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  1. Last match we went in the same score and in control… managed to have a chaotic second half. Hopefully this will be different. basically we need a very non-Wednesday second half
  2. Not going to throw my toys out after 1 game… however pleased we scored 3… looks like we will create chances this season. However I would like to see our strikers getting on the scoresheet sooner rather than later. This defence needs to gel and do it quickly. it is worrying that we were in complete control at half time and the second half was absolute chaos. Echos of some of the low points of last season pleased we managed to get something out of the game in the end 2 points a game needed, we do not want to slip behind this early on as we did last season. Interested to see if any more come in before the end of the window
  3. No reason why not for me. Would like to see more female coaches too in the mens game
  4. Thanks for sharing. Lovely goal. Great from banana and windass
  5. Great OMDT. Maybe just maybe this season is falling into place. whelometer is higher than it has been in some time. come on you blue and white wizards
  6. Think smith will be a mainstay of the team. Has not featured much in preseason so might not start the first few games. But after that if he stays fit then I think he could do very well for us. Exactly the sort of striker we needed
  7. Can’t wait for the start of the season. I don’t know what it is but regardless of the horror show that can be Sheffield Wednesday I’m always full of hope and optimism for the new season. for the record I think we have done some good business this summer so probably looking forward to this season a little bit extra.
  8. Thanks for the update. Good to hear it from someone who was there. Hoping Heneghan can be big for us this season.
  9. Terrible comparison…. Everton are doomed this season
  10. Ah yes, the sounds of a pre season Owlstalk meltdown… must be nearly time for the season Moore out!!!!
  11. When players get into their last 12 months their likelihood to sign a new contract goes down sugnificantly. he knows he can see out his contract and then if his stock is good enough he can demand the most money in his next move for me we should cash in if the offer is right, that would probably be between 500k and 1mil for me. But the people that run the books need to decide on that. we have plenty of options in the middle of the park. I’d love him to stay but only if he signs a new contract.
  12. Looking forward to seeing what he can do. Everyone who signs speaks very well of DM. I know new players always say good stuff about the manager but it feels a little more genuine with DM. looking forward to the season now
  13. Just been trying to explain to the wife why I’m laughing… she now thinks I’m a loser. class thread, many thanks
  14. Did well for us. Wish him well but think the championship might be a level above where his ability is now: m think it was the right time for both parties to move on and I’m sure over the next season we will have a blow by blow account on here of how he’s getting on and what a mistake it was to let him go
  15. Kuqi followed by his rediculous goal celebration which should really have injured him. jones was also no nonsense
  16. I think we will benefit from the stability of another year with DM at the helm. Last season we had so many changes in playing personnel. I think after the outgoings we have the basis of a very good team at this level. We have signed some good players, many of which are in their prime and also fixing issues we had. For me top 2 is what success looks like for DM this year. Hopefully we are starting to turn a corner.
  17. We have to be pushing for top 2 this season. Barring another injury crisis. Currently I think the squad is stronger than last time out. Lacking pace but plenty of good footballers and Smith will make a big difference
  18. Looking forward to port vale away as my mate has a box there. New ground to tick off
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