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  1. Reality we have an out of contract squad one the end of the season. They won’t risk 50/50s they won’t go max out and they will lose more balls than they win... self preservation I’m afraid
  2. This will be the first game I don’t watch this season. Don’t have it in me... I’d rather spend time with my family which shows you how bad it’s got.
  3. When you are a badly run club your best assets leave for nothing. No player in their right mind would want to be here next season if they have other offers. For once we have some young talent... and we end up just giving it away. We will be full of journeymen next season as we don’t have a pot to wee in. The scraping of the barrel after everyone else Darren Moore has a really difficult job ahead of him... we are going to get worse before we get better. I hope we stick with him regardless
  4. He would get other championship offers no doubt. DM has a big job to sell to players that this is the place to be. Loyalty will count for nothing as we are a basket case of a club. players will all know that we have a threadbare squad for next year as it stands. And have a good chance of relegation unless DM can work magic. I hope he stays, we would be replacing with someone much older or someone more of an unknown if he leaves. any player that we need to replace we will be scraping the barrel for replacements
  5. We are lucky to have a player of his quality. He is surrounded by rubbish. Feels a bit like before being left... with the mob brandishing him lazy and ineffective... he did pretty well after
  6. Sadly players who are leaving at the end of the season will be doing all they can to stay injury free. Don’t expect people dying for the cause sadly. Reach has been poor. A shadow of his former self. Probably due to a number of reasons. just sums up where we are as a club really. He will go to another championship team and flourish sadly
  7. I’m usually one to be frowning at the over reaction camp. However tonight was not good at all. Stoke and Birmingham were teams that were on shocking runs and we have just turned round their seasons for them with 2 very uninspiring performances i Worry for our status in the league not for the talent we have (I believe we have just about enough) but the manner it is applied on the pitch. I’m also even more disenfranchised with the loss of shaw to Celtic for next to nowt regardless of his stupidity tonight. we are in a right mess on and off the pitch and
  8. He takes a fair bit of stick on here... but again has shown himself to be dedicated to the club. I like him as a player, plays with his heart on his sleeve. I believe we are better with him in the team.
  9. This pretty much sums it up. We are run terribly add to the list 1. manager rotation, currently have a long term caretaker 2. Player contracts. We are shambolic at this. To be trying to negotiate with players in their last 6 months is crazy. 3. Stadium becoming more and more outdated. (Puts on tin hat). but amazingly in the very short term we have had some football that has been borderline worth watching and it looks like we might put up a bit of a fight which for now I’ll take.
  10. Especially having strikers that thrive off crosses in Rhodes and Pato.
  11. For me the fact he looks to get into the box gives defenders something else to think about. We looked better with 2 up top with Him getting forward to support. Very good player, good on the ball and puts himself about as well. As signings go, he needs to be the number 1 priority. If he progresses with us, we can build a midfield around him and we would have a really saleable asset
  12. Scruffy goal but surrounded by millwall players. Many others would not have scored there. not classy but bloomin effective
  13. Credit to him. Takes real character to come back from the injury problems he had early in his career. We need strong willed people. In him, Patterson, dunkley, bannan and a few others we are at the moment proving not too pleasant to play against... even Rhodes was getting stuck in so must be infectious to others in the team to go straight into 3 fixtures in quick succession after limited football and perform how he has is great. I am eating humble pie after thinking we were nailed on for the drop... I now have hope... but sometimes it is the hope that kills you
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