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  1. We'll probably bid for him, it'll get rejected by Swansea and he'll sign for someone like L***s :-(
  2. How about, " There's only 1 Giles Cokey, Only 1 Giles Cokey, He used to be poo , But now he's alright, Walking in a Cokey wanderland" ?
  3. It's like on the old season review Dvds Andy Booth was Tommy Booth and Graham Hyde was Julian Hyde
  4. Yeah I'd start Madine. team has gotta be Kirkland Buxton Llera Gardner Reda Antonio Coke Lee Helan Lita Madine Subs: Bywater, Semedo, Pugh, McCabe, Prutton, Jj, Cog
  5. Good start, fizzled out and got found out he wasn't upto championship
  6. Yeah came on and was immense!!! if I remember rightly got clattered in a 50/50 got up, looked at kop and smiled. That was also the Jon Beswetherick game. Got took off after like 10 mins after getting torn a new 1 by the Grimsby right winger
  7. v pigs at sty 92/93 season played a 1-2 with Waddle and put it int top corner :-)
  8. Best: The Jon Beswetherick mullett with blonde highlights!!!! Remember him playing against someone and 2 kids ont kop were bowing down to the mullett . Worst: Adam Proudlocks stupid blue thing
  9. 2-1 Wednesday ( Madine, Antonio ) GK: Kirkland RB: Buxton CB: Llera CB: Gardner LB: R Johnson RW: Lee DM: Semedo CM: Coke CM: McCabe (if fit, if not) Lines LM: Antonio ST: Madine Subs: Bywater, Taylor, Mattock, Jj (If fit, if not) Corry, Lines (If Lines plays then) Prutton, Cog, Sidibe
  10. it's everytime we're on sky . Faye should have gone, Steven Foster of Barnsley should have gone
  11. Is it being shown on Tv? or just radio? cheers
  12. I thought we bought Paul Williams and Danny Wilson with the Dalian Atkinson money? Pretty sure when Big Ron left Tricky Trev signed Bart-Williams october ish time? I might be wrong though
  13. Of the other money spent (an undisclosed but no doubt minimal sum spent on Maguire) we got a player who has not featured but may in the future (why wasn't Ron Atkinson criticized for signing Bart-Williams and Gordon Watson for fees then not selecting them for the first team?)./quote] Big Ron didn't get critiszed coz to my knowledge Tricky Trev signed the Bartman
  14. Quality SWFCsavage :-) I don't make many games either due to living in Nuneaton :-( So website is good for me pal. Liked on Facebook too. WEDNESDAY 'TIL WE DIE! UTO FTB
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