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  1. Yeah it's quite clearly Kirkland's fault when the outfield players can't be bothered to defend! You bloody idiot! Kirkland is the reason we haven't lost as many as we did. Remember the Bournemouth game only last week where he won us 3 points. Be careful what you wish for!
  2. Shut up you moron! We can't go up and can't go down. Players know they're safe and just going through the end of season motions. Who do you suggets playing at right back then Mr Genius? Considering Kieran Lee started off his career and played most of his career at right back I'd say that warrants him playing there. Would you rather play JJ or McCabe or Mattock there? . Today is the time to try new things and play the youth or lesser players with no pressure on to get a result. Yes I don't like losing either but seriously chill out! We can't get relegated or owt
  3. Kirkland © Lee Gooch Loovens/Taylor Helan Antonio Coke Corry Maguire Nuhiu Lavery Subs: JJ, Mattock, Martinez, Afobe, Llera, Stobbs, Best
  4. I'd rather have 3 keepers in case Kirkland gets injured than have to loan 1 in like with Martinez. I've got nothing against Martinez but we have Jameson and Davies why not play 1 of them? Jameson looked decent when he played. I don't think many clubs will take a gamble on Hutchinson so he can't afford to be picky tbf. True about anybody wanting Coke, Mattock and Kamikaze but stranger things have happened in football. Who'd have thought somebody would want the likes of Julian Bennett, Mark Reynolds, Chris Sedgwick etc but clubs did
  5. I'd do: 1: Chris Kirkland (keep, 2 year contract) 2: Lewis Buxton (keep 2 year contract) 3: Réda Johnson (keep 1 year contract) 4: Anthony Gardner (keep 1 year contract) 5: Kamil Zayatte (sell) 6: José Semedo (keep 2 year contract) 7: Michail Antonio 8: Oguchi Onyewu (he won't stay with us) 9: Gary Madine (keep 1 year contract) 10: Jacques Maghoma 11: Jermaine Johnson (release) 12: David Prutton (release) 13: Adam Davies (keep 1 year contract) 14: Giles Coke (sell) 15: Martin Taylor (release) 16: Rhys McCabe 17: Jérémy Hélan 18: Chris Maguire 19: Joe Mattock (sell) 20: Kieran Lee (new contract) 21: Paul Corry (loan out) 22: Liam Palmer 23: Danny Mayor (assess pre-season before deciding) 25: Caolan Lavery 30: Arron Jameson (keep 1 year contract) 32: Miguel Llera (release) 34: Atdhe Nuhiu 36: Glenn Loovens (new contract) 41: Sam Hutchinson (sign on pay as you play)
  6. Ok drop him! The guys a flipping liability and the reason we've thrown away a 2-0 lead
  7. At fault for both goals! Needs releasing NOW! The guy is flipping shocking!
  8. Llera is not good enough! Listened to it on the radio and got tore a new one near enough everytime Bournemouth attacked
  9. Sorry. Right: 1st copy the URL: https://m.soundcloud.com/mdhindmarsh/stuart-gray-dance-anthems-as Then go to: http://sounddrain.com Paste the URL and go to download. It'll come up as Staurt Gray dance anthem then click it and it'll start playing, then just right click and save. That's how I did it
  10. Tbf Gray didn't bring in Loovens, Jones did
  11. http://soundcloud.vo.llnwd.net/i2r28Z21e1WX.128.mp3?AWSAccessKeyId=AKIAJNIGGLK7XA7YZSNQ&Expires=1397677265&Signature=drWTD1iECmF90ZErKS5NMayoGYM%3D&e=1397677265&h=4cc71b841c1d7db4fd847923656d954a just right click and save
  12. I can post the site where you just right click and save as mp3
  13. It's on my laptop. How do I link it to here? I'm not good with computer stuff
  14. Converted it to mp3 for anyone who wants it! Wednesday `Til I Die!!!!
  15. Kirkland Buxton Taylor© Gooch/Llera Helan Maguire Lee Hutch/Palmer Antonio Lavery Nuhiu Subs: JJ, Coke, Mattock, Corry, Martinez, Afobe, Oshilaja 2-1 Wednesday! (Maguire, Nuhiu)
  16. Better than Zayatte but still not good enough as back up. Good servant and good memories but we have to get rid
  17. Yep it ends at the end of the season thank god! http://www.footballshirtculture.com/Sponsorship/sheffield-wednesday-sign-puma-kit-deal.html
  18. I'd go for Kirkland Buxton Gooch Loovens Helan Palmer Lee Hutchinson Maguire Nuhiu Best SUBS: JJ, Coke, Mattock, Lavery, Martinez, Afobe, Llera
  19. I don't mind, shows he has some passion and cares. People moan about players having bad games and walking off the pitch and sitting down on the bench and not caring about anything, it's a refreshing change that one of our players actually gives a roger about being took off and tbh I'd be pissed off being took off if I wasn't the worst player on the pitch!
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