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  1. bazinga

    Black Shorts

    This particular shirt needs some black trim on it to tie in with the shorts but broadly speaking I'd always prefer black shorts for our kit
  2. Its simple.....this but new badge, Chansiri etc on it. Job done
  3. bazinga

    FIFA 18

    First few games playing this year's PES and I wasn't sure but once you get to grips with it it's actually fantastic. I've never enjoyed fifa, and nothing I've seen so far of this year's will change that. Seems to have gone back to the days of over overpowered superstars consistently scoring from the halfway line which to me isn't football.
  4. bazinga

    FIFA 18

    Fifa is all show and no substance. It may look swanky on the surface but is actually terrible to play whereas PES is just a fantastic football game. Graphically they're on a par during the games, though admittedly the commentary is better on fifa. As fifa has all the licenses you don't get all the proper kits and team names straight away on PES but but it takes about 20 minutes to download and install them, then you have a year playing a FAR better football game.
  5. bazinga

    FIFA 18

    I've already been doing it for a couple of weeks on the vastly superior PES
  6. bazinga

    Why blame CC? WESTWOOD out

    1st goal, it's a bloody good hit. Hard, low, curling and Westwood is pretty unsighted to the backheel. 2nd is 100% Joost's fault. Basically let the ball trickle past him for Leon to slot it home. 3rd, Westwood beat at his near post, shouldn't happen but their lad turned the defence inside out leaving him exposed. 4th, abysmal and static defending again, bit of luck for them with Lees header hitting Joost, Westwood had to come out but Leon dinked it over him. Westwood not having the best of times by any means but to blame him for all 4 goals today is ludicrous.
  7. bazinga

    First half tactics

    I'm guessing the tactic was to contain them and not concede, ok fair enough they were always likely to come straight at us.....problem was we persisted with this even when 2-0 down!
  8. I'll have her if no-one else has called dibs on her!
  9. bazinga

    Cardiff Goal Offside?

    The 'offside' is questionable but the real issue is they have 5 players busting a bit to get in and around the 6 yard box, whereas we only have 2!!
  10. I thought the same about PES last year having played the demo but still bought it and it's possibly the greatest football game I've ever played. Can't stand fifa, it's all style and no substance and I've always felt fifa is slow and drab to play.
  11. Let's face It, PES will be the far better game again! Just need to take half an hour to install all the team names and kits then have a year of excellence!
  12. Well that's made my decision for me....new Steelers jersey it is!!
  13. bazinga

    Wednesday World

    All about YouTube innit bruv Wild Bill Hickok
  14. Has Westwood been dropped for Nuhiu too then....