clause Has to be 15 million minimum for a player that has without question improved since he joined us
  4. Not seen it mentioned we paid up to a reported 7m, plus there may be a sell on clause from Middlesborough........ 10 million no chance for a player coming here unproven and now a regular performer
  5. I dont know how he thinks.............. but apparently he has a football manual type book about it if you really wanted to know
  6. I have this feeling that transfer deadline day could be even more exciting then the one back in Jan...... Bus and Melo deff came out the blue that one, ready for a few more shocks come the end of this one.
  7. Also the biggest reason he speaks Thai is because the press conference get relayed back to Thailand for people there who are involved
  8. Surprised no one mentioned utter rubbish that was Leon Knight yet......... like Bothroyd one of the most unlikeable players we had proper gash... And worse team, can only be one manage for the job.............( where dave jones smily gone)
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