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  1. Listened to the post match interview and not even a question as to where Abdi was? In the pre match interview he said nothing about Abdi being injured (which he probably will be)
  2. Remaining fixtures and my predictions but I honestly don't know where the next win is coming from: 17-03-2018: Leeds vs Sheffield Wednesday (2-1 Leeds) 30-03-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Preston (2-0 Preston) 02-04-2018: Sunderland vs Sheffield Wednesday (Sunderland are relegated effectively so no pressure on them so 1-1) 07-04-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Fulham (3-0 Fulham) 10-04-2018: Queens Park Rangers vs Sheffield Wednesday (1-1) 14-04-2018: Hull vs Sheffield Wednesday (2-1 Hull) 21-04-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Reading (1-1) 28-04-2018: Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Sheffield Wednesday (3/4/5-0 Wolves) 06-05-2018: Sheffield Wednesday vs Norwich (2-1 Norwich)
  3. It's time to get back to basics, players are possibly struggling with the formation as well as they'e clearly not fit so I would go back to 442. Dawson Palmer (by default) Lees Venâncio Pudil Clare Abdi Pelupessy Reach Nuhiu João Subs: Jones, Fox, Rhodes, Loovens, Boyd, Wildsmith, Stobbs
  4. Silly question but how do I listen to the podcast? And where?
  5. If any of you are on Twitter and like the football heaven page or check out the iPlayer radio site with football heaven you'll see yourself they favour pigs above anybody else, they absolutely love them!!!
  6. Loovens: release (hopefully retire unfortunately age has caught up with him, makes too many mistakes that are costing goals and he's just not good enough due to his legs going, he doesn't even read the game well anymore) Pudil: 2 year extended (as shown he has excelled at centre back and tbf is probably still our best left back too) Nuhiu: 1 year extended (I'm not his biggest fan but he does put his all into playing be it as a sub or starting and is a handful for opposition defnders) Wallace: release (age has just caught up with Wallace he's just not the player he was unfortunately)
  7. Wildsmith Palmer Venâncio Nielsen Thorniley Pudil Boyd Pelupessy Reach João Nuhiu Subs: Hunt, Jones, Rhodes, Loovens, Dawson, Wallace, Stobbs
  8. Beswetherick but Fox ain't far behind him tbf. Problem is Pudil is doing better at cb than at lb, if you put Reach there then you're taking him away from the midfield where he's been playing well so unfortunately Fox by default has to play there :-(
  9. I agree with the one sided refereeing, at the time I couldn't see what Matias had gone for and I still don't know what he did, the only violent act is the Birmingham player: https://youtu.be/fQL7jsQGDzs
  10. Loovens is clearly done! Tbf I thought in a back 3 he might be ok and wouldn't be exposed, how wrong could I be! He's been a great servant to the club but age clearly ha caught up with him and he should retire at the end of the season.
  11. Cancel his loan tonight irrespective of the Winnall situation, if the terms of the loan say he has to stay then so be it but Butterfield should never play for us again!!!
  12. Nah Jones for Butterfield! We should cancel the loan deal tonight for Butterfield irrespective of Winnall situation if he stays there cos of the terms then so be it but Butterfield should never play for us again
  13. Wildsmith Venâncio Pudil Thorniley Hunt Pelupessy Wallace Reach Matias João Rhodes Subs: Jones, Butterfield, Loovens, Palmer, Nuhiu, Boyd, Dawson,
  14. I'm hoping or guessing the team when fit is: Wildsmith Hutchinson Lees Venâncio Hunt/Palmer Lee/Abdi Pelupessy Bannan Reach Forestieri Hooper
  15. Wildsmith Nielsen Venancio Pudil Pelupessy Palmer Wallace Jones Reach Rhodes João
  16. Nah just means when he's back Hutchcan play in the back 3. He's better in defence anyways, less risk of injury, less risk of silly yellows. Back 3 of Hutch Lees Venancio
  17. I'm sure he pronounced it as "Yosh Loo Keye"
  18. In the Sky interview before the game he said himself, he pronounced it as "Yosh Loo Kay" so the other U in Luhukay must be silent
  19. Play him in front of the back 4 cos we know Carlos like 4 and act like a 5 so he stays there so no risk of silly fouls or bookings. 4132 Wildsmith Palmer Venancio Loovens Pudil Hutchinson Wallace Bannan Reach Hooper Rhodes Subs: Jones, Van Aken, Butterfield, Nuhiu, Matias, João, Dawson
  20. You can clearly see it's just a great block from Dawson, I didn't appeal whilst watching as I knew it's just a great block. Seriously Carlos has just made himself to look like a grade A d.i.c.k head on national tv! Carlos needs sacking NOW!!! This is not just embarrasing for him but it embarrasses the club and the fans, I'm embarrassed to have that clown do that on national tv.
  21. Westwood Palmer Loovens Van Aken Reach Lee Butterfield Bannan Hooper Rhodes Nuhiu Subs: Jones, Fletcher, Lees, João, Matias, Wildmith, Wallace
  22. What's made him is what's happening to Pigs every flipping week now, they're getting GIVEN goals and wins and I'm seriously flipping sick of it now!!!
  23. Does it really matter what team we play against Barnsley? Outcome will be the same we'll lose because of: 1: Carlos tactics and poor team selection or 2: Bad referee decisions or 3: Combination of both
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