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  1. George and dragon on international drive. Watched the 2nd leg of Brighton game there last year mate.
  2. Westwood Palmer Lees Dielna Helan Lee Hutch Maghoma Mcgugan Keane Bus
  3. Is this old news? http://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/sheff-weds/sheffield-wednesday-phillips-on-owls-radar-1-7082133
  4. Against the morals of the post ive already got a ticket sat with my mates, thanks for the offer though pal
  5. Never got that text, but I have been to games recently
  6. This isn't a comment on our club in particular, it just highlights for me personally. All clubs exploit there fans and I just don't really agree with it.
  7. Doubt it, clubs know they can get away with it. That's why some of the top PL clubs can charge over a grand for a season ticket. Supporters will pay it. It just feels like exploitation is all. Im talking in a more broad sense now, not this one game at our club obviously.
  8. I know that's the way it is, im just saying it puts more people off than on. Surely you'd agree ticket prices in general have become too expensive, across the board.
  9. £27 isn't cheap for everyone
  10. Both really, I can see some logic in charging a bit more for 'category A' games, but to have 3 tiers is ridiculous. I've always thought mid week games should be the ones to have some of these offers put on (kids for a quid, mates for a tenner etc.)
  11. I've not been able to get a season ticket this year due to work etc. but try to get to as many games as I can. I will be able to make it to the Birmingham game on Tuesday but I'm still shocked that the club can charge £27 for a north stand seat against Birmingham on a Tuesday night. How on earth does this encourage people in the same boat as me to come to these games. Il still be coming because I'd still end up paying no matter what they charge. Just feels like there taking the mick with prices like this (for games like this anyway!).
  12. Doyle is nowhere near championship standard
  13. I'm sure Suarez scored more than 2 goals
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