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  1. Really good half. Ref poo .... nothing new there. Iorfa and Borner are flipping immense.
  2. Started watching.... now watching Australian masterchef..... carp format. Will rejoin at 1945
  3. I might get hammered for this but this is why i no longer go to matches. Can afford it but don’t think it’s worth it. Until something changes I’ll stay an armchair fan. was a season ticket holder for many many years and travelled some distance for home games and went to the odd away now enjoy with the family at home when it’s on. When it not I rely on Jeff stelling. If it changes ill I’ll be back but can’t see it happening
  4. I don’t disagree. Just feels more frustrating. Thought we had 3 great chances at hull and the pen that never was too
  5. All those teams will be lamenting one result that should have given them a few more points. I can cope cope with the Hull result. Thought we played pretty well. It’s the Milwall one that grates me against 10 men
  6. Tin hat and flak jacket on in preparation we made all the best chances, their goal was very good and I thought we played pretty well. We have played worse than that and won. We were poor in front of goal today and we missed fletch. If we want to be top 6 we will need him fit more often than not. Thiught hull should take some credit as they played to the end, none of the time wasting you see all over the league. Tricky Tuesday evening fixture that we deserved something from. If we take 3 points on Saturday I’ll be happy enough going into the international break.
  7. I agree. At its best when the ball is played into his feet or chest.
  8. Love seeing Harris skinning their fullback with a pause and a burst of pace. So refreshing to have the ability to go past someone, his end product is decent too that is a big physical team we put out
  9. Bit of a sad post really and sums a few people up on here. Why not not just say well done Reach. Don’t think he has been given enough credit IMHO for the quality of his goal because of the scale of the victory. Think hes a really good player at this level. Always available and last season won us games by himself
  10. He is a player that divides opinion more than most. For me he isn’t the best player we have but he gives you everything when he plays. He is remarkably good with his feet too. I’ll always be grateful too for that debut goal. also over the years he has been the consummate professional, at a time we had half the squad injured he was always available. He is a credit to professional footballers in my opinion, when you look at the antics of others eveey manager we have had has turned to him which speaks volumes. one of my favourite players for some time.
  11. Keeper knows he is never getting there for me. Hence I feel it should be a pen
  12. Why is it no penalty when their keeper cleans out Murphy in the air after the ball has gone. He gets nowhere near the ball and instead clatters Murphy. i understand keepers are a protected species but I don’t think it should give them the right to flatten strikers at will. interested to hear peoples thoughts? UTO
  13. Harris is the obvious stand out player.... my brother is a Norwich fan and he always raved about Murphy. Think he has lost his way a bit. A good manager will get the best out of his players so hopefully Murphy can regain some form under Monk. not writing him off yet... but I don’t think he should be in the starting XI when everyone is fit
  14. Who are the top teams?????? 9 from 12.... great start
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