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  1. Done, voted Abdi ha ha ha Nah in all seriousness voted Hector, he's been the massive difference this season at the back, yes he's had a couple of bad games but look at who was in charge at the time, the negative tosh man. The only player that probably comes near Hector is Fletcher.
  2. 4312 probably would suit us next season: Westwood Iorfa Lees Hector (hopefully) New LB Reach Hutchinson Bannan Forestieri Hooper/New ST Fletcher
  3. Can't actually believe the delusion by Aston Villa the club and their fans, both actually believe they deserved the win even though: • their equaliser is from absolutely nothing! • we absolutely murder them 2nd half! • the blatant cheating by Villa all game (Grealish and his diving, their player run into Hutch he then looks at ref and begs for a free kick, we get to the edge of the box and the ref stops the game, then Villa player is fine) • the keeper makes a lucky save off Fletcher's penalty • we should have a 2nd penalty for a clear 2 handed push on Hooper when the ball's in the air • the 2nd Villa goal is totally undeserved and lucky to squeeze it in from the angle he did • both the 1st and 3rd goals come off long balls they were playing all game! I honestly dunno how they are where they are, all they are on that performance is a poo long ball team that are lucky! I really hope they fizz the playoffs up and stay in the Championship just so we can do them over next season the set of deluded twats!!!
  4. For me the 433 didn't work nor did the 442, Bruce and Agnew said they played 3 at the back at Hull so I really would go 352: Westwood Hector Lees Thorniley Iorfa Reach Hutchinson Bannan Lazaar João Fletcher Subs: Fox, Pelupessy, Winnall, Nuhiu, Boyd, Dawson, Aarons
  5. Yeah can we have 442 every week now? We looked so much better, comfortable and organised 442. Westwood Palmer Lees Hector Fox Boyd Hutch Bannan Reach João Fletcher Subs: Jones, Pelupessy, Winnall, Thorniley, Nuhiu, Matias, Dawson
  6. And is out of his depth and the BBC interview just says it all!: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p06srqz2
  7. Dawson Palmer Hector Lees Thorniley Penney Bannan Pelupessy Reach Fletcher Forestieri
  8. I haven't once slagged Dawson off this season but I think it's now the time to give him a rest cos surely his confidence has been shot due to the lack of defending in front of him so I would give Wildsmith the nod: Wildsmith Palmer Hector Thorniley Penney Pelupessy Onomah Bannan (c) Reach João Fletcher Subs: Fox, Lees, Nuhiu, Baker, Dawson, Kirby, Preston
  9. Dawson Hutchinson Lees (c) Pudil Baker Pelupessy Bannan Reach Forestieri João Fletcher
  10. These are the best players I remember in their respective numbers: 1: Kevin Pressman 2: Roland Nilsson 3: Nigel Worthington 4: Carlton Plamer 5: Nigel Pearson 6: Des Walker 7: Danny Wilson 8: Chris Waddle/Benito Carbone 9: David Hirst 10: Mark Bright/Andy Booth 11: John Sheridan/Paolo Di Canio
  11. Jos just needs to stick to this 532/352 and not change it like he did at QPR! Under Carlos it was plain to see we weren't a 442 team and 352 would have suited us lol.
  12. Surely Jones would have been better than bringing on flipping Butterfield!!!!
  13. Westwood - keep however if a bid came in I wouldn't be too fussed about him leaving. Hunt - keep Jones - sell, the guy has shown he can't keep us up let alone mount a play-off challenge. Van Aken - keep Lee - keep Fox - sell, yes he's looked better at centre back but we can get better Rhodes- sell, it just hasn't happened for him unfortunately Butterfield - can't wait for him to be gone!!! Fletcher - same as Westwood, I would keep him, however if an offer came in I wouldn't mind selling him Bannan - keep Winnall - I would keep him however he wants to go Derby so screw him Loovens - let go as a player but keep him on as a coach Hooper - keep Lees - keep Palmer - sell, yes he's a Wednesdayite but he's simply not good enough Nuhiu - offer a 2 year contract João - keep Matias - keep until Christmas time and see what he does regarding form or injuries if they don't improve sell in January Reach - keep Boyd - I'm not overly convinced so not bothered either way what we do with him Hutchinson - keep on the proviso that he plays centre back where he'll get less injuries and bookings Dawson - let him and Wildsmith battle it out for number 1 place (Dawson is the better keeper) Pelupessy - keep Wallace - let go Pudil - offer a 2 year contract as he's looked better at centre back Kean - let go Abdi - same as Matias Forestieri - must keep Venâncio - sign up The likes of Clare and Hirst are making it clear they'e leaving so nothing we can do about them.
  14. And it goes to show Carlos signings the likes of Jones, Butterfield, Fox etc aren't even good enough to keep a team in the division let alone mount a play-off challenge. Abdi and Matias still may come good under the careful approach of Jos
  15. Forgot about Hughton but again he had the money to spend at Brighton, MM has had peanuts at Ipswich and we still lost to them
  16. As for the football MM plays I'm sorry I wouldn't mind watching this "negative" football he plays if it means results and promotion
  17. To those fans saying they don't want MM because he's a bell, I'm sorry nice managers don't do the business! How many nice managers have got promotion from the championship? 1 that's Eddie Howe! It's your bell managers that get promotions by any means necessary, MM with Sunderland and Wolves, Warnock with Pigs and probably with Cardiff, Bruce with Hull. Your best managers are bells, Jose Mourinho, Pep, Alex Ferguson, Arsene Wenger, Jurgen Klopp it's your managers that are bells that get results! Mick McCarthy would be a great manager for Wednesday
  18. I'm originally from Rotherham but live in Loughborough near Leicester
  19. In an ideal world: 22nd: Barnsley - They try so much to say they ain't bothered about Wednesday and it's just another game to them but come the week before the game and the day of the game it's their cup final and they "hate" us all of a sudden, I think they're just trying to be a Rotherham and be mini pigs but it just doesn't work as they just look so desperate to fit in. 23rd: Leeds - Vile place, fans living in the past and they actually think that they're still relevant when they haven't been for years, add on top of that they think they have a divine right to be promoted every year (much like the it's our year for Liverpool thing) and their fans are just morons! 24th: Pigs - Do I really need to say why?
  20. Wildsmith Venâncio Lees Pudil Hunt Hutchinson Bannan Reach Boyd João Nuhiu Subs: Jones, Van Aken, Rhodes, Loovens, Dawson, Pelupessy, Abdi
  21. I said we should go back to 442 on the team against Bolton post. It has to go back to 442 next week Team: Wildsmith Hunt Venâncio Lees Pudil Boyd Pelupessy Clare Reach João Nuhiu
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