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  1. If this happens then fair play to him considering the state we are in. Hope we aren’t paying big wages though in our current financial position
  2. A really exciting day of football yesterday. FA cup third round is a big deal. the reason we don’t have cup runs is the same reason we can’t come back from losing positions, we lose so many points from winning positions and we folded against Sunderland. A complete lack of character at the club. the only mention hillsborough had over the weekend was in relation to that fateful and horrific day as a new law is likely to be named after the stadium (if you missed it) kind of a sign of where we are I suppose.
  3. On the face of it I’m with many on here that think it shows just how badly we have utilised him… if he goes to MK Franchise and does very little then I gues DM will be vindicated, I worry this is not going to be the case
  4. Well done to him. He’s a consummate professional and hope he does well. He has done a lot for this club
  5. Even poorly with Covid, he would still walk/limp into our midfield… he was a master of running beyond the strikers. Something we desperately need get well soon.
  6. Tactically we were all wrong. Our 3 at the back with a high line let them get in behind us in the full back positions far too offer. When they crossed they had lots of options in the box our midfield central 3 never make a run past the strikers so when we cross we often only have 1 player to aim for. We create so little hence why we don’t score that many. individual performances were shocking and I was really looking forward to watching on Ifollow last night, a mistake I won’t make again. I can take losing, as a Wednesday fan you kind of get used to it, but losing like that is just unacceptable.
  7. Amazing that this Fred is only 3 pages. If we had a pot to ******** in it would be 50 minimum by now. If ALF was still knocking about make it 100 i guess that sums up where we are right now
  8. If fit a lovely thought… however this is dilutional. Was scoring regularly for reading. Not sure how these fantasies arise
  9. Depends on the state of the finanaces at the club I guess. Would be a miss for the second half of the season and we would need to try and replace which wouldn’t be easy. if he wants to stay then great, if there are offers and it becomes a distraction then best to let go of the price is right. No idea what that price would be
  10. Only at Wednesday can we play 3 at the back without a recognised centre half on the field… then go and keep a clean sheet thanks to our MOM BPF. we battled well. Did we win the throw and choose to shoot into worsening conditions second half… poor decision if so
  11. Good luck to him. Football is so hard for these youngsters to break into.
  12. We will learn a lot tomorrow about where we are. Tough game but winnable. Looking forward to watching on sky… which means I’ll probably be disappointed… it’s the Wednesday way. however a draw tomorrow would be a really good result. With 3 winnabale games to follow
  13. Any youngish player that is available for free or next to nothing will be snapped up by a higher placed team than us because it is literally no risk to them if it doesn’t work out. Hence why Celtic took our two most promising youngsters. our contract management continues to be bonkers at all levels and is costing this club a small fortune tbis is nothing new though. Remember the season we dropped out the prem and we had all those players on long contracts which plunged us into debt as we couldn’t shift them on. it’s the Wednesday way!
  14. If we go on lose our next league game after that shambles then yes it will be one of our worst. Shambolic. if it is a wake up call for some, or if it helps DM know who he can trust then it could have a silver lining. as a performance though, it was abysmal
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