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  1. Kop not sold out shocker

    I'll have her if no-one else has called dibs on her!
  2. Cardiff Goal Offside?

    The 'offside' is questionable but the real issue is they have 5 players busting a bit to get in and around the 6 yard box, whereas we only have 2!!
  3. I thought the same about PES last year having played the demo but still bought it and it's possibly the greatest football game I've ever played. Can't stand fifa, it's all style and no substance and I've always felt fifa is slow and drab to play.
  4. Let's face It, PES will be the far better game again! Just need to take half an hour to install all the team names and kits then have a year of excellence!
  5. Well that's made my decision for me....new Steelers jersey it is!!
  6. Wednesday World

    All about YouTube innit bruv Wild Bill Hickok
  7. Has Westwood been dropped for Nuhiu too then....
  8. A closer look at the new away kit

    Not having a go but how can you tell the quality from one picture, and not a very high-res picture at that?
  9. Next season kit

    Well we are "The Last of Us" to get a new kit!!
  10. Next season kit

    I've not read through this whole thread cos...well I can't be arsed, but was there all this uproar when Arsenal changed their kit for their own anniversary? Changed from the "traditional" red body, white arms to an all burgundy affair.
  11. Poll: Should Carlos Stay?

    Not too long ago we were literally a few hours away from not existing anymore. Since then we have steadily improved year on year, of which Carlos has been a major part. Sixth one year and fourth the next is an improvement even if the season didn't quite end how we all wanted it to. A few key areas need strengthening, which I'm sure Carlos knows better than anyone, so let's get behind him (if he wants to stay of course) rather than castigating the guy when points and position wise it was our best season since relegation from the Premier league!!
  12. Whatever happened to streakers? You don't get 'em anymore whereas it uses to be the vogue back in the day....
  13. Stream Confirmed 7th May

    From what I can see it may be being shown abroad but no streams over here
  14. Well played Jordan.

    Awesome header for his first!