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  1. Thai_Owl

    Caolan leaving for B'h Lane

    Agent Caolan reporting for duty
  2. OMG OMG happy happy happy jizzzzzzzzzzz
  3. Thai_Owl

    It doesn't exist...

    I dont know how he thinks.............. but apparently he has a football manual type book about it if you really wanted to know
  4. Thai_Owl


    I have this feeling that transfer deadline day could be even more exciting then the one back in Jan...... Bus and Melo deff came out the blue that one, ready for a few more shocks come the end of this one.
  5. Thai_Owl

    Just a marquee striker

    He'd be a reyt signing!
  6. Thai_Owl

    Horses mouth.

    Also the biggest reason he speaks Thai is because the press conference get relayed back to Thailand for people there who are involved
  7. Thai_Owl

    Last 15 years worst XI

    Surprised no one mentioned utter rubbish that was Leon Knight yet......... like Bothroyd one of the most unlikeable players we had proper gash... And worse team, can only be one manage for the job.............( where dave jones smily gone)
  8. Thai_Owl

    Darryl Lachman

    half millions euros = 350k
  9. Thai_Owl


    Just been on SKY dutch lad has signed on a 2 years deal
  10. Thai_Owl

    The Pentagon of Promotion

    I think DC next recruitment needs to be a club dentist going by those photos
  11. bullshite, considering DC was only at a few games and most of the time was in Thailand.
  12. Thai_Owl


    I dont think they are sorted at all..... Yea we may not have announced anything but if any were sorted you think news would have popped up from some of the clubs we are playing